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Tila Tequila Grocery Shopping in her Thong of the Day

I had an internal battle over these pictures because I hate Tila Tequila with a passion and I know she’s bottom feeding as hard as she can because MTV made her a star for a couple years and now, she’s done, like expired milk, no one wants anything to do with her, not even the homeless people and morons, cuz they know expired milk, although nutritious, causes serious shitting problems….but I run a site based on bitches being bottom feeding trash, so that she’s come to this is partially worth celebrating…

I saw her on Twitter last night announce she has anal sex, like people are supposed to get excited knowing that shit. I saw her do some stripshow 10,000 people watched. I saw her latch to the death of someone she barely knew, pretending they were engaged, and the whole thing was desperate, annoying, partially insane, and I really hoped it ended up in suicide, but instead it ended in this….

Her calling the paparazzi to watch her grocery shop in a thong. She’s holding on as hard as she can, but I’m glad her fake celebrity that never deserved to be a celebrity, and was just fake myspace friends, that MTV confused for relevance, finally comes crashing down….

She’s pulled every stunt she’s see in the tabloids, from sizing up melons, to reading STAR, to bending over cuz she “accidentally” dropped something, to wearing a see through dress. This is almost amazing….not for her but for everyone else…What it comes down to is that this cunt is almost scary, totally unstable, very pathetic and here are the pics…

Pics via Bauer

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Some Slut Named Patrizia Daddario Erotic Photoshoot of the Day

I didn’t know who this bitch was – so I googled it….

Over seven pages in the Spanish magazine Interviu, Patrizia D’Addario poses in a series of see-though tops alongside a swimming pool at a villa in Rome.
Little more than a stone’s throw away is the Palazzo Gravioli, the Rome residence of Silvio Berlusconi. It was inside the walls of the Palazzo where the blonde escort claims she slept with the Italian Prime Minister.

You’d think the Italian Prime Minister would have a little better taste and if he was to bang a whore, he’d do one that was worth banging, not that all women aren’t worth banging, just when you are in a position of power you can leave the table scraps for the rest of us, instead of giving the table scraps some kind of ego, when that ego should be reserved for models. Motherfucker’s screwing up the whole chain of fuckin’ command….

Here are those pics…

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Danielle Aykroyd’s Underwear at the Airport of the Day

Her name is Danielle Aykroyd, she’s the 19 year old daughter of Dan Aykroyd and she’s shwoing off her weird vomit print thong at the airport. I guess she chose those to wear, because they are more forgiving than white panties when it comes to masking the stains that come from being a lady who is about to spend a couple hours on a plane.

I guess her father used up all his creative juices writing Ghostbusters II, that by the time she was born in 1989, his brain was so wrecked and not even the massive amounts of cocaine or booze he had grown dependent on could help him come up with a name that wasn’t the vagina version of his name. Unless, it’s all just a big joke that no one but his family find funny, probably something he’s used to.

Either way, here’s her whale tail at the airport this weekend. If you’re wondering why I didn’t post her face, it’s because I am doing you a favor, let’s just say she inherited her father’s looks, and in case you didn’t know, that’s not a good look. In fact, it’s pretty scary.

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Hayden Panettiere and Her Dainty Panties of the Day

I would have expected Hayden Panettiere to be rockin’a pair of men’s underwear, you know to keep her in the zone when she hits the leg press at the gym. I figured the only time she’d rock something strappy would be when she steps into her strap on. I am surprised to see she’s got feminine lookin’ underwear because she’s got more testosterone in her than a highschool football team, but I guess when it comes to feeling sexy on the inside, you gotta do what you gotta do on the outside and at times, that that means getting ladylike in your intimate areas that may or may not otherwise be ladylike.

When you do you better show the fuckin’ world it’s being done because it’s not everyday you slip into something like this to fuck with the public.

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Nina Hartley’s Old Ass in a Thong of the Day

Here’s a shitty video and some picture of Nina Hartley’s ass. If you don’t know who Nina Hartley is, then you are an idiot. She is a 50 year old Jewish old school pornstar who has some crazy fucking booty. She is one of the longest running pornstars who seems to like what she’s doing, she hasn’t killed herself with a drug overdose and she hasn’t got the AIDS virus, so she’s the kind of experience slut all you young sluts should look up to as your idol.

She is educated, she is a feminist who thinks sex is something women give to men and she’s on some kind of quest to legitimize what she does and make it have a bigger purpose, even though no matter how many words she says to explain herself, I just can’t make out what she’s saying because her mouth is full of cock.

I don’t want to underestimate her life work, but let’s be real for a minute, you get fucked on camera, you have been getting fucked on camera for close to 3 decades and that makes you a slut, whether you are smart or intellectual about shit or not.

