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Paris Jackson is Some Kind of Bullshit Artist of the Day

Paris Jackson topless in panties

Paris Jackson is some dark soul, fucked up rich kid…with a dad who died from being addicted to anesthetic…that’s a heave fucking addiction, way deeper than being addicted to Whiskey or even heroin…it’s heavy duty shit…I like to think it was his way of not sleep walking into some little kid’s anus…because I am from the school of thought that the world was on board with before he died – as if he’s even dead and that dude diddled the kids…and his death didn’t make me forget that…and that diddling doesn’t have anything to do with how good his song or dance is…

But I can assume someone as fucked up as him, making a child like Paris Jackson would lead to her being a whole lot of more fucked up….but with budget, no set talent…other than being a host body for a whole lot of shitty tattoos being showcased in this panty, creepy erotica…

Edgy – Racy – Exciting…but not really.

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Paris Jackson Fingerbanging in Elle Magazine of the Day

Paris Jackson hand down her pants

Who gives a fuck about that pervert Michael Jackson, or the weird kid I’m not sure he even created with his own sperm, but rather adopted and left his fortune to…

I don’t understand why Paris Jackson and her hustle is a thing….I get the whole King of Pop drug addict addicted to fucking anesthetics like a fucking tormented psycho touching the souls of many after he died…and they forgave him for allegedly touching the assholes of children near and far…

I’ve heard inside scoop from people involved in the case, and it was more than just a pay off for insurance reasons to squash the child molesting case hard…it was a legit thing that he did…and the world knew it..the world hated him for it…but the world understood that a tormented soul, or a pervert child molestor shouldn’t be punished for his personal life when it comes to how good his music makes them feel because he’s Michael Jackson…but I still thought it was weird how his narrative totally shifted when he died, making me thing he may not be dead but rather hiding in a cave or another planet…because that ET went home..

POINT being..why is Paris Jackson a fucking thing, let her live off dad’s momey..and fuck off…

Instead Elle Magazine is like “Ok now touch your pussy for us…yeah…hands in your pants..you like that don’t you…how wet are you…do you feel yourself getting wetter…ok now put those fingers in your mouth…yeah you taste nice don’t you…bullshit..

I don’t get it.

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Paris Jackson Topless of the Day

I think it’s safe to say that Paris Jackson probably as a serious identity crisis, you know because her dad who died when she was a kid, was a fucking weirdo that some people will say was misunderstood, but others will say was tormented and messed the fuck up, based on amusement park houses, taking anesthetics to sleep every night until it killed him, raping boy rumors and all that other good stuff..

But he left her billions of dollars, so she’s good, and I guess figuring it all out, through spirituality, lesbianism and putting topless pics on social media…to show how “burning man” she is….you know down to earth while being not at all down to earth but if it makes her feel better than down to earth enough…because spirituality is a personal journey you know….and if tits on social media help that you gotta be all for it..

If you don’t like that, here she is in a bikini top for the paparazzi CLICK HERE

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Paris Jackson Pumping Gas Braless of the Day

Edgy, lesbian, hipster feminist who you probably wouldn’t want to fuck unless you knew she was Michael Jackson’s daughter and heir to his pervert throne…Paris Jackson…was seen pumping gas with her hard nipples in a brown hippie looking shirt…showcasing her nipple rings to really curate her look to fit the image she’s trying to portray as a spoiled brat billionaire thanks to having the weirdest dad ever….

And all I can wonder is if she has a complex because he didn’t molest her like he did Culkin and the other boys….

Not that anyone holds the tried by media pedophile against his work, as you shouldn’t because the two are mutually exclusive…king of pop popping little boy asshole cherries are two different facets of a very complicated soul….

But I still wonde whether she’s sad he never loved her the way he loved little boys…as I stare at her nipples.


