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Kate Moss Posing on Motorbikes of the Day

Here ares some pretty boring, standard, corporate, dull, safe, repetitive pics of Kate Moss sprawled over a motorcycle, that were shot by Terry Richardson, who I can only assume is getting ready to retire now that he’s been hired by every single company and has shot every single cover and has worked with every single celeb and model…because this shit is not interesting, compelling, or erotic…it’s like they walked in, collected their checks, snapped some pics, and went off to get wasted together, because that’s all this fashion shit is, a money making machine, that once you’re popular enough to be part of, you don’t have to do anything and the idiots will celebrate you…

You see Terry Richardson used to shoot low level amateur porn with hipsters…Kate Moss has been consistently nude most of her career…yet here in this shoot today…they did this…

What a bummer…but I still want to bum her…with my tongue…to taste the years of use…you know to taste the vintage aged anus that’s traveled the world…

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  • testington

    I just don’t understand how anybody ever hired Terry Richardson for anything, he is boring as fuck, all his shit looks the same and he can barely focus