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Joanna Krupa Hot Bikini Bachelorette Party of the Day

Trash can Joanna Krupa, who does have a hot body, despite her overall irrelevance in society, is celebrating her staged wedding, because she’s become a very very low grade version of a Kardashian, a fate worse than death, and these are some pics of her staged bachelorette party, because her life is designed for reality TV lonely white trash get absorbed in, because their lives suck worse than KRUPAs.

What we can learn from Krupa, is that if you are hot, get fake tits, to start your career out as a model with fake tits, for low level companies and magazines‚Ķbecause a decade after you’ve failed at it and have no where left to go, you may have one producer or agent willing to get you on a Dancing With the Stars show that needs pussy to keep husbands from letting their wives watch the shit, and that, can lead to gold digging your way onto another show, which is way better than just having sex with anyone you come across with money, because this way you can pretend you’re a huge TV Star.

The whole thing is uninteresting, almost idiotic that it happens, but I’ll stare at her 40 year old ass still trying in a bikini, because she’s not fat.

I’m that easy….and I guess so is this hooker.


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  1. darenbravo says:

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  2. Travis says:

    Classy pose…

  3. MadamMeow says:

    Dear Darenbravo,

    You are the most gayest rainbow from the clouds I have ever seen. Enjoy how good your step-aunt fists your ass elbow deep tonight. I can hear your orgasms of penetration extasy now.

    Then I hope you bleed to death.

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