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Florence Pugh Stained Nipples of the Day

I read some reddit loser virgin weirdo woke liberal mask wearing cucks who are probably vegan definitely low testosterone pro tranny story time cuz they are basically tranny hormonally….you know the type, I mean just read reddit comments, with their sassy lady-like commentary and jokes….

So yeah, read the reddit, saw that people miss the glory days of blogs, because blogs used to have great writers and now all those writers are winning academy awards or doing podcasts, but not everyone wants a podcast, some people want to read bullshit…LIKE YOU DEAR READER….reading this nonsense..

Anyway, puns…they said that the original writers of DeadMeatSpin were PUNNY AS HELL and how great that is…

I’ve always hated puns, they make me cringe, they give me that “WAHHHH WAHHH” sound in my head, like a joke that lies flat, even when they are clever….

But since that’s what the mass internet hive mind I am trying to seduce, molest, sexually assault so that the METOO ME…and I finally matter….

I am going to try a pun…in the form of troll, neckless, possible wrestler or shot-putter Florence Pugh with her shit stained nipples….but because her name rhymes with POO, and POO means SHIT…I am calling them PUGH STAINED nipples…

OMG is that even a PUN…is that PUNNY….I don’t know, but Florence Pugh fucking sucks even with her tits out for OSCARS….and that’s probably what this post is about, I guess.


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When Pornstars Get Controversial!

Seeing as your average pornstar rides more cock, swallows more cum, and screams more sex-crazed filth in a day than most women do in a decade, most folks would be forgiven for imagining their lives can’t be any more controversial. But, fuck me, they’d be wrong!

Just as with any other career in the world, pornstars and live cam models on sites like PDCams.com come from all walks of life. Some are sophisticated, educated, and well-raised chicks who are guided by an inner lust for sex. Some are downright whores and are at their happiest when they have a fat cock stretching out their asshole while the whole world watches. *cough* Hillary Scott *cough*

With a mixture of chicks as hearty as this, it’s only natural that some controversy-hungry people dip their toes into the sticky waters of porn. Today, I’m going to spill the anal lube and take you on a journey through some of the biggest pornstar controversies that have taken place off-screen.

Now, as we get ready for a trip that’ll take us from the West Coast of the United States to the heart of Iran, prepare for trouble and make it double!

When Whitney Wright Dodged Death For Some Vacation Selfies

Travel is often an enlightening experience and a great way to experience another culture, food, and way of life. However, it goes without saying that some parts of the world are best left out of your itinerary until better times. For some people, their mainstream job even dictates where they can and can’t travel.

You’ve all heard of Whitney Wright, right? I sure fuckin’ have! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched her take a cock in her sweet pussy in a hardcore porn flick and moan like crazy. So, imagine my shock when I saw her posing for a selfie in an ancient temple while wearing traditional headgear. My shock only grew when I realized she was in Iran. Fuckin’ Iran?

What the hell, man? This is the country that brutally punishes chicks for even the slightest breach of its vague ‘’morality laws.’’ Yet, they’ve issued a cock-loving pornstar a visa and let her wander around the country taking selfies? Whitney’s social media posts caused quite a stir of controversy.

While the Iranian government refused to comment, a bunch of Iranian opposition groups lost their shit and called out the double standards of the regime. Thankfully, Whitney managed to make it home safely despite Iran having a death penalty in place for women who create such content. Dammit, Whitney, why didn’t you just go to Miami like every other sun-craving fucker?

Mia Khalifa and Her Less Than Traditional Porn Video

Ah, Mia Khalifa. This Lebanese-born pornstar became one of the most heavily searched-for adult actresses on earth at one point, mainly because she had the kind of massive Arab tits that looked as tasty as the best Lebanese restaurant on earth. However, not everyone searching for Mia’s name online had good intentions.

Arab women are often smoking-hot, but their traditional values mean they’re a rare feature in the porn industry. In Mia’s case, she didn’t give a fuck and would flash her olive-skinned chesticles on camera at the first chance she got. Better than that, she would often let gigantic cocks slide into her Arabic pussy until she went cross-eyed with lust.

But one particular porn flick was a step too far as it featured Mia wearing a traditional headscarf while doing some very non-traditional things. Starring alongside Julianna Vega, Mia took on the role of an Arab girl, bringing her boyfriend home to a very disapproving stepmom, played by Vega. However, things take a turn when Vega starts sucking Mia’s boyfriend’s cock under the table.

