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BabesForTrump for July 4th of the Day


BabesForTrump that aren’t really babes but are half naked are perfect for July 4th day….Because this is America and it is America day….

In more interesting slimy Trump news – the creepy sleazy rich pig who is a known womanizing misogynistic who probably objectifies everyone because his moral code is based solely on money like most rich womanizing men who think they are invincible and act like mob bosses like an 80s tycoon he is – this rape culture USA story is serious, juicy and credible even if he discounts it and would…first rule of being rich is to admit nothing make rape victim look like the predator win presidency – read it here

But babesfortrump are what matters – girls who support rich pricks and I know that this isn’t news, that I am not political, that these babes who are hardly babes, but rather sorority looking white trash strippers looking for any excuse to get half naked and to potentially go semi viral on the Internet by stripping down and slurring up for Trump is about as America as you can get – because Trump’s whole convoluted campaign is about making America great again, whatever that means, and as a Canadian I am strictly basing my opinion on having seen Trump in action since the 80s and knowing all he is is gaudy, trashy, bullshit and I find it hard to think he’s anything more than that in his political career that doesn’t exist before this media event that is his running for President. I also know he panders to the lowest human form and is like the Borat scene where he says “support our troops” and the retards cheer him right after booing him.

It’s not my America or my Fourth of July and I am not even talking his politics I am talking his public image, because I know as you know whoever is elected is a puppet to the evil brains that actually run the company, that’s why I appreciate trumps campaign despite thinking it’s brilliant yet Moronic

More importantly – I am all for fame whores who are behind him showing their behinds getting as naked as they can for the election hoping he either makes them famous or as a collective they’ll get famous and based on Trump’s track record these may be your next Secretary or Stare or whatever he has the power to elect when he wins, because he will probably win, before getting assassinated or be very entertaining

Whatever this trashy, basic, nonsense is – I like it. It reminds me of every Stripper, middle of the road employee, tanning salon cashier and Floridian I’ve ever known.

This is America and this is the freedom you’ve fought for. Not bad….


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Chloe Moretz Bikini Tit of the Day


Chloe Moretz is overrated, but she’s in a bikini laying in the grass, with her belly hanging out, which to some would be confirmation of her being overrated, but the reality is when a tit is in a bikini, battling it out with Gravity Waves in some weird “spooning” position, I can appreciate her, even if none of the movies she’s done have been interesting to me, but in her defense, I don’t care about 14 year old girls in spandex superhero outfits, it’s not really my thing…but bikinis…in selfies…I can handle…

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Bikini Campaign of the Day


I generally really fucking hate bikini photoshoots…whether it is with some fame whore trying to get noticed….staging the shit in Miami…you know the non-celebs you’ll see on blogs sometimes because the paparazzi is trying to make them celebs so that they can make money on them…since bikini pics get hits…and hits make them money….to all the low level models who shoot for that water company that you see on billboards in LA…that feature playboy dot com girls who were not hot or interesting at all…but I also hate campaigns for brands that involve bikinis..not because bikinis are boring, I mean the one thing I need more of in my actual life is girls in bikinis…but because….the shoots are all the fucking same…but for some reason…a reason I call bright and colorful thailand and awesome bikinis…this shoot is pretty tight…I can’t be too sure about the girls since I don’t know who they are…but when you’ve got a penis like me…nothing is tight…

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Candice Swanepoel is Amazing in her Bikini of the Day

Candice Swanepoel Victoria's Secret Bikini

I really think this Candice Swanepoel character is fantastic. I have no idea why, I mean sure it could be the fact she’s got a rockin’ body that has been sourced by top modeling agencies and hired by the biggest brands who are known for scouting the top pussy, pretty much shoving her half naked body down our throats, making her a celebrity we follow cuz she wears bikinis or maybe it is because we are connected at the soul…I guess only destiny will be able to answer this…..and while I wait for it to….I’m gonna go back to staring at this hotness getting paid to be half naked…something I like in all the women I’ve never met but want to fuck.


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Ginger Spice Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here are some possibly staged pictures of Ginger Spice on vacation, even though her life is a vacation since she doesn’t do anything anymore and just lives off the stupid money she made being a Spice Girl, but I guess doing nothing on a Yacht is different than doing nothing in your mansion wherever that mansion may be. Either way, she’s living a pretty good fucking life.

