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Ariana Grande For V Magazine of the Day

Ariana Grande is packaged as some Disney Poptart wholesome chick….but it is safe to say that if she is in Hollywood, the chances of her actually being wholesome are slim to none, and if anything she’s slept with the right people to get into a place where we are even writing about her…or she is even doing photoshoots for fashion magazines…

However, unlike all the Hollywood cokesluts, she doesn’t want people knowing that she’s a coke slut and is taking legal action against Perez Hilton for accusing her of being a coke slut, even though every girl I meet, even those not in hollywood are coke sluts…it’s not that big of a deal..

And like any legal action, it usually means the story is true…and getting in the way of her being the next miley, that is anti miley…

You know for the Christian Market…who cares…

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  • Rosarch

    She is sexy as fuck and sweet, leave her alone.

  • Rosarch

    I retract my statement above, I suspect what you and Perez Hilton say about her is correct. She is associating with Chris Brown, screw her.