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Amy Hood for Jonathan Leder of the Day

Friends of the site, Jonathan Leder and his model muse AMY LEDER , the brains behind a modern skin mag called FETISHISM MANIFESTO , that explores sexuality with what I call fashion or art nudity…just released this awesome set of pictures for Purple Magazine…and I may or may not be in love.

What they are doing is bringing back eroticism in nude content. They are doing what Playboy and Penthouse did so well years ago, before being misguided into going harder and hard and harder…until the only think left in porn is necorphilia but that probably already exists…since society so fucking porno-ed up and distorted thanks to the internet…

As someone who has been exposed to porn on all levels, from being on set to dealing with porn girls….there’s something magical about just seeing a beautiful model…naked in her element…not getting throat fucked…

I am into this team’s work…and I’m into bush in a huge way…and I into erotica and more importantly I am into staring at Amy Hood naked…even in black and white…which I am not so into but I still think it’s a win/win…

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