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Beyonce in a Bikini for H&M of the Day

Whoever the people at H&M who decided to make Beyonce their bikini spokesperson are, I hate them.

I get that she’s got a whole lot of celebrity around her and that’s good for marketing shit, and I get that people are more accepting of fat chicks, and terrorize fitness and fitness events, because it is better of society to feed people shit, give them chronic illness, make them lazy, so that the powers that be can get richer and have more control….

But they could have used her in other ways, like modeling their ski suits, cuz shit, I don’t want to see Beyonce, a fat mom, who even before having a kid was thick in a bad way, in a bikini, even if she’s fucking photoshopped.

It’s the fucking worst.

This offends me.

It’s like watching the fat mom at the resort applying sunscreen. You know you hate it, but you can’t turn away.

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  1. Travis says:

    What a pig…

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