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Danielle Aykroyd’s Underwear at the Airport of the Day

Her name is Danielle Aykroyd, she’s the 19 year old daughter of Dan Aykroyd and she’s shwoing off her weird vomit print thong at the airport. I guess she chose those to wear, because they are more forgiving than white panties when it comes to masking the stains that come from being a lady who is about to spend a couple hours on a plane.

I guess her father used up all his creative juices writing Ghostbusters II, that by the time she was born in 1989, his brain was so wrecked and not even the massive amounts of cocaine or booze he had grown dependent on could help him come up with a name that wasn’t the vagina version of his name. Unless, it’s all just a big joke that no one but his family find funny, probably something he’s used to.

Either way, here’s her whale tail at the airport this weekend. If you’re wondering why I didn’t post her face, it’s because I am doing you a favor, let’s just say she inherited her father’s looks, and in case you didn’t know, that’s not a good look. In fact, it’s pretty scary.

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Hayden Panettiere and Her Dainty Panties of the Day

I would have expected Hayden Panettiere to be rockin’a pair of men’s underwear, you know to keep her in the zone when she hits the leg press at the gym. I figured the only time she’d rock something strappy would be when she steps into her strap on. I am surprised to see she’s got feminine lookin’ underwear because she’s got more testosterone in her than a highschool football team, but I guess when it comes to feeling sexy on the inside, you gotta do what you gotta do on the outside and at times, that that means getting ladylike in your intimate areas that may or may not otherwise be ladylike.

When you do you better show the fuckin’ world it’s being done because it’s not everyday you slip into something like this to fuck with the public.

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