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Anastasia Ashley on the Red Carpet of the Day

Surfing never looked so luxurious…here is friend and family member Anastasia Ashley on the red carpet and I think she looks amazing…

Sure I am bias, but I guess this is what happens when you take a bikini clad fish out of the water and off the beach or her natural habitat and throw her onto some red carpet all dolled up with flashing lights coming from every angle up on some paparazzi shit…and I think it couldn’t look better…it’s awkward and cute…honest and not attention seeking like so many other girls before her..

I also think it’s nice to see a girl you’ve seen in a bikini 1000 fucking times, in 1000 fucking bikinis, in some clothes, even though that is backwards logic…we normally want our girls less clothed than more clothed…but when looking at it from a sexual fantasy perspective of a muslim man, this kind of outfit is hot, where as a bikini is sending her straight to hell…

I guess what it comes down to is that whatever she is wearing, all you really care about is whether she can ride your face as well as she rides a big wave …and more importantly…whether salt water disinfect the places or creates a breeding ground for crabs…I’m not marine biologist, but those are craps I’m sure you’d be into eating….

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