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Kerry Katona’s Atomic Kitten Nipple of the Day

Let’s just say – Atomic Kitten….Does Not Look Like What they Used To , unfortunately, cuz these 2007 Topless Pics of Natasha Hamilton (One of the members) are awesome….

But like all women – their window of opportunity…ended by 30 and now they are just hanging onto their 1997 fame….throwing out reunion tours…that I guess could be also marketed as the “we’re old, fat, tired and need money, years”……but being old, fat and tired, didn’t stop member Kerry Katona from flashing what seems to be the weirdest looking nipple, that despite being weird looking, isn’t the worst part of her old hag body…

Here’s her reunion nipple slip video…I am warning you…watching this may destroy any testosterone you have in your body…

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