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Maria Menounos in her Bikini for Twitter of the Day

Maria Menounos used a reliable strategy to get new twitter followers and that was by posting a picture of her in a bikini drinking a beer with some Celtics swag because every pussy knows that sports, bikinis and pussy taking picture of itself is a winning formula, but Maria Menounos doesn’t need all those cheap stunts….she had me at “Menounos” cuz every greek girl I know, despite being bottom heavy, is easy fucking anal sex, something substantially more marketable than some bullshit sports, bikini, self-taken pic…

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Maria Menounos with a Blck Dude in Twitter Bikini Pictrures of the Day

The nice thing about greek girls is that they are built to take huge cock in their ass. It’s got something to do with evolution or some shit, since all their ancestors used to fuck each other up the ass, to the point where they now have natural lubricants in their asses that make getting fucked up the ass more than just tolerable it makes fucking them up the ass the same as fucking them up the pussy only with a little more shit smell….but being able to take most cock with ease can be a curse for a bitch, it makes her need the biggest cock she can find, because sometimes the pain is what you’re lookin’ for when you beg for anal…and if it always feels good to a bitch…she’s gotta step up what she’s inserting and I can only assume that’s what Maria Menounos is pulling here with this Jamal…but what the fuck do I know…

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Adrianne Curry Almost Topless on Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is holding onto the 15 minutes of fame she had 5 years ago the way any self-respecting, famewhore, would…by posting these almost topless pics on twitter. She’s such a tease, at least that’s what she’s trying to do for her 70,000 twitter fans who don’t really care about her or what she has to say, but instead are watching to see her sanity crack and post Very Brady Sex tapes, because that’s bound to happen eventually.

She blocked me and told me off as best she could a few months ago, but I still get access to the goods and despite no being interested in her in anyway, or thinking she deserves any more attention that other whores online, I can’t help myself but post this and laugh, cuz I know girls, even exhibitionist girls, who know this kind of self-promotion is the cheapest and easiest way to get noticed…it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t involve her showing her meaty cunt spread open, since she’s already done playboy, you’d think she’d step up her game…

It’s so obvious, but you idiots fall for it, and apparently, so do I…

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Adrianne Curry Ass on Twitter of the Day

I guess last week’s picture of Adrianne Curry showing off how flexible she is got her some serious twitter attention and brought her 60,000 followers to 70,000 followrs, making her realize that a good way to get people to notice you is to post naked, or sexual pictures, which really didn’t take a genius to figure out and I’m sure when she got her breast implants and rocked her reality career she already knew that’s all we care about, especially since every girl knows nude, bikini, ass or titty pictures will get them noticed, shit is the new leggings, because the world is a gang of perverts and clothing keeps us interested in knowing what’s under the clothing…so these ass pictures are not surprising, or even really that interesting, she kinda looks like a shaved down dude, but maybe I’m just confused from hard drinking and daylights saving time, but I am posting them anyway.

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Some Coco Pictures She’s Pimpin’ on Twitter of the Day

Coco was just pimping these pictures on twitter, I’m guessing she knows exactly what she is doing because she’s had an extensive career being pimped by various men soliciting her like the piece of disgusting, genetically modifed meat that she is.

I assume she’s doing this push for these pics becuase she thinks she looks good and is delusional because clearly she’s disgusting but I guess we can’t control what gives people a boner even if the boner is for herself, I can just assume that she likes how these were photoshopped more aggressively than any other picture has ever been photoshopped…it’s like some Guinness World Record shit….

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Aubrey O’Day Posts Her Anus on Twitter of the Day

I love whores as much as the next guy. I think there is real pleasure in seeing someone who had something go wrong in her youth forced to make-up for it today. I find joy in seeing girls who had a taste of celebrity because they were on a reality show forced to step up their game a few notches to continue to keep people watching. Sure, the whole thing gets annoying and could be sad to witness for some, but for the most part it means seeing their assholes on twitter and I can’t see anything wrong with that no matter how hard I try. I think Aubrey O’Day is following the path that was paved for her on the journey that is her life. She’s finally come to terms with the fact that she is nothing but a whore who only gets noticed cuz guys want to fuck her or at least see her naked…and here she is giving into that. AMAZING….We can only hope more whores who don’t know they are whores because they are in denial and think they are bigger than they actually are go that route….

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Kim Kardashian in Her Bikini on Twitter of the Day

The only good thing about Kim Kardashian is that she became more famous than Paris Hilton, something I know fucks with Paris Hilton every fucking day, and something that may, if we’re lucky, lead to Paris Hilton’s suicide. She pretty much used all the same tricks as Paris Hilton, from shitty “I don’t know how to fuck” Sex Tape to Reality TV, but for some reason she’s got more staying power, despite her face lookin’ big and awkward like something you’d find on a bootleg stuff animal you won at the fair, but at least she looks worth fucking in her heavily photoshopped bikini pics she put onto twitter pretending that this is right off the fucking camera, because a girl doesn’t give up her beauty secrets to her fans, even if that girl so happens to look like a dude.

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Tila Tequila in Yankee Lingerie Pics on the Only Place that Cares of the Day

I am assuming Tila Tequila put these pictures up on twitter, the only place that barely cares about her because the people on the shit have nothing better to do with their time that read drivel about other people’s boring fucking lives, updated 50 fucking times a day, especially when the person you happen to be following was the original myspace fake celebrity, who the media ate up and gave a couple trashy TV shows to, because America is desperate and falling apart at the seams, but not quite as desperate as Tila Tequila because she knows no one gives a fuck about her anymore and that her ride from the top is going to be a steady fucking slope down and I’m happy about that…

With any downward spiral especially one of someone who was only famous because of her slut outfits and behvavior, this chessy trash whore is going to keep getting more and more naked, eventually ending up in porn or dead in one of her fans trunk who approached her as a “producer” interested in giving her work and her excitement that someone still cared made her forget a background check….

Here are those pics of her supporting the Yankees with her lame tits.

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Useless “Celebrities” Use Twitter for Halloween of the Day

I hate twitter because it is some bottom feeder waste of time shit where people who are clearly not very busy spend their time writing uselessness anad where useless people try to expand their fan base, because they aren’t real celebrities who don’t need to seduce the public themselves with shitty 130 character blurbs and pictures of their whore selves half naked, they are bottom feeders and here are a few pictures of some of Twitter’s best trash and their lame halloween costumes to start the day….

Adrienne Curry and Her Hair Plugged Husband as the Watchmen….

Maria Menounos as a Cruise Ship Captain

Aubry O’Day and Another obvious Costume….

Brooklyn Decker Dressed as the First Night She Slutted Herself Out to her Now Husband Andy Roddick because She Figured Being a Sportss Illustrated model, having a one night stand with a popular athlete who dated Mandy Moore made sense….

Taryn Manning (who’s that? She’s from 8 Mile)….

Jennifer Love Hewitt as a Playboy Bunny Because She’s Got a New Ego Thanks to Having a Boyfriend Willing to Fuck Her Fat Ass….

Coco Whoring Out as a Mermaid….

Coco With Her Husband Whoring Out….

Coco With Rihanna Whoring Out….

In Conclusion, Coco is a whore.

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Follow Me on Twitter…Seriously….of the Day

Seriously, I Hate Twitter, But Need To Secure My Place on Twitter by Having You Follow Me, Cuz I’m Losing and I Already Know I am a Loser but Like to be a Loser People Follow on Twitter…


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