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Is Kate Moss Wearing Panties of the Day?

Kate Moss is amazing.

I know she’s old as fuck, her stomach is starting to show, and I don’t think she’s pregnant, and she’s a fraction of what she was, but a fraction of what she was, is better than most…

She represents a better time….an era where she was a model who fucked rockstars unprotected, who partied hard and who did a ton of cocaine out in the open…she was also topless out in the open as often as possible, because I guess she had nothing to hide, seeing as she modelled topless, and couldn’t be bothered covering up for the paparazzi, it got in the way of an even tan…All while being a mom to a little girl…

Her nipples amazing, long and humble, but probably not humble at all, but cunty as fuck cuz she’s Kate Moss….

She’s still getting work and more importantly she seems to be exposing her vagina…but can’t be too sure…

Sure it’s not like we haven’t seen HER PUSSY before , but that doesn’t mean it is a delicacy, like a aged cheese, many many many people have had their hands in, but that just adds to the flavor….

All this to say, I love Kate Moss.


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