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Paris Jackson is Spending her Inheritance Right of the Day

If your dad was a billionaire pedophile, who probably isn’t even your genetic dad, but who could be, I am too lazy to look it up, it’s Fourth of July Weekend, and this is the American Dream….

You know and you were lucky enough to be part of his weird, likely grooming you as a sex toy, but luckily you weren’t a boy….in his weird amusement park home…and he died and left you all his money…

You’d probably want to be lounging in a bikini too…being young, wild and free from the predator that financed your existence…

I mean..that’s what I’d be doing….not that bikini part, but seeing how much pussy I can buy with a billion dollars, you know..

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Paris Jackson Topless Selfie of the Day

I wonder if Paris Jackson goes through life missing her dad, or if she’s semi jealous that he didn’t molest her growing up, because she wasn’t a little boy….people get so mad, but if you as a sibling of a molested person, often times they will say that they knew it was going on and that they felt like shit about not being the one that their dad or brother chose..it’s fucked sure, but it’s psychology….

To think MJ didn’t molest those boys, and that it was all bad press, tried by the media, he just paid them off because it was bad for business not because he’s guilty is fine, maybe he didn’t but we can still ask the question when his spawn lives off the pile of money he left her…topless…armpits with armpit hair out…..because feminism…

Maybe she’s just happy to get his stupid money, that she probably doesn’t really realize it because she’s always had his stupid money…and will always have his stupid money, because he was Michael Jackson…an earner…had a pile of it….you know allowing her to exist, doing things like being topless on social media…the way she should be…cuz she’s an under 25 year old girl…

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Paris Jackson Wishes You a Happy Easter in Easter Pants of the Day

Paris Jackson is such a sweet and delicate heiress to a billion dollar empire…who gets followed by the paparazzi because she lives in LA….instead of taking her money and going somewhere no one would recognize her or care – until they found out…then they would use the fuck out of her – like she was still in LA…because that kind of money and last name is great for making friends…even when they have sour attitudes…and act all mad about…as she gives the finger to the paparazzi getting in the way of her day to day in LA that she’s obviously into and doing because she’s into it…

I like her hustle..


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Kendall Jenner Gnarly Cameltoe and Paris Jackson Hard Pierced Nipples are BFF of the Day

Kendall Jenner and Paris Jackson are BFFs…obviously…

You know a couple fame whore spoiled bra rich kids who have nothing better to do than walk around with exposed body parts for attention – because both their fathers are/were freaks of nature…one dead from his insane drug addiction / the other dead because he chopped his dick off….both totally vapid and understanding of each other’s plight..and there for each other despite having no souls thanks to being raised how they were raised….even though I don’t know these twats…it’s pretty obvious…

BUT Maybe they aren’t friends at all…and it’s just Kendall’s gnarly camel toe and Paris’ nipples that are friends..as they are reduced to just that to me…the rest of them is just host body to carry their attention seeking body parts…despite having enough money to fuck off…they choose “take pics of me” narcissism…the kinds of girls who masturbate to pictures of themselves…the worst.

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Paris Jackson Nipples of the Day

In case you were wondering, Paris Jackson, like most women, has nipples that she likes to show off because she knows guys will jerk off to them, and she can pretend that she’s a feminist who is trying to desexualize nipples, even though dudes fucking love nipples.

I figured she’s got a crazy inheritance, and never needs to work again, thanks to the doctor killing her legal father….Michael Jackson…who I just assumed was making kids to have his own army of things to fuck…back when he was a pedophile in the media…but now he’s dead….

