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Raica Oliveira for Some Shitty Catalog of the Day

Catalog pics are the fucking best. I mean taking a 29 year old Brazilian model who has been in Sports Illustrated and putting her in shitty clothes, posing her in shitty ways, shooting her from shitty angles that focus primarily on selling the shitty clothes…that she’s fucking awesome..

I mean, it’s not like at her level of model fame, or even at her old model age, she wouldn’t put some effort in and get naked, maybe even spread her vagina for a photographer, I mean none of us would want that, when we can just google vaginas on the internet, and save Raica Oliveira for posing in garbage…am I right?

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  1. wow says:

    Really? She’s got stretch marks on her butt…
    I mean, is she really a model? C’mon, daddy…

  2. cowbulls says:

    I’d like to stretch out that starfish.

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