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I am – Tara Reid’s Bikini Top of the Day


I have to run to some Jason Alexander press conference today because I tricked the publicist of the event that I was media. The problem is that I don’t have a camera or any questions, or a real interest in the motherfucker. One of my pet peaves is when people say “It’s like that episode of Seinfeld” and since he was a big player on that show, I can only assume that he is like every episode of Seinfeld, and that makes me hate him by default. If I wanted to watch a bunch of jews complain, I would go to the Holocaust Museum or call my friend Daveed. He’s a total bitch 98% of the time.

Here are some pics of Tara Reid’s fake tits, looking more like an obese person’s tits after gastric bypass surgery. Take that, slut.

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