And his money is going to good, like allowing his daughter to figure out important things to promote, to pass on a positive message, to let the world know…that bras are the construct of man that get in the way of showcasing your tits, to people who like tits, to desensitize them to tits, which hasn’t happened with all the porn men watch it’s not gonan happen like this…it’s more lie throwing fuel in the fire…and thank you for that legacy…it’s like Thriller or Bad…but way more fucking basic…and practical…Legends…the second generation…can be legendary in their own way…


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Tits I Missed This Week – The Paris Jackson Edition of the Day

New feature, tits I missed, because I can’t see every tit…there are so many tits out there, with social media tits flooding our lives, and famous tits, and not so famous but eager to be famous tits, to real model tits, and fake model tits and alternative model tits, and girls who are neither but like attention for there tits….then there’s the tits at the strip club, and tits at the grocery store, and the mom tits breast feeding in coffee shop tits….there are tits in colleges and tits in hospitals…and tits being sent to my phone…then there’s my wife’s sloppy tits I try to avoid…and tits in magazines I don’t read….but have lying around because I am a slob and they are from the early 2000s…there are tits on TV, tits in the movies, tits on the blogs…tits doing random things, and tits doing nothing at all…

SO I can’t keep track of all the fucking tits…but these tits, are on hipster, very rich, Michael Jackson child, all pierced and exposed in a tank top – like tits are supposed to be….if they are under 25..nipple rings everywhere it’s some unity for women shit..

But here they are now….5 days later…I KNOW…how lazy of me….


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Paris Jackson See Through Shirt of the Day


Hey Michael Jackson fans, you know the annoying vocal assholes who came out of the woodwork on social media and attached themselves to him – AFTER HE DIED…..you know…like the guy who was my real life friend who actually slapped me in the face hard because of how I tweeted his funeral….

Yes, the same people who called him a monster, or a pedophile when he was alive, who ran some kind of witch hunt….but the second he dies…boom….love the guy…and his delicate, weird demeanor, sexually creepy thanks to being fucking weird and hard to understand…

Well this is his heir, possibly not genetically, but who knows…with that whole being white thing….and she’s got nipples with nipple rings…while living the life…like how her dad would have wanted…

I am not not a fan of this….but I’m sure MJ was…because she wasn’t a little boy….assuming what they say about him is true…and not just bullying and taking advantage of a poor tormented soul…

This is for a photoshoot, she looks good…but that could just be me staring at her rich nipples talking.

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Paris Jackson Bikini Body of the Day


Hey Michael Jackson fans, you know the annoying vocal assholes who came out of the woodwork and attached themselves to him – AFTER HE DIED…..and while he was living just called him a pedophile, because all signs point to pedophile, but that could just be the media and some kids he slept in the same bed with trying to take advantage of a kind, delicate, quiet speaking, once dark, then light, now dead, man….

He was the first major celebrity to take over social media whining, and I lost thousands of followers on twitter, not that I even had that many to lose, while live tweeting the funeral….oh to be middle aged again…

Well, this one’s for you, the heiress to his empire…in a bikini….to jerk off to…because people seem to be really into MJ and everything he “TOUCHES”….get it…she was a kid when he died…I know I know…that’s just crazy talk…he’d never molest a girl…

She’s in a bikini, living off the inheritance, not spending that money on fitness..but still half naked in a bikini…

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Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide of the Day

Paris Jackson was taken to the hospital after slashing her wrists. After reading the last tweets she made, before slashing her wrists, it’s safe to say, she gave a few warning signs.

The real question is, where did it all go wrong for Paris Jackson, was it being named Paris, or was it being raised by Michael Jackson, her “father” during his downward spiral from child molestation charges, to some circus act insanity, where she was forced to wear masks, until he ultimately self destructed.

I mean, all these suburban kids killing themselves off because of cyber bullying ain’t got shit on Paris Jackson, I mean if any teen has reason to seek this as a means to an end, kinda like her daddy did, it might as well should be here.

Not that I believe in Suicide, or even depression, when you put things in perspective and realize life’s a huge joke, it makes it far more tolerable.

As someone who has contemplated suicide at least once, has been encouraged to suicide by people everyday, I just prefer to choose the self destruction route, it’s a better ride.

Here’s hoping’ for a speedy recovery, cuz she’s the kind of girl I’d like to see live.

Maybe I should try to save her.

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