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Kendal Schuler Topless on the Beach of the Day


I don’t know who Kendal Schuler is…but she’s on the instagram model program, where she posts pictures of herself, ususally from low level photoshoots because it seems less vain and more a showcase of her work – that isn’t actual work….all while trying to get famous because they think they are hot…it’s a weird world we live in – but social media is addictive so we can’t blame them for their attempt to be the next Em Rat Cow…

And why would we blame any bitch who is willing to get naked for attention, for the paparazzi, low level hooking themselves, while claiming it is empowering, when we all know that’s just code for “I like being naked it gets me likes”…exhibitionsm from some narcissist who feels having 75k people follow her is the single most important thing and more importantly – on the right track to be famous…

Which is awesome…because 10 years ago..convincing girls to get naked for photoshoots required a lot of money….or a gay fashion editor that was non threatening and really convincing in his “this is for fashion”….it was fucking hard…

Now girls are just like “so do you want me to insert this in my asshole and spread – it’s art right?”..

That’s a win for humanity…and here’s Kendal Schuler topless on the beach.

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