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Nicole Richie is Kinda Awesome in a Bikini of the Day

Despite that fact that everything in me…I’m talking right down to my fucking core…including but not limited to my fucking soul…wants to hate this Nicole Richie bikini pictures, but she just looks so fit, thin and tiny and I really kinda like it.

She’s a mom of 2, she’s naturally not very hot at all and all my interactions with her from back in the DJ AM days when I was forced to hang with her, she’s been nothing but straight fucking cunt, but for some reason, a reason I call expensive natural looking implants, I want to stepfather her useless brat children…

I mean this vagina has seen some much and now I want to see it, and while I wait for it, I’ll just stare at the bikini pics.

I hate myself more than I already do for endorsing this girl, but bikinis do that to me….


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5 Responses

  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Uh, any chance you looked at that busted up face?

    Ugly little monkey girl there . Toss her a banana.

  2. cowbulls says:

    I would f#*k her with your d*&k.

  3. DR.FUNK says:

    I’d smash it…discreetly.

  4. jc says:

    Dude…you have a problem….you hate Kate Upton but you are seriously into this chick??

  5. stanhope says:

    HATERS! she’s rich, she got a man, she got children, she got a big house, she got twitter followers and she escaped Paris Hilton and remained relevant. HATE ON….I am quite sure she doesn’t give a flying fig.

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