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Amanda Seyfried Nude Scenes from Lovelace of the Day

I love vintage porn because it has a certain level of eroticism rather than just gratuitous throat fucking, like the porn of today, because we as a people have lost our filter and are incapable of getting off to anything that isn’t graphic starring seriously damaged girls…but vintage porn, that shit paved the way for this shit, and most importantly, has rocking’ bush and I love bush, the hairier the fucking better.

I also love Amanda Seyfried playing Lindsay Lohan playing Linda Lovelace from Deep Throat….because I love Amanda Seyfried in all her non-Disney shit movies…because she’s got great tits and is down to be naked…sure she’s boring as fuck for the paparazzi, but she when she’s getting paid, she fucking brings it…

Here are some of the sex scenes from Lovelace, including a horrible anal scene, that if happened today, her vagina would be dripping and not taking a post rape shower…

Good times…

If you’re bored I suggest you compare this nude scene with these nude scenes:
Lindsay Lohan in the Canyons…and/or Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

This is so hot to me that I need to cool me down…

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  • http://nudesexchat.com/home Nency Keller

    I ever like to see vintage porn and i am big fan of it. Here, i love to see amanda seyfried’s sex scenes in which saw her great tits.

  • Joe Bob

    What happened to Amanda’s tits? They used to be huge. Now they’re just a couple of flat tires. Did they CGI her boobs for the movie?