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I am – Scarlett Johansson is Scared of Cameras of the Day


I was walking by a pay by the hour motel I like to park myself outside of, even though I don’t have a car. I just like seeing the people go in and try to figure out if they are virgins who live with their parent’s trying to get freaky on their anniversary, or if they are dudes cheating on their wives, or if they are dudes hiring whores, or if they are dudes who pick up random drunk chicks they don’t want to bring home to their friends because they are ugly, but not ugly enough to stuff like a turkey if no one knows. Anyway, I was standing outside the parking lot and was spotted by a couple, they tried no to make eye contact, thinking I may have been someone they know and they didn’t want me to bust them.

It reminds me a lot of how Scarlett is with the paparazzi. Her career is based on being seen but bitch always tries to avoid people taking her picture, whether it’s with a sign telling the papraazzi to fuck off or a hood over her head, bitch is so fucking dramatic, maybe because she’s an actor and drama is what she’s all about, but I have a feeling it’s just a way to draw more attention to herself which is pretty fucking lame – but obviously works….because here I am talking about it, but then again, I don’t get out much so I talk about lots of shit no one cares about.

Bonus – I found old pictures of Scarlett Hiding Before Cuz Bitch is Repetitive GO

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