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Some Coco Pictures She’s Pimpin’ on Twitter of the Day

Coco was just pimping these pictures on twitter, I’m guessing she knows exactly what she is doing because she’s had an extensive career being pimped by various men soliciting her like the piece of disgusting, genetically modifed meat that she is.

I assume she’s doing this push for these pics becuase she thinks she looks good and is delusional because clearly she’s disgusting but I guess we can’t control what gives people a boner even if the boner is for herself, I can just assume that she likes how these were photoshopped more aggressively than any other picture has ever been photoshopped…it’s like some Guinness World Record shit….

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Pictures of the Day

Here’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show pictures. Now you don’t have to watch the shit when it hits TV, the reason we should boycot the televised version is simply because they are making way too much fucking money off this shit and they are doing it by putting half nude chicks in front of us and we bite because our lives are miserable….but remember if we put these motherfuckers out of business, these models will be out of work and all they know is how to get naked for money…which means good fucking things. I’m not punk rock and I’m not a hippie but I do say FUCK THE MAN because the MAN has fucked us by not letting these girls be the accessible immigrant prostitutes they were destined to be. It is our chance to fight back.

So Ambrosio, Ebanks, Kerr, Iman, Goulart, Barros, Heatherton, Kroes…not that their names matter since they all have one collective name and that name is “SLUT” were all working their panties off and here are the pics…


Pics via Bauer

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Heidi Klum in Some Almost Naked Photos of the Day

Heidi Klum is hot, even after all the damage she’s done to herself, like the whole 4 babies thing and the whole marrying and fucking a big black monster looking guy who probably ravages her on every level because German’s are supposed to hate Black People, unless they are Mili Vanilli at their prime, until they are Milli Vanilli a public embarrassment to the country, you know that whole Aryan race thing, but I guess that all goes out the concntration camp window when your german sexual issues take over your decision making, because I’ve seen German porn and Heidi Klum being German means she does some very insane things in bed by default….

Either way, here are some pics from some book a photographer is putting out about his pics of her.

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Karina Smirnoff and Her Obnoxious Love Pictures of Love of the Day

I probably have no heart, or maybe its no soul, or maybe I just get embarrassed for other people when they act like assholes. I am also disgusted by outrageous displays of affection. I find it horse shit because I know that in my life I’m sure I’ve experienced love, but never have I suggested we go out there and document the shit in some obnoxious Sears portrait.

Over the years, I have been forced to deal with friends and their girlfriends who took on this psycho behavior, where all of a sudden the bitch gets it in her head that they are going to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, where she starts taking him out to buy bed sheets and plates for when they live together, or when she goes so far as to complain about them never having pictures of them together, forcing him to get suited up and pretend he loves her while feeling like a total asshole the entire time. Cuz no man would suggest documenting his love this way….men are more into documenting their love by filming them fucking a bitch up the ass.

Either way, I would tell them that their girls were high maintenance and needed a lot of work and attention and the fact that she wants these photoshoots is a fuckin’ warning sign that your life with her will be all about her. She’s not gonna be the kind of bitch who brings beers out to you and your boys while you’re watching your neighbor’s daughters tanning, she’s the kind of girl who is gonna want 100 percent focus on her at all times and that this is just a glimpse into that cunt behavior that is going to either make you want to kill yourself, or kill her then yourself.

They never listened, I’d be coined a bad influence and they wouldn’t be allowed to see me, I wouldn’t get invited to the weddings, but I would get to see their obnoxious marriage website where these staged loving tacky garbage pictures would be displayed next to the story of how they met and 5 years later while going thru the divorce, they all come crawlin’ back to me cuz I know all the good whores willing to suck dick for an amount someone who just gave a bitch everything he ever had could afford.

Here’s Karina Smirnoff, the hot Dancing With the Stars dancer and her boyfriend/fiance in some staged love pictures to celebrate their love to the world or some shit and they whole thing is trashier than her mail order catalog ad her chose her from…

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Exxxotica Miami In Picture of the Day

Exxotica is some Porn conference that goes down twice a year. They don’t have me on their mailing list. They don’t email me inviting to join their festivities. They don’t acknowledge my existence. But I am okay with that, because I wouldn’t have gone if I was invited. What I do know is that the paparazzi raped the fucking event and I have all the pictures, so again, I get to live vicariously through the internet from the comfort of my own couch.

Either way, here’s some further proof that pornstars don’t have to be pretty to be pornstars, they just have to be willing to fuck on camera.

And on a sidenote, Fuck You Exxxotica Miami 2009 for suckin’ dick harder than your attendees.

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Cassie’s Topless Pictures of the Day

Cassie is some model turned singer turned slut who fucks Diddy who I always thought was kind of hot, until I tried to follow her cunt ass on twitter and I saw that she blocked me. The beef goes back to when I was ripping into Diddy for bringing Chris Brown and Rihanna together in his Miami home by calling him a woman hater or some shit, leading to him issuing a press release and be being blocked on his twitter, cuz dude’s a fuckin’ tough guy.

Either way, Cassie is topless in these pictures, she’s claiming that someone hacked her computer, bullshit, the reality is that these pictures, along with pictures of Rihanna topless were sent to me 6 or 7 months ago up for sale at something like 5k for the set. I tried to get people I know with money to buy in, but I woulda got sued regardless, so I’d rather use any 5k I can squeeze out of people on hookers, booze and cocaine. True story.

What isn’t a true story is that Cassie isn’t doing this for a publicity stunt, that her shit got hacked and that this isn’t all just an internet lie.

Fuck you Cassie and whoever runs your twitter. Fuck you Diddy for being a faggot who doesn’t pay your bills and fuck you wife for not dying in your sleep.


