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Topless Girls Models for S Magazine Magazine of the Day

The photographer’s name is Mark Squires …the magazine that may not be an actual magazine is called S Magazine….the models are interchangeable, I can’t recognize any of them, because all these instagram models getting topless in black and white are pretty much the fucking same thing, not a bad thing, it’s a good thing to have naked girls on demand on your social media…it’s just a repetitive thing and they are all one in the same superficial, opportunist, sugar baby – getting naked….in ‘artsy’ pics…

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Laetitia Casta Topless and Dancing in Gainsbourg of the Day

I assume this is a movie about Serge Gainsbourg, who was some French lounge singer all the hipsters love, he banged a lot of women, he lived the good life, he became a legend but more importantly, he banged Brigitte Bardot and here is a scene where Laetitia Casta, one of the models everyone loved in the late 90s cuz she had great tits, but who never amounted to much, is showing off some tit and a mole she may want to get checked out…..

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Hayley Williams the Singer of Paramore Topless of the Day

I don’t know who Paramore is, so I’m not sure if this picture that is being emailed to me is of the lead singer or not. It could be any Goth, Emo, Annoying, Played out, teenage angst lookin cunt who rarely turn me on cuz I like my pussy lookin’ wholesome, not damaged teenage runaway turned prostitute/stripper who listens to dark music and cries cuz she is so obscure and into art and dressing like every other teenage girl who thinks she’s obscure and into art…it’s not for me..

I am not sure these are recent. I just know that they were apparently posted to twitter. Maybe it was accidental, despite nothing ever being accidental in Hollywood or entertainment, so I can just assume it’s a publicity stunt that will be spun as some kind of horrible story we all end up feeling sorry for her down the road cuz tits are a sacred thing in America and you shouldn’t be going out showing the world or some shit that I don’t agree with because I love tits and think every girl should be forced to go out topless, and I’m just hoping these Paramore pics help influence at least one girl to take topless pictures of herself cuz it’s really not a big deal, I mean everyone’s got tits, even me, so you might as well just be showing them off and sending them to my info (at) drunkenstepfather.com email….you see what I just did there, didn’t you…I’ll let you know if anyone sends any it….

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Kate Moss Topless on the Beach Pictures of the Day

Kate Moss gets dirty on the beach, because let’s face it she gets dirty everywhere, but that’s just something that happens when you have unprotected sex with people who have shared needles and fucked numerous groupies on the regular, like every one of her rockstar boyfriends that she is drawn to because I guess models like rockers and rockers like models when they aren’t too busy banging teenage fans at their concerts, and none of that matters, cuz she’s topless, and AIDS is a non issue since we’re not fucking her, and since you can’t get AIDS for looking at pictures of her topless, lonely perversion can be a pretty good fucking deal sometimes….and this is one of those times…

More pictures of her older, fatter, boxier and a far cry from the skinny model we grew up wanting to fuck…but she’s still good enough to look at cuz you can’t get AIDS from lookin…..I think I said that already….to come…

Pics via Fame

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Audrina in Some Almost Erotic Photoshoot of the Day

Audrina has this thing called looking great when hald naked doing laundry after a heavy night of being photoshopped. Her wonky face is like a canvas to the graphic design community and I hear undoctored pictures of her are like the holy grail of training images at a lot of the graphic design schools….I actually don’t know what I am talking about, I just know that I have seen clips from the show she was on that will remain nameless because I think it is associated with Satan and I like to stay as far from evil as possible, and I know that on that show her legs are short, her face is out-of-wack and her pussy is being fed by some obscure one hit wonder who dated Ashlee Simpson cuz he was son her father’s record label, but for some reason, one she’s in photoshoots, her fake tits look less fake, her face looks less inbred, and her legs look long and lovely but unfortunately for her and her future career giving lap dances, I mean after hosting pool parties and doing photoshoots for bullshit Magazines like Ralp, it’s all smoke and mirrors…

Here are the pics…Watching a bitch do chores is always a good thing….but watching a bitch eat is always a bad thing….so I don’t really know how this makes me feel….but that could also be because I don’t know how to feel anymore. Somebody hold me and tell me I’ll be ok…