When she is discovered, a sexual competition of the sleaziest order is triggered. After showing Mia how to suck cock like a pro, the headscarves come off, and this kinky duo start using Mia BF’s dick like a free-use dildo. Then came the aftermath in the form of countless death threats from around the world, including from infamous extremist groups in the Middle East.

Thankfully, no harm came to Mia or Vega, but she caught some serious shit for the scene. Regardless, it remains massively popular and was one of the sluttiest highlights of her XXX career!

When Carmen De Luz Mooned The Pyramids in Giza

Please, for the love of fuck, never let Carmen De Luz and Whitney White go on vacation together. In the next controversial episode of pornstars abroad, we kick off this story that features the divine Carmen De Luz. This stunning pornstar is well known for her rotund ass that looks downright epic when it’s slamming itself down on some lucky dude’s cock.

However, when Carmen finally got to visit Egypt and see the world-famous pyramids in person, she didn’t expect her bucket list item to be so controversial. Then again, neither did Egypt, to be fair.

From Roman armies to the invasion of Napoleon, the mighty pyramids of Giza have witnessed some wild things. One of them also included Carmen De Luz’s exposed ass when she pulled her pants down and mooned the ancient structures for a photo. It’s probably the kind of photo best kept private to show friends, but Carmen decided to put it online.

Shitstorm incoming! Egypt went fucking apeshit! An investigation was triggered into the photographs, and Carmen was also accused of making a porn film at the ancient archaeological site after opening hours, something which she outright denied. Still, despite the controversy, it earned Carmen a surge in fans as countless Egyptians were introduced to her name and began to explore more of that now-infamous ass. Every cloud has a silver lining!

So, What Have We Learned?

To be fair, this article has merely touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pornstar controversies, but the chicks featured here were definitely on thin ice because of their actions. Which of the featured porn controversies in the list shocked you the most? Let me know!

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Mia is Nude of the Day

After doing a POST ON MIA yesterday.

She’s the 19 year old latina who is the NUMBER 1 ONLY FANS GIRL

Well, someone sent me some pics of her nude and it’s pretty great, you know zero effort nudes, sign me the fuck up….

So here’s a round up of Mia’s social media content…. GO FOLLOW HER ONLYFANS BROS

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Florence Pugh’s Manly Tits of the Day

I guess Florence Pugh went to an event with her manly tits out.

I can’t imagine that being exciting to many, maybe her ex creepy Zach Braff will jerk off to this for old times, but for the rest of us, it’s a reminder why we don’t jerk off to celebrities anymore. It’s not the 90s.

I think you can see nipple, but if it’s a nipple on a man tit, does that even count? If anything it’s just something to target if it was to try to wrestle you in a back alley when trying to steal your wallet after a late at night of hard drinking….

When your name is PUGH, it’s hard not to think about gay sex where the PUGH smells come from the PUGH being used as LUBE….so I can’t tell if she’s got an erection in this pic….but since I just described gay sex, you probably do…..shameful.

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Rita Ora’s Spiked Back of the Day

Rita Ora decided to wear an evening gown to some fashion event because that’s always a classic go to option for women. Timeless.

She decided that the little black dress wasn’t enough of a show stopping piece, despite having those big tits to help add to the dress and make into a show stopping piece, because her big tits have helped her get this far…..

So she had some movie make-up artists give her a spiny or spiked tail like some kind of lizard, alien, middle earth creature coming to seduce us with the tits before murdering us and dragging up back into her cave or nest.

So like the current state of fashion, where brands are just mocking the consumer with the crap they sell them at insane prices, Rita Ora’s turned a classy event into a Halloween party and that’s just fucking weird…especially when she’s got the tits…

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Kendall Jenner Pornification of Christmas of the Day

Remember when you see all these heathens in action, that they’ve basically rebranded Christmas as a porn category, something to jerk off tom, anything to take the Christianity out of the whole Christmas experience, because the world hates Christ or at least the influencers of the world want you to hate Christ and maybe you should ask yourself why, it’s almost like it’s a concerted effort to separate you from God, or Christianity….almost like the agenda is run by the Satanics and all those crazed mothers protesting rock and roll all those decades, you know who were made out to be crazed fundamentalists, were actually right.

