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Awkward Israeli Art Film of the Day

I think my site lacks culture, maybe that’s my biggest downfall and the reason no one in any industry takes me seriously, I need to put more art into the mix cuz art is class and I gotta stop the hateful celebrity commentary where I just make a joke out of myself…So you can only imagine how excited I was when one of my Israeli readers happened to have an award winning art film he made to share with me….and you can only imagine my delight when I watched it and saw dude having sex with a fucking blow-up doll in some kind of uncomfortable fetish porn disguised as art, but was glad it wasn’t his other film where he made a popsicle out of his cum called Cocksicle.

I guess the nice thing about art is that it affects each of us differently, like I was on the floor laughing when I saw this, but you may shed a tear because you can relate to his desire for love or maybe you’re just creeped the fuck out…something I can only assume most of you will be because it is awkward as fuck….and it is safe to say it may make it hard for you to watch porn or get turned on again…welcome to my world….

I told him I would spread his word but he asked me to post his facebook in exchange….so if you like it, it is called Safety in Rubber and I don’t think it will be in a theater near you…

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Esti Ginzborg Israeli Bikini Model in a Bikini in Israel of the Day

Her name is Esit Ginzborg and she is an Israeli model who was recently in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. So she’s young and up and coming and she spends her life in a bikini on the beaches of Tel Aviv and she looks pretty hot to me.

I figured I’d post her pictures in honor of September 11, because you’d think living in Israel she’d would actually have a right to fear terrorism since it’s in her backyard and a regular thing, but I guess she isn’t as theatrical as Americans are with their terrorism, you know from money making TV specials to Amber alerts and serious racism towards Arabs, and instead she is bein’ laid back and kickin’ it on the fuckin’ beach, a lesson some of you should learn from…..because you can’t live in fucking fear, except of AIDS after the condom breaks when fucking hookers…

Another lesson you can learn from September 11th, it is that working kills.

Pics via SplashNews

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Naked Models for Israel of the Day

I got this press release:

Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in on going collaborative projects expressing Israel’s right to exist in safety and security. The event is called (S)kin. (S)kin is a monthly, meaningful life drawing class. Each month a different theme highlighting Israel’s beauty and diversity is represented by the nude models and each class is led by a different, distinguished artist.

I am not a big supporter of any causes, I have no passion for much and no interest in anything and I know that I can’t make a difference so I don’t bother. So whether people are coming together for Jews, for Cancer, for Sri Lanka, for Palestine, for animal cruelty, for sweatshops, or for pretty much anything, I just laugh at the idiots and move on.

However, I do like tricking girls to naked and sometimes you need to pretend it is for a cause, because you’ve already tried the “art project” line, or the promises of making them famous line one too many times, so I felt I’d post this.

Sure the girls in the pictures are not hot, but they are naked and remember this is for a Jewish event so I am sure they were a good deal.

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