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Banned University of Warwick Rowing Calendar of the Day

I didn’t read this story…but apparently this UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK ROWING CALENDAR got banned from Facebook and everyone is making a big deal about it.

Making me think it didn’t get banned from Facebook at all, but was rather just said to have been banned from Facebook to get assholes like me posting the shit like it was an actual scandal…

I mean hell, it’s a bunch of jacked rowing chicks naked and half naked…but not in a good way. I don’t see one labia, I don’t even see a fucking nipple, so I doubt anything was banned…

Maybe I am just jealous because in the 6 times I’ve been banned from Facebook and 4 times I’ve been banned from instagram…coupled with being banned 3 times from Myspace before giving up, and 3 times on Friendster because I am old…as well as a few Youtube accounts, one Gmail account, countless other bullshit internet communities I’ve joined…shit never went viral…in fact no one even cared…making me think no one will notice if I banned myself from this site.

Here’s the rowers and their boring scandal that’s hardly a scandal…

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