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Bar Refeali Twitter Round-Up of the Day

Bar Refaeli is older, bigger, a little more irrelevant than she used to be, partially because she lives in Tel Aviv and turned her back on the modelling world when Leonardo DiCaprio turned his back on her, and not in a “I’m a male actor, it’s a pretty gay existence, all I do is look in the mirror and talk to myself making faces like a 5 year old with no friends, obsessing over my looks and whether people like me, or if I sound silly saying this line, or whether my hair looked better in Titanic or now”…kind of stick that huge black dildo in me and tell me I’m handsome way, but in a “bitch, you’re high maintenance, I got line-ups of women” kind of way…and partially because getting older, fatter and more irrelevant is kinda what happens to girls…but she does a pretty good job on her instagram..and here is a round-up of some of her pics.

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  1. cowbulls says:

    I agree she won’t age well but that is an elite woman right now. I bet she will do and let be done to her anything and for that she gets extra points.

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