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I am – Olsen Twin Nipple of the Day


Is watching handjob porn gay? Most of the time it’s just a hand and a penis and I guess you can make it what you want to make it, but a lot of guys I know watch it and love it. I don’t get hard so I can only assume that they like it because it makes the fantasy easier to visualize, you can pretend that you are the person in the video getting a hand job from a hot chick and not the cunt virgin loser jerking off in your mom’s basement while she is out getting groceries that you are….

Fantasies are nice because it’s nice to get away from reality for a few minute before sinning all over your belly, and here’s one of those fantasies almost coming true. In 2000 everyone wanted to fuck the Olsen twins, in 2007, they finally show a little nipple. They are billionaires so the chances of seeing their cunts is slim to none, but a little nipple’s better than a kick in the face.

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