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Esti Ginzborg Israeli Bikini Model in a Bikini in Israel of the Day

Her name is Esit Ginzborg and she is an Israeli model who was recently in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. So she’s young and up and coming and she spends her life in a bikini on the beaches of Tel Aviv and she looks pretty hot to me.

I figured I’d post her pictures in honor of September 11, because you’d think living in Israel she’d would actually have a right to fear terrorism since it’s in her backyard and a regular thing, but I guess she isn’t as theatrical as Americans are with their terrorism, you know from money making TV specials to Amber alerts and serious racism towards Arabs, and instead she is bein’ laid back and kickin’ it on the fuckin’ beach, a lesson some of you should learn from…..because you can’t live in fucking fear, except of AIDS after the condom breaks when fucking hookers…

Another lesson you can learn from September 11th, it is that working kills.

Pics via SplashNews

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