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I am – Gisele Bundchen Goes Mountain Bikini of the Day


I am a pervert and as a pervert I fucking love watching girls on bikes. It’s probably got something to do with them staying fit and fitness is like some kind of myth in my life as I watch my wife eat donuts while watching tv, so I think my love for bikes comes from the position a girl is in when she’s riding. You know all bent over ready to take it while the seat gets eaten up by their crotch and their asses just kinda stick out in a way that allows you to stare at them as they ride into the distance, because you know they are too busy watching for traffic, or catching their breath to turn back and catch you jerking off to them. I guess I also like the fact that their tits hang out but you can never get as good of a look because they’ll catch you, and when they do you gotta smile and ask if the seat feel good or if they’d rather replace it with your face.

The other day I was sitting on a bench and this hot chick rode past me in a mini skirt, and I saw pretty much everything she had to offer and it made me feel like I won the lottery, kinda like Gisele. Her thong may not be like winning the lottery unless that shit was left in your hotel room after slammin her, but that’ll never happen to you because just getting into Gisele’s pants is like winning the lottery, and since you’re a loser, winning’s never really been your thing.

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