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Miranda Kerr Goes Topless for i-D Magazine of the Day

A fashion magazine has pulled through again. This time it was by taking a bikini and lingerie model we’ve all seen half naked many fucking times, and turning her into a common whore by getting her fucking topless to end the cockteasing and give the public what they fucking want, all by pretending it was high fashion and needed for the authenticity of the shot, cuz everyone knows when a bitch hits a field she’s usually topless and running, only usually it’s at night after drinking and she’s running for her life after getting raped, but that’s not high fashion…..but apparently this is and I’d call it a genius move but I don’t really you consider a table of editors saying “we need to sell copies to keep our jobs cuz magazines are dead and we have Miranda Kerr booked for the cover…what should we do?”, cuz getting her topless is pretty fucking straight forward, obvious logic….

Titty Close-Up….

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Shauna Sand Topless on the Beach of the Day

It looks like Shauna Sand found a twin….I doubt it was that hard….I mean every strip club has skinny blonde chicks with ravaged faces, fake tans, fake hair and big fake tits who like showing off their disguting bodies because for some reason they think they have it going on because truck drivers love them and buy them pretty flowers as they role through the club they work at….It’s not like Shauna Sand did a look-a-like contest…some doppleganger shit to masturbate to but I am thinking maybe this friendship started with fan mail that made Shauna Sand think a beach day with this bitch would be a great photo-op for the paparazzi and that’s probably why these pictures exist….and as disgusting as Shauna Sand’s vagina is, I can’t turn my back on someone with serious issues whether they are daddy or body image issues, especially when they put this much fucking effort into and cheap plastic surgery into it getting work….

The Superficial Has the Actual Topless pics, I don’t have the right to the shit, so if you want to see her hacked off nipples, follow this link

Pics via Fame

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Sarah Dumont Topless in GQ Italy of the Day

Here’s a model named Sarah Dumont, topless in GQ Italy, proving that despite being unknown and trying to get noticed, she’s got the right idea that tits get hits and when you’re getting paid, showing tits is becomes your job and not proof you are a high paid stripper whore, because not being topless is dated, and being topless is what everyone wants to fucking see.

Seriously, more fashion magazines are doing nude spreads now than ever. The American Apparel Website is full of topless girls, it’s like topless isn’t for jerking off to anymore, it’s for selling clothing and a lifestyle, and the whole thing is pretty fucking amazing as far as I’m concerned, cuz I like tits and I believe that the public are retarded and will end up pulling this look out of the pages of Vogue and take it to the streets for me to get hard over…and the whole thing is amazing….

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Izabel Goulart is Topless of the Day

I like these Victoria’s Secret models because they are one step away from being pornstars because they don’t get fucked but they do get naked…It’s like they get paid real big money to get half naked and once they get comfortable being half naked and develop a bit of an ego, they figure that as long as the gig is “classy” they might as well get fully naked and show the world what they’ve been hiding behind a skimpy bikini the last few months….It’s this whole art and fashion versus porn and eroticism that makes these girls feel like they aren’t smut trash trying to pay for baby formula like a common stripper but are instead making some kind of statement, but to the end user, which is you and me, we still get to see tit, whether it’s classy or for fashion or art or just because the bitch is an exhibitionist whore….so justify it however you want, I just know I like the whole no clothes pictures and hope quality bitches like this keep it up.

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Megan Lee Ethridge Topless in Eugene of the Day

If you’re wondering what happened to “20s Girl” from 1 episode of Charmed and “Wife” in Alex and Ro or even “Model 1” in Jake in Progress, well she’s been trying to get her career off the ground by getting topless in some movie called Eugene, because like all low level actors trying to make it, but haven’t seen success traditionally know, tits means hits….

Her name is Megan Lee Ethridge, and obviously no one has ever heard of this bitch, I just figured I’d do a post on her because I appreciate her effort and the direction she’s taken her career. Good work. Let’s hope you are an inspiration to all the girls reading my shit who think I am a movie producer and do this on the side cuz I tell them I am and they are so desperate they believe it….cuz I want self shot pictures of tits and that’s really the only way I think I’ll ever get em….a strategy that to date has not been successful…..