Something to think about while looking at Kendall Jenner’s topless Santa pics..

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Revisiting Leni Klum’s Granny Colored Lingerie Shirt of the Day

Since Leni Klum is an entitled rich kid, spoiled and given everything she ever wanted or needed, including a modeling contract that she didn’t have to work for, or suck dick for, you know, like other models, including her mom…

Unless she was actually used as a FLESHLIGHT for her mother with the creeps that they all know, who run the fashion industry, and TV industry, who appreciate a good mother who lends out her illegitimate kid in exchange for her own success….anything is possible.

But I’m more into thinking Heidi was the dick sucker so that Leni can be the less shameless big titty instagram model who doesn’t even bother updating her shit, because she doesn’t fucking have to.

Forcing us to revisit her granny toned lingerie outfit from the weekend, because her tits are too big to ignore…

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Helen Flanagan’s Tits are Back of the Day

Helen Flanagan is a busty UK Glamour model with big fucking tits she decided to use in the peak of Glamour Model times to land herself a professional athlete, which worked.

The reason that Helen Flanagan is interesting, besides having big tits, not rockin’ grey British skin and rotting teeth, while being the perfect level of cheesy and trashy to succeed as a Glamour Model, is that she had a career as an actor before doing the Glamour Model thing.

So she was working on the longest running show on TV, that has made me want to rip my eyes out every Sunday here in Canada where they air the show for at least 40 years, Coronation Street, a soap opera about working class Brits..which I’d assume would be the dream job for a British actor since they’ll keep you working for 40 more years, like getting the job at the factory with a pension.

Meaning, she was IN, and said “fuck this, I have tits, let’s have fun”….

Apparently, she’s back on the show now, since she’s old and the GLAMOUR model days are behind her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get into some lingerie and be a whore on the internet like old times, especially in this whore era they call the “creator economy”.

She doesn’t have an Onlyfans, she’s got a rich husband and a job, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have an OnlyFans since she’s still hot and freaks will pay to sext with an Indian call center employee who runs her DMs for her.

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Sofia Vergara Showing Off Leg of the Day

I saw this picture of old lady Sofia Vergara, who you you all fell in love with as the big tits on her Modern Family show that she landed despite not knowing how to speak English.

The Colombian smuggled into America like a key of coke, only to take on Miami before finding the right producer to make her dreams come true, you know with a little selling of her soul and sucking of the dick, not that I think she’s a whore, but she’s probably a whore, or at least a good manipulator which could mean that she didn’t suck dick and the whole landing the dream job of a Sitcom was done by cockteasing.

She’s recently divorced and I figured that since she is single and also Heidi Klum’s co-host on that Talent Show, she was dressed in costume for the big event, not all over the top like Heidi did, or as hot as Heidi’s big titty daughter….THERE ARE NEW BIG TITS ON THE BLOCK SOFIA….

As it turns out, this isn’t her in a mask, it’s just her being an old lady with fillers and botox looking like a clown…

So these freak shows are just the normal 50 year old rich woman look. SCARY ZOMBIE SHIT…

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Throwback Thursday Nudes of Miranda Kerr of the Day

In the glory days of the being a grown man with a blog, that were never really glory days for me, I was more into the whole idea of it being a transient passtime, since I never made the big money off having a blog like the other people who are now multi-millionaires did, I guess I was just never that relevant or GOOGLE AD friendly, so as they are all sitting in their mansions, I am still living in a dumpster, but who fucking cares….right….

In the glory days of blogging, this LAST STANDING Blog broke a story about Miranda Kerr cheating on Orlando Bloom with Justin Bieber at the VS Fashion show, which led to her being fired and forced to take up escorting for the billionaires..

Since I was never that relevant or liked, the story didn’t get any legs, it didn’t put me on the map as a SLEUTH investigative journalist you need to follow, but Miranda Kerr went onto escorting for billionaires….

Her latest, the Snapchat kid, who she’s married and has kids with and today, her nude phototshoots are circulating, so why not repost them, you can see her skinny asshole in one of the pics and that’s always fun, especially knowing how expensive or how much the sperm that cums on it is worth, like DIAMONDS motherfucker…NO HOMO.

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