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Elizabeth Gillies Slutty Selfies of the Day

Elizabeth Gillies, who is from some Disney shit, and like all the young fame whores, is out there taking selfies of her big cleavage, because she was raised from a young age to understand what people are looking for and giving them what they want for money, all thanks to her opportunist parents!!

It’s the new age hooker with no soul, dedicated to getting as many hits as possible, and tits get hits…especially after paving the way as some wholesome girl who is on kids shows and is marketed to kids…

They all pretend to be wholesome, but are hollywood and have no soul, and all of these girls are young and eager, and get that they have to play ball to keep their dream alive for themselves and the family….

I guess the only exciting thing is where this is going to go, now that everyone is a dirty sluts, that have to put themselves out there to get work…I mean I assume a dark place…which happens to be my favorite place…where everything I look at is porn…

Elizabeth Gillies is on my radar…

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  • Cannon Show

    Gawd Elizabeth tries waaaaaaaat to hard!