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Eva Green Topless in Some Movie of the Day

Eva Green has great tits. I remember watching her weird threesome movie called Dreamers a few years ago and thinking to myself that she kinda had it going on.

The thing with celebrities is that I can’t fucking stand them and for the most part I don’t even find them hot, and that over-rated shit is part of the reason I hate them….not to mention most movies are fucking dull so I get bored watching them and prefer just hanging out on the street looking at everyday girls and visualizing them naked, but every once in a while, one of these celeb bitches gets naked on screen and it allows me to focus my shit and be a man about it and visualize myself suckin’ her tit…

Here’s Eva Green in some movie called Cracks…it’s Good Friday, and since very little is good in life, I figured I’ll try to change that with something that is.

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Adrianne Curry Almost Topless on Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is holding onto the 15 minutes of fame she had 5 years ago the way any self-respecting, famewhore, would…by posting these almost topless pics on twitter. She’s such a tease, at least that’s what she’s trying to do for her 70,000 twitter fans who don’t really care about her or what she has to say, but instead are watching to see her sanity crack and post Very Brady Sex tapes, because that’s bound to happen eventually.

She blocked me and told me off as best she could a few months ago, but I still get access to the goods and despite no being interested in her in anyway, or thinking she deserves any more attention that other whores online, I can’t help myself but post this and laugh, cuz I know girls, even exhibitionist girls, who know this kind of self-promotion is the cheapest and easiest way to get noticed…it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t involve her showing her meaty cunt spread open, since she’s already done playboy, you’d think she’d step up her game…

It’s so obvious, but you idiots fall for it, and apparently, so do I…

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Peaches Geldof Topless Pictures of the Day

I hate Peaches Geldof and all the attention she gets. She’s ugly and people should not know who she is, especially since her dad is only famous for creating the Live Aid charity event that made him a ton of money and got him Knighted, despite charities being designed to help the people you are campaigning for and not the people campaigning, but whatever…

She’s just a drugged out rich kid who’s parents don’t want to bother with and someone has released topless pictures of her, who I can only assume was her because she loves the attention…while I love nothing about this becuase she’s fucking vile looking…

She ignores me on twitter, hipsters all suck her dick, and these pictures suck but I figured I’d post them since I hate her so much and like people laughing at her even if it gets her more attention than she deserves…

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Bar Refaeli Does Elle Russia Topless of the Day

These pictures were sent to me yesterday by my Israeli filmmaker Facebook friend who makes videos about him fucking blow-up dolls or him making popsicles out of his own cum that he submits to art film festivals and that leave everyone in the room feeling pretty fucking awkward, but I guess having a contact in Israel is convenient in keeping track of Bar Refaeli since that’s where she live….and not only is she the dream girl of every Jewish man married or dating one of those non-hot Jewish girls to keep their mothers happy because they aren’t rich enough to find hot Jewish girls or hot non-Jewish girls willing to convert….but the dream girl of many…so whether you are Jewish and feel like you need to stick Jewish in all things including the girls you masturbate to, or if you’re just a pervert like me into hot chicks…you’ll appreciate these Elle Russia pictures of Bar Holding onto her nice big tit.

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Michelle Bombshell is Naked But Still Scares Me of the Day

I’ve been watching the Blind Side trailer for the last hour….I am getting a huge kick out of this whole thing…It seems like girls you meet at bars don’t really give a fuck about the humor in all this, they all sympathize with Sandra Bullock, like she represents them or something, while she’s just some pig celebrity who is probably really into herself, despite what bullshit her PR people tell her to say in interviews. Sure, it’s nice to believe she’s human and that this is the same situation as if it happened to the nice girl down the street or your sister, but it’s not…it’s all bullshit…really funny bullshit…especially since this Bombshell girl looks like someone insane, cuz anyone with a forehead tattoo and a swastika tattoo and White Power tattoos always look like they are one meth hit away from shooting the local park the black kids play at..

I do hate that this trash is getting famous and everyone is talking about her and her shitty face and body and wish it ended, but I guess molested girls withs serious baggage who were raised AMISH always have a place in my heart….because they are so fucking obvious…and try so fucking hard to fit…by going one step too far…proven by this piece of shit garbage…with shitty fake tits….

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