Here are the pics to make up for the shitty video, speaking of video Nina Hartley is still in “Mature Porn” and produces some instructional videos, because if there’s anything this bitch knows, it’s how to take a cock and eat some serious pussy…,

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Pam Anderson’s Thong One-Piece of the Day

I thought today was Saturday and I didn’t realize that it was Friday, just like Pamela Anderson didn’t realize she’s in her fucking 40s before putting this one piece thong shit on for her creepy Magician friend, and look how that turned out for her…pretty fucking sloppy and since sloppy is what I do…and the real magic trick in all this is slowly watching the Pamela Anderson you all grew up making love to in your mind disappear….

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Nina Moric in a Thong on the Beach of the Day

I like hot little asses on the beach, especially when the girl who owns that hot little ass knows that it is a hot little ass and puts on the skimpiest bikini she can find. It’s like yesterday when I walked in on my youngest stepdaughter doing a work out that consisted of running in place, jumping jacks, pilates and yoga moves that I didn’t think were possible all while wearing pink boy shorts so I could see every vibration and jiggle of her almost bare tight ass cheeks and her little 18 year old pussy tightly hugged by a thin piece of fabric, not that I was lookin or anything, that would be totally inappropriate.

But I am lookin’ at Nina Moric, this chick’s got it going on even though I have no idea who she is.

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Paz Vega’s Bikini Ass of the Day

Paz Vega went out to the beach with her one year old kid and she wore a pretty interesting bikini, my wife has the same one, or at least one that fits the same way, but that’s just because all fullback bikinis look like thongs against her huge, rotten ass.

I always get hate because I hate on new mothers because pregnancy ruins their bodies, but I guess sometimes, in the rare case, they bounce back. It’s kinda like how a small percentage of people are immune to the AIDS virus and it could be you. The only way to really find out is to get out there and fuck intravenous drug using whores without a condom as often as you can. Let me know how it works out for you.

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Interview With a Girl Who Is Suing VIctoria Secret for a Dangerous Thong of the Day

So this fat whore is suing Victoria’s Secret for a dangerous thong because everyone in America likes to sue for the stupidest fucking reasons in hopes of makin’ a couple bucks. The truth is that this whore just doesn’t realize how fat she is and throws on a pair of underwear that is too small for her and the shit isn’t designed to be strong enough to withstand that kind of abuse and explodes, almost putting out her eye. I don’t think the company who made or designed that shit should be liable for some fat girl in denial. I hear her next lawsuit is against the chair manufacturer who didn’t make a folding chair she sat on at a wedding strong enough to withstand her weight and then she’ll be suing Krispy Kreme and Popeye Chicken and Carl’s Jr for being the real culprit in this whole stupid mystery.

Watch her interview, bitch seems like she’s on crack and gives reason to girls everywhere to go commando because no only will you accidentally flash perverts like me, but you’ll also save your eye.

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Mena Suvari In a Thong Bikini Showing Off Her Ass of the Day

Lesbian haircut Mena Suvari doesn’t seem to be a lesbian anymore, at least that’s what she wants us to believe by over compensating with some dude on the beach by being all touchy feel with her public displays of affection. I would say rent a room but I never do that because I am more into watching like the creep that I am.

I don’t know how they do things on whatever planet she’s from, but I am hoping the next set of pictures have her on her knees with homies dick in her mouth, but I still have a feeling she doesn’t roll like that and by that I mean with penis, since dude looks like he’s putting on some shitty performance while she’s not having that and is just going along with it to get the girls she’s attracted to go back to her room with her. I think this pretty boy is just some kind of bait to get pussy in her mouth but then again I could be wrong, I was never a huge fan of fishing.

She was in a thong on the beach the other day also – you can see it here

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Mena Suvari’s Thong Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Mena Suvari rockin’ a thong bikini because she’s so hardcore that she doesn’t care if people see her in a thong. She is like every Russian person vacationing on the beaches of Vietnam who seem to love wearing the smallest bathing suits possible like it ain’t a thang when it definitely is a thang because they are fucking old, fat and disgusting. Maybe it’s a communist thing and they feel so liberated that they don’t have to wear rationed state-issued bathing suits and dress like their comrades so they get ridiculous, but I know it is the kind of ridiculous that makes vacationing at Russian hotspots an experience that will test your sexuality and leave you asexual for a little while before coming back and getting back to the porn you are used to.

