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I am – Jennifer Aniston Throwback Bikini Pics of the Day


My site’s been down for 5 days, but I still post. I have nothing better to do like that. I haven’t got new email in about 3 days, it just goes to show you how easily people give up on you when your site doesn’t work, not that you’d know because you don’t have a website, you just have a lot of time on your hand….So, I guess I know how Aniston feels now that he ex-husband left her for a hotter piece of ass and her last boyfriend left her for a box of donuts and pack of cigarettes. It’s all really just hearsay and by hearsay I mean my insanity. I don’t have any inside scoop, I just make it all up, but you read it, so you’re really the weird one here…actually you don’t, you just look at the pics like a retarded kid at the library…

That’s the post.

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