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Anastasia Ashley in Ghetto Juice of the Day

When I think of a girl in Ghetto Juice, I imagine her in the grease filled back dumpster of a fried chicken shop with 12 black dudes jerking off on her face…right before eating some watermelon for desert…all set to the sounds of 3 fat white girls with 50 shades of grey babies from different daddies comes walking by, screaming into their cellphones about when they can start stripping again…while their crack dealers rap about crack….

I guess it’s also a surf magazine,…dream girl…ambassador of all things good in the world…living proof that having a vagina doesn’t ruin all girls…and that some can actually be cool as fuck…Anastasia Ashley…is showing off her fit, round, pro-surfer ass in…

Sure it’d be more interesting she was taking part in my version of Ghetto Juice…but this is Ghetto booty in a bikini being a swimsuit model is not bad either…

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