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Christina Milian’s Insta Bikini and Vape Sex Party of the Day

Christina Milian is a mom…

I don’t know if this behavior is irresponsible for a mom or not. I had a mom early on in life, who was a hooker back in Mexico, and who I saw do some shit far worse than vaping, we’re talking shooting speed and getting railed by white men, one of whom was my dad, for drug money, not food, leading to me being taken by an orphanage where the priests abused me, while she was busy dying of AIDS or some other hooker on drug related illness…

So a little vaping and getting her neck licked isn’t such a horrible thing…especially not when at a Vegas pool party, because that’s what happens at Vegas Pool parties..

I just don’t see how this helps her public image, or her brand, is this some rebellion that her life has become an assistant host on The Voice…instead of being a judge…is it that she never was a mom to her baby anyway, that shit just happened between writing hit Bieber songs with her husband at the time…

I don’t know, it’s like Divorcee taking advantage of the weekend off, turned down for what, hustle that she probably should have left off instagram, but I like on Instagram because I can stare and judge from my couch.

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  • Travis

    WTF is vaping?
    I’ve never heard this term in my life.
    I binged “vape” & got shit.

    Drunken cunt…