The recent personal pictures that have been leaked on the internet of me were hacked and stolen out of my computer. These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it’s sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it’s just evil. At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren’t the first you’ve seen and they won’t be the last… people need to grow up, let’s move on. Thank you.


She LEAKED these MONTHS ago. Motherfuckers lying to us all the FUCKING time.

These Assholes know who I am – so I am not risking getting sued by posting these useless pics…So You can Find the Pics of
Cassie Topless HERE

and the other pic of

Cassie Topess HERE

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Shauna Sand Party Pictures of the Day

I am not going to lie, I have no idea who Paul Heyman is. I did some quick research and found out he was involved in wrestling in the 90s, so that’s the reason why, because wrestling in the 90s is when shit got weird and every guido I knew was up on it in such an obsessed way that it was uncomfortable being around them.

I do know Shauna Sand, so when his people sent me the link to these pictures of the whore in action, rockin’ her sheer lingerie at a club, showing off her busted up nipple from botched implant operation after implant operation, because plastic surgery is what she does in her spare time, and I guess so is showing off her nipples , I had no choice but to steal them….

Unfortunately, I was sent these pictures a good 2 weeks ago, I’m just a real slow mover.

Source: HeymanHustle

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Elle Macpherson and Her Vacation Pictures of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the first supermodels I can remember jerking off to in the 80s, like really diggin and jerkin’ off to because I am sure there were many before her, but they remain nameless and she’s the one that stands out in my tattered brain.

Here she is on vacation with her kids and based on the waterskiing, it looks like she’s holding onto the past, because last time I checked, no one fucking waterskis anymore, it’s a thing of the past, dated like neon sun protecting cream, an ancient art and passtime, which is appropriate, because so is Elle Macpherson’s vagina. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..good one.

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Gisele See Through Pictures of the Day

Gisele’s losing her edge. There was a time she dated top rated American Actors. Where she was on contract with the number 1 company girls want to model for because it means they are worth fucking. Where the public thought she was one of the hottest working models, but I don’t even know what she’s doing now, and I don’t care. I do know she’s not wearing a bra because showing off your nipple gets you noticed when your career is fading as your penis is becoming more and more obvious.

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Some Jessica Simpson Concert Pictures of the Day

The funny thing about Jessica Simpson’s weight gain is that shit happened overnight, I mean sure we all saw her struggle with it her entire career, with titties like that, it was just a matter of time before the rest of her followed, but she went from tight to sloppy over the fucking holidays or some shit and that’s some serious binge eating. Sure it’s probably gotta do with her getting older and her metabolism getting slower and maybe with realizing that the Country world is more accepting of you when you look like farm animals or Winonna Judd, but I think it has to do with emotional eating that stems from feeling inadequate, but that’s just because that’s how I like all my girls.

I don’t know why anyone gives a fuck about whether she’s fat or not, or why she’s trying to dress like a fat chick trying to hide the fat chick in her by using fashionable tricks, to make her look skinny, something that always makes me laugh when my wife tries to pull it off, like when she comes to me and says “does this vertical stripped black shirt make me look thin” and I have to tell her than no optical illusion, drug, would make her look skinny, not even fucking blindness would make her look skinny, because his heightened sense of sound would force him to listen to both you choking on your fucking chin, but more importantly getting fatter by the fucking minute.

Here are her concert pics.

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EXXXOTICA NY Pictures of the Day

So I wasn’t able to get one of you into the Exxxotica NY pornstar tradeshow because my email wasn’t working and this site sucks at life and no one takes it seriously, except maybe for the authorities, but that’s yet to be determined, but someone who reads this site went out of his way to get pictures of the event, including shots of the pornstars with fan signs for the site and I have no idea why he did that for the site, but I appreciate original content because it won’t get my ass sued.

Now, I am not a fan of pornstars, I think they are trash and I prefer to get off to peeping on my neighbor across the street getting out of the shower, but I know a lot of you do like porn and that it’s the closest thing you’ve ever had to a long term relationship, so while you are at home feeling sorry for yourself while jerking off to your favorite pornstars that you will never meet because you are creepy and can’t get into events they attend because of that annoying restraining order they issued against you after you sent them one too many letters with one too many pictures of you fucking a rubber vagina molded to their vagina while licking their picture that you have taped to the wall, here are some pictures of EXXXOTICA that went down last week.

Since I hate porn and have no idea who any of these people are – these names be wrong….but I’d like to thank the dude who took these for me and let this be inspiration to all you lazy fucks to send in some fuckin’ pictures and videos for a change….

AJ Khan

Burning Angel

Daniela Victoria

Gina Lynn

Hilary Scott

Krista Ayne??

Penny Flame

Teagan Presley

Tatianna Stone

Some Randoms I Don’t Know….

Hannah Hilton is a Tank..

Some Ron Jeremy Still Goin Strong….

Some Really Bad T-Shirts that Porn Fans at Porn Conventions Wear….

Some Chick in Her Underwear Beating On Some Dude…..

Some Random Shit That Went Down…..

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Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Pictures of the Day

I get a lot of hate because of this bitch and that in and of itself is enough for me to hate her more than I already do. I have been called jealous becaue I have called her useless, lazy, rich kid who is a Paris Hilton copycat who manged to tricked the world into wanting her on TV, making her enough money to buy herself a Bentley, and the entire time I’ve said she’s fat and ugly and people have called me shallow, crazy and gay because if I find this fat I must hate real women even though 80 percent of girls I know aren’t as fat as this tank. I have also been labeled a racist because I say shit like only black guys would fuck an ass like that and that she only dates black dudes cuz their dicks are the only ones that can make their way in past her shitty pussy to bump against her g-spot. I have called her the black man’s urