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Jillian Michaels Ripped and Naked for SHAPE of the Day

I like lesbians, mainly because they don’t like me or what I do or anything I represent, even though if they weren’t so busy being uptight thanks to not getting fucked, they’d be a little more open minded and realize that we are in this together…we both like the pussy…let’s be LESBROS…

But instead I get “you’re the reason I hate dick, you’re a misogynist, etc, etc”…even though we’re on the same team…

I am also all for fit girls doing fitness. I just spent an hour staring a girl in short shorts doing sprints, all tight bodied and I loved it…I mean I hate fat, lazy bitches, and fitness takes work, and I appreciate it…

I am also all about naked chicks…

So in theory, Naked, Lesbian, Fit girl…are three things that when combined, I’d dig it…even dick it knowing I can’t get it…

But instead, shit’s just making me uncomfortable…a little too ripped…for this pervert…you know cuz there comes a point in every Fitness models fitness, they they cross that invisible line into dude/body builder/etc…not that this is considered’s not like I can see her spread dick clit…

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  • Kswan

    Sorry but what a dyke. She is not pretty and she is a bully.

  • xyzc


  • Katie

    If she didn’t have the fake tits it’d be hard to tell that she’s a woman.

  • ReaganSucksDickInHell

    Imagine being such a limp dicked conservative you have to wine about “libtards” on fucking DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    I’m sure xyzc up there is just a mental powerhouse.