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The Worst News Story You Will Hear Ever of the Day

This story will make you fucking sick….at least it made me sick and that’s why I am posting it. I just can’t believe shit like this happens, then I remember that horrible things happen all the time, that people are fucking sick in the head, and that often times when they are ghetto looking girls, who live in a trailer park, who are single mothers to begin with and who were probably raped as a child themselves, they will do anything for love…like let their convicted pedophile boyfriend have sex with her 4 month old and kill her…

What the fuck…

It’s too bad the government controls your text messages and phone calls and the messages the media send you…but they don’t control shit like this from happening…

It’s horrible…

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  • MadamMeow

    I hope they give her the chair and don’t put that wet sponge on top of her head for it.

  • jessyrider

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