I never thought Mena Suvari was much to look at, her wonky head brought back memories of retards walking down the street with helmets on holding a rope so none of them get lost and her body is a little too stacked making me think she’s either a lesbian or some kind of female body builder. She’s with some shaved head dude who probably has a penis so that theory is thrown into the lesbian filing cabinet, unless of course that is just a chick tanning topless with a shaved head who does the whole bull dyke, sexually ambiguous thing better than a plaid shirt/construction boot, crew cut wearing fat dyke I’ve seen, because lets face it, based on his stance he looks like the kind of asshole who spends more time in front of a mirror making sure his Tattoos show off through the collar and sleeves of his shirt just right and that his sunglasses are on just right before leaving the house, something an average dude with a normal dude wouldn’t bother with, unless he was going through some kind of sexually identity crisis. That’s just my theory but I have been wrong before…in fact, I am pretty much always wrong.

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Kelly Brook Shows Off Her Thong of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kelly Brook out for lunch with her man Billy Zane and her thong is riding pretty fuckin’ high or her pants are riding pretty fuckin’ low. She reminds me of those trashy bitches I see at clubs in their 5 dollar pair of white tight pants or short skirt who deliberately jack their thong up like it’s some kind of fashion accessory, because I guess when you’re a slut, you’re underwear becomes the most expensive or luxurious part of your wardrobe and you want the world to know that you’re a new woman, who is wearing underwear that no matter how many drinks you buy her, she probably won’t suck your dick or let you take that underwear off with your mouth, unless you are the bartender. She is the kind of slut who goes to the tanning salon to get thong tan line because she thinks it’s sexy to look like she’s wearing a thong at all times by skin discoloration effects. All I know is that the real sluts out there aren’t wearing underwear, they are too busy shoving things inside their cunt. So despite Kelly Brook having been a half naked model we all want to fuck but settled with Billy Zane’s penis, she’s not an official slut, just a poser and here is her thong.

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More Kate Hudson in her Thong Bikini Pics of the Day

I already did a post on Kate Hudson in her bikini today , but here are the thong bikini pics that are doing the rounds. Don’t ask why I bothered doing another post on her today, I feel like it was easier.

Either way, she does look a little fat in the uterus, but my expert opinion is not very expert since I have never knocked a girl up either because I am shooting blanks or I just never heard back from the girl since pregnancy and abortions were all part of her job description and were a cost of doing business, so even if she did get knocked up, she still wouldn’t have called me to let me know because she got with so many men in any given day, anyone could have been daddy….

All I know, her uterus looks fat, but it could be because of her period or maybe it’s just the way she’s standing or maybe she’s drank one too many beers and eaten one too many plates of nachos. Who knows or cares, what you should know is that despite finding her ugly and not worth a fuck, I had no idea that her ass was this fuckin’ great….so pregnant or not, she’s worth a round as long as she’s gettin’ it from behind….

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Lily Allen Upskirt Fat Ass of the Day

Abortions….really suck the life out of you, or was it a miscarriage. Whatever it was, it left her uncaring ass exposed. I guess her lady parts are as numb as her heart after losing what was to be her very own miracle, no I am not talking about the fact that such a hag could get laid in the first place, I’m talking the miracle of life from getting fucked from behind in a tour bus. It was the kind of mess she was probably used too, because men will fuck anything willing, and thought it would just drip down her leg, so she could just forget about it like all those other times, but instead some of it stuck and got her into this sad mess.

All I can say is thank god for pantyhose, otherwise we’d be forced to see the mangled mess that her weight problem has done to her thighs….not to mention what her underwear is going through. I am sure it smells like death up in that shithole and it looks like her eating disorder is so out of hand that even her asshole has an appetite and it’s eating her fuckin’ underwear like Lily at that Extra Large Pizza last night while she cried.

I guess she should have listened to her ass’s appetite, because if she did, she could have completely avoided the whole pregnancy shit and would have just had a little limp in her step instead of fetus in her toilet.

Our hearts go out to her…

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I am – Gisele Bundchen Goes Mountain Bikini of the Day


I am a pervert and as a pervert I fucking love watching girls on bikes. It’s probably got something to do with them staying fit and fitness is like some kind of myth in my life as I watch my wife eat donuts while watching tv, so I think my love for bikes comes from the position a girl is in when she’s riding. You know all bent over ready to take it while the seat gets eaten up by their crotch and their asses just kinda stick out in a way that allows you to stare at them as they ride into the distance, because you know they are too busy watching for traffic, or catching their breath to turn back and catch you jerking off to them. I guess I also like the fact that their tits hang out but you can never get as good of a look because they’ll catch you, and when they do you gotta smile and ask if the seat feel good or if they’d rather replace it with your face.

The other day I was sitting on a bench and this hot chick rode past me in a mini skirt, and I saw pretty much everything she had to offer and it made me feel like I won the lottery, kinda like Gisele. Her thong may not be like winning the lottery unless that shit was left in your hotel room after slammin her, but that’ll never happen to you because just getting into Gisele’s pants is like winning the lottery, and since you’re a loser, winning’s never really been your thing.

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