She’s on the yacht picking her ass, she’s on a Jet Ski showing ass and she’s in an orange bikini at some nudist beach…when she should be fucking naked, because that’s what nude beaches are for, but I guess she didn’t feel like unleashing the mom pussy lip mess to the paparazzi…but instead decided to stare at other retired mom pussy, that I guess you’d call Grandma Pussy, since most nudists are 85 years old.

Either way, her body looked tight enough with all things considered and her tits were pretty solid and even if it was a disgusting mess I’d still post the shit, cuz the Spice Girls brought me a few orgasms back before I had internet but I did have music television…

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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Gisele in a Bikini for Some Italian Company of the Day

I don’t think Gisele is very hot. I don’t really think she compares to the other pussy they have recruited. But I guess she has her position in the world and does her job…unfortunately for her that job is riding off her Victoria’s Secret fame by doing bikini campaigns for low level bathing suit companies for old times to feel relevant, but more importantly works hard and masking Tom Brady’s lockeroom homosexuality by staging a pregnancy and tucking her dick in properly so that it looks like cameltoe in her bikini bottoms..

This is not a post pregnant body….This is a man on hormone therapy’s body….I know there’s a conspiracy here…I just care enough to prove it.

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Maria Menounos in her Bikini for Twitter of the Day

Maria Menounos used a reliable strategy to get new twitter followers and that was by posting a picture of her in a bikini drinking a beer with some Celtics swag because every pussy knows that sports, bikinis and pussy taking picture of itself is a winning formula, but Maria Menounos doesn’t need all those cheap stunts….she had me at “Menounos” cuz every greek girl I know, despite being bottom heavy, is easy fucking anal sex, something substantially more marketable than some bullshit sports, bikini, self-taken pic…

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Lindsay Lohan is a Drunk in Bikini of the Day

There’s a lot of scandal going around about Lohan for being a drunk…I find the whole thing retarded, mainly because I have been a drunk for many years, and I’ve never been put on some bullshit alcohol program like I was in fucking Private School and causing issues to rebel against my parents or some shit…and that’s why I think the whole thing is some PR stunt. I haven’t figured out the benefit of this stunt, or the logistics of how they set it up, but I do know that everyone who though Lohan was a washed up drunk and now watching her closely to see her fuck up…like she’s not a fucking adult and this isn’t a free fucking world…where DUI or not…we can drink our fucking faces off all day in our trailer park if we want….but maybe things are different in LA cuz the whole city is designed to be like a boring bullshit TV show people apparently care about….

The good news is that I have no standards…and Lohan’s drunk ass got into a bikini, and a bloated old haggard Lohan swollen tits is lovely enough for me, which is more than we can say about her bloated old haggard Lohan swollen face…

***Thanks Billionaire Ron Burkle, who fucks teenage models and his Team at RadarOnline for these pictures…..

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Pierre Casiarghi’s Pussy Beatrice Borromeo in her Bikini of the Day

This is Grace Kelly’s grandson. His mother is Princess Caroline. I don’t know if that makes him a Prince, but it does make him royalty and royalty is pretty fucking rich, and rich lands pretty decent pussy.

Her name is Beatrice Borromeo and I guess she’s doing her best to work her way into this and make a motherfucker put a ring on it like she was Beyonce, even though we all know Beyonce didn’t wait for anyone to put a ring on her before getting naked for their dick unless you consider that time she filled her jacuzzi up with onion rings and ate her way thru it, but I don’t.

Here’s some “aristocratic and outgoing law student Beatrice Borromeo” titty….which only disappointment cuz when you’re in Europe, you shouldn’t be wearing a top, but whatever, she’s blue blooded and I know nothing about that Royal whore hustle…

Pics via Bauer

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Hayden Panettiere is in her Bikini of the Day

I don’t know if it was kid’s day at the beach and Hayden was trying to save money on the entrance, so she decided to dress in a Hello Kitty bikini like she was 5, hoping people would let her through assuming that she was 5, you know based on her height, but even the dumbest immigrant working the gate knows it takes many years to develop muscles like that…

I have never found this bitch hot, or interesting or even feminine and really the only lady parts she has on her is some solid cellulite, which last time I checked, was one of the my least favorite things that comes with a bitch….

