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I am – Britney Spears in Her Bra After a Show in Vegas of the Day


I know these hit the internet the last couple of days and I guess that’s not going to stop me from posting them, because I generally don’t have any issues with being late on stuff, except for maybe my period, because I’d hate to get another abortion. I am not really a girl, but wouldn’t it be funny if I was and this whole time I was fooling you. I wish I was that genius, but I am not…

What I am though, is impressed that Britney could figure out how to write her name on her skirt, it’s like that movie Girl Interrupted where the bitch was all crazy for chicken. I don’t really remember it, but compulsively writing your name and then the word evil is some next level school-shooter shit and watching crazy people in action is always a good fucking time, especially when they are in their bra, broad shoulders and all.

The last time I saw a crazy broad shouldered person who thought they were the devil was this dude I knew from high school who turned tranny on us. One day he was Frank, then next day we had to call the mother fucker Princess. Dude took too much acid and instead of just sleeping it off, or jumping in front of a train or some shit, it tapped into some fucking weird part of his brain that made him think he was fucking royalty. Everytime dude got drunk from that point on, he’d rip off his shirt and try to get us to grab his bra covered chest. The only real issue about the whole thing is that he was a lazy tranny who didn’t take hormone replacement therapy and his whole hairy man chest would be exposed. He didn’t like taking no for an answer and when he got mad, he’d be pretty fucking destructive, so we all had to grab the motherfucker’s chest and tell him that we loved his tits for damage control. I wonder where Frank is now….

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