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Topless Girls Models for S Magazine Magazine of the Day

The photographer’s name is Mark Squires …the magazine that may not be an actual magazine is called S Magazine….the models are interchangeable, I can’t recognize any of them, because all these instagram models getting topless in black and white are pretty much the fucking same thing, not a bad thing, it’s a good thing to have naked girls on demand on your social media…it’s just a repetitive thing and they are all one in the same superficial, opportunist, sugar baby – getting naked….in ‘artsy’ pics…

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Nude Models by Maciek Kobielski of the Day

The photographer is Maciek Kobielski

The models are:

Anais Pouliot, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Kel Markey, Marie Piovesan and Ros Georgiou

The overall concept is naked, the vibe is naked, the bush is visible, and for someone who loves bush and hates Jersey Shore and the Kardashians for making girls think that bush is a bad thing, even though it requires more work to maintain than a wax, and even though it hides things you want to hide, all while being decorative, like a lawn ornament…this is amazing…

I am glad the bush is back in town…and I am also glad that these models are naked.

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Some Tits in Vogue Italia Because they are Pornographers of the Day

I would never consider tits porn, but a lot of advertisers in America like to think it is porn, that’s why exhibitionists everywhere are protesting the nipple, or the fact that the nipple is seen as a bad thing…they have charities, women breast feeding, a whole bunch of bullshit..all based on nipple which I like…

But I prefer calling out a fashion magazine for being pornographers, because Larry Flynt got shot and paralyzed for the freedom to post tits…

Here are the models

Stella Tennant, Audrey Marnay, Inès de La Fressange, Saskia de Brauw, Mélanie Thierry, Othilia Simon, Anais Pouliot, Golshifteh Farahani, Mariacarla Boscono, Nine D’Urso, Stella Roversi, Guinevere Van Seenus, Malgosia Bela, Suzanne Lindon, Jean Campbell, Caterina Ravaglia, Marie Piovesan, Ondria Hardin

In conclusion, Vogue Italia is Euro, and in Europe topless is considered wearing a shirt…so who cares…tits are just tits…I can’t come to them, but I can come on them

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Models Topless in GQ UK of the Day

GQ has done good and recruited a bunch of attention seeking models, got them half naked and taken some pictures of them. It’s like give a bitch money and pretend it’s not for the sake of guys jerking off to them, even though she knows it is, but just doesn’t want it labeled that way, she’ll do fuckin’ anything,

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Pirelli Calendar Launch Party of the Day

It seems weird to launch a topless calendar that has a reputation of being the only calendar worth having even in an era when calendars are obsolete without having topless chicks, but Terry Richardson was there because he shot the shit and he’s the leader in hipster photography that pretty much borders pornography but instead of seducing drunk hipster chicks to get naked in his loft after doing coke and drinking in a dive bar all night, he’s getting paid millions to take this shit of models looking like the slummy bitches he picks up in bars and does coke with all night. He is the reason for American Apparel ads because they ripped him off and I”m sure some of you jerk off to girls who look like they smell and have big bushes so you probably like him and let’s just hope his Pirelli shit is substantially less boring than their party.

Here are some pics of the Pirelli Calendar…….

Follow this link to see some of the Behind the Scenes Pics that were Released in June

Pics via Bauer

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Naked Models for Israel of the Day

I got this press release:

Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in on going collaborative projects expressing Israel’s right to exist in safety and security. The event is called (S)kin. (S)kin is a monthly, meaningful life drawing class. Each month a different theme highlighting Israel’s beauty and diversity is represented by the nude models and each class is led by a different, distinguished artist.

I am not a big supporter of any causes, I have no passion for much and no interest in anything and I know that I can’t make a difference so I don’t bother. So whether people are coming together for Jews, for Cancer, for Sri Lanka, for Palestine, for animal cruelty, for sweatshops, or for pretty much anything, I just laugh at the idiots and move on.

However, I do like tricking girls to naked and sometimes you need to pretend it is for a cause, because you’ve already tried the “art project” line, or the promises of making them famous line one too many times, so I felt I’d post this.

Sure the girls in the pictures are not hot, but they are naked and remember this is for a Jewish event so I am sure they were a good deal.

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Day in the Life of an SI Model of the Day

Here’s a video with some of the bottom feeding SI Models. I say that because I’ve never heard of them, so maybe they’re the next big fucking thing, and since I find this whole swimsuit model shit hot, I also find it fucking boring, so I didn’t really bother lookin’ at them because they all kinda look the same and that’s usually pretty amazing and for my entire life I’ve said that all the hottest famous sluts are bikini or lingerie models, unfortunately, this video doesn’t give much insight into them being more than just a set of tits, when asked what it’s like to live a day in the life of an SI Model, they just say awesome.

Awesome? Are you fucking kidding me? You get paid 10,000 dollars a day, or more, to sit in a fucking bikini where you are flown for a week, but only need to be shot for 4 days, and when you are working you just lay in the fucking sun and pose. You can pretend it’s hard, and that it’s a struggle, because you have to work when you are jet lagged or have a cold. Go fuck yourself, I guess you have that attitude because you’re hot and have never actually had to work in a normal fucking job and if you had, people would just let you suck at it because you were hot.

Either way, here’s some more on the models in the video…because I’ve never heard of them.

Melissa Haro

Jessica Hart

Damaris Lewis

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I am – Adrianne Curry Looking Like a Space Hooker of the Day

Adrianne Curry

Julien sent this in this morning and like all good friends, we share common loves and hates for the same things, today being a hate for America’s Next Top Model and Cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry.

Last night I slept with this guy who had a couple of kids. It was the classic case or suburban husband is actually a raging faggot, very Desperate Housewives. While we were fucking I got to thinking about what his kids would think if they walked into us mid butt-fuck; their dad’s feet on my shoulders as I m plowing away. And I got to thinking if this is guy is a loser, closet case, homo, where does that leave his kids?

The thing is, eventually Adrienne Curry is going to have kids (that is if her vagina can hold up through these all of these years of super sluttery of course) and they are going to look up to her. She is going to be like a superhero for them and she is going to have a major impact on this child’s life. And the sad part is, that these poor kids won’t know that the most important person in their life is actually a complete and utter whore who’s claim to fame is winning a reality show about models nobody gives a fuck about.

So anyway, here is Adrienne Curry at some Playboy party dressed up like a Amazonian stripper from the year 2046. Her future kids don’t have a fucking chance.



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I am – Abigail Clancy Topless on a Yacht

Abigail Clancy topless on a yacht. Apparently she’s a catwalk and lingerie model. Sounds like a perfect candidate for rich guys to hire her as their girlfriend to fuck. She’s from the UK, so those rich guys are likely soccer players, or what she calls Football players, who charter these yachts for aspiring models no one has ever heard of to pose topless on for the paparazzi. It helps everyone involved.

I figure that anyone who doesn’t look repulsive in a bikini and has cause to be on a yacht is worth my attention….only because I can put them in my internet database of gold diggers if ever I get rich, only that won’t work, because by then there will be a whole new breed of “Lingerie” and “catwalk” models…

Now let me upload the pics, unless I fall asleep, which happens. I’m drunk and this is boring…but tits….look at those tits!

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I am – Petra Nemcova Body Painting of the Day

Petra Nemcova Bodypainting

Marie-Eve here, again. Apparently Jesus’ computer is on the fritz, so I’m gonna be doing the posts a tad early while hes getting ready for his Cruise. I’ve been getting some lovely emails from some of you and also some that are pretty creepy, but keep them coming, I love it!! stepdaughter@drunkenstepfather.com

Here’s some pics of Petra Nemcova and some other lucky, lucky person messing around with some body paint, which I guess is what super models do when they aren’t at fashion shoots on tropical islands, going to swanky parties, and having sex with millionaires.

They have this sort of outdoor festival where I live every Sunday, and its always filled with a bunch of old and young hippies, plus a few normal people that go up there just for the hell of it. You’ll always see a good amount of idiots playing the drums, blowing bubbles and dancing in circles and urging you to join in on the love fest. The last time I was up there, there was a bunch of them body painting each other, and of course one thing led to another and a few of the girls took their tops off to let some of the guys (who looked like the forest had just thrown them up) paint their tits.

As always, it wasn’t the hott looking pixie hippies that chose to undress, but the fat, unshaven, pasty white ones instead. Why does it always go down like like? Can some one explain it to me, please? Why is it that the most disgusting people are always the ones that are the most comfortable with themselves? Anyone?

Here’s some shots of Petra to ease the pain of people who don’t know how to cover up.

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