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Maria Carey in Lingerie for Terry of the Day

People are excited about these Mariah Carey for Terry Richardson lingerie pics…but I’m not. I think she’s too old to be dressed like this, and not because she has kids, but because she’s old. I remember her being a babe int he 90s, this 20 years later, I just can’t commit to new Mariah, when I can google Old Mariah if I even really wanted any Mariah…

I also find Terry Richardson shots lazy…

Sure he has had great success, and has developed his own style, and has even taken some interesting pics, and I know he’s not the creep you’ve all grown to hate, because he came on some trick who was using him, even though there’s no evidence of it….face…it’s just so easy to blame when your whole fucking career you thought was going to happen didn’t happen…and last time I checked cumming on a willing girl’s face wasn’t rape…

But these pics, are just whatever…white wall, dumb bitch in lingerie, boring…like a cash grab for all involved and that’s disappointing…

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  • Carlos

    The reason for the white wall isn’t just due to laziness, it’s to obscure the 10 hours of photoshop that clearly happened here.

  • Pman

    after they photoshopped about 50lbs off her fat ass !

  • Rosarch

    How fucking hard up and how shitty is her career going that she has to take photos with this pedo?