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Cheryl Cole’s 2014 Calendar of the Day

Her name is Cheryl Cole and you probably don’t know her. If you do you aren’t from the States, but rather the UK where she was in a pop band and a host of some X-Factor shit that she couldn’t leverage to America, because as you can see from her tattoos she’s a gutter trashy chick who was built hot enough to be packaged in a pop band, but who was never quite “refined” enough to do much else…and now that her career has clearly gone to low level status, she’s releasing a calendar for her gutter fans who can’t afford computer or any technology that makes calendars totally obsolete…and shit’s a little steamy and a little porny and I like every second of her soccer player marrying ass…

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  1. Mick says:

    Don’t care what anyone says about her. Would give her the time of day any time. As long as she didn’t speak in such a funny accent. Body to die for. And lets be racist, she doesn’t seem to like white people, going on her conquests. Lets change that.

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