Seriously, this is a shitty ass, shitty legs and overall she’s just a fucking piece of shit of a woman that I can only blame her mother’s drug addicted womb for and here she is in her bikini…

To See The Rest of the Pics – Follow This Link

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The Guy from CSI with Some Hot Ass in a Bikini of the Day

If you are on TV on any level….like if you are insignificant, or your role is insignificant, or even if the show sucks and no one watches it, so long as you are on TV, even if it’s a local TV commercial, or even the local news for a few minutes….you will always be able to score seriously hot pussy…not necessarily celebrity pussy, cuz there is some kind of hierarchy, but real life pussy that is usually better looking than celebrity pussy. It’s like being on camera is all it fucking takes to make a pussy wet and jump on your dick and never leave you and here is the black guy from CSI with his girlfriend and her ridiculous body….who isn’t leaving him anytime soon, cuz he gives her the good life…and she give him the good ass to fuck…it all works out in the end.

Pics via Bauer

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Megan Fox is Still in a Bikini of the Day

Megan Fox and her Handler – Brian Austin Green from 90210 are scrambling. The fact that she may not get booked for Transformers is the harsh reality that her career may be coming to an end fast. You know because she’s a whole lot of fucking hype, she’s not nearly as hot as everyone thinks she is, and the fact that people are starting to drop her from her biggest movie and the movie will still be a huge money maker cuz they brought in hotter pussy, will just solidify the fact that she’s useless, talentless and not needed….she is just a hired gun that is replacable…and not a celebrity that movies need to ensure success…so they hit the idiot drawing board and figured that the best way to get back in the public eye is to let her out of her cage and get her into a bikini cuz bikinis always get noticed…unfortunatley for her, she’s no where near as exciting in a bikini as she used to be…

We lost a Golden Girl today…and I think these pictures will solidify that Megan Fox was never a Golden Girl she was marketed as…she’s just smoke and mirrors and hopefully we’ve lost the general consensus that she was anything but that. Let’s hope this is an RIP to her career…..may her journey back to her white trash suburban life be as fun as her climb away from it….and for our sake…let’s hope for lots of sex tape desperation…cuz we all know it will get to that level and we’ll love participating in it…..

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Tara Reid in a Bikini for Old Times of the Day

This is probably the biggest story of the day….Tara Reid is still alive. I pretty much forgot about her and her shitty fake tits and ravaged body. I just figured she just died off somewhere and no one really noticed or bothered because she doesn’t matter and no one cares about her….especailly since she was slowly killing herself and her career over the last decade…..but there was a time when she was in her 20s and was a respectable young actress we all wanted to fuck…and not some 35 year old latch on pig with a shitty fake tan who looks like death…..and for some reason…this totally turns me on….but then again I have no taste and I love ravaged bitches who look like drug addicted strippers who are forced off the stage and into the back alley to make enough money to pay rent…it’s just my fetish…

To See the Rest of the Pictures of Tara Reid in a Bikini – Follow this LInk

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Adrianne Curry’s Bikini Quest for Twitter Followers Continues of the Day

Adrianne Curry told me off on Twitter before blocking me. I’d say it was the highlight of my life, but unfortunately for her, she’s totally insignificant. The only thing she is good for is the Tila Tequila approach to getting noticed, and that’s by taking half naked pictures and posting them to twitter, hoping idiots like me who write about any pussy in a bikini, no matter how relevant or irrlevant they are, because pussy in bikini is a fetish to me, pretty much the main reason I have a Facebook account, or why I go to the beach, public pool or park. I’m an easy fucking crowd, cuz seeing a bitch in bikini, no matter how bad her fake tits are, or what she does for a living or who’s attention she is trying to get from getting in the bikini, just doesn’t matter….as long as they are in a fucking bikini…if oyu know what i mean….

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Kim Zolciak in her Bikini of the Day

This is not some United Colors of Benetton shit….it’s just some southern trash from some Real Housewives of Atlanta shit giving some black girl a high five to make us think that she’s not some racist like her Southern ancestors who used to own little black girls.

She’s in a bikini and the only interesting thing in all this is that she is 32 years old, but somehow manages to look like she’s mid 40s soccer mom of four at some 3 star resort in the Domincan cuz that’s all her gutter ass can afford…and I’m not really sure why, but here are her pics for you to try to figure out…

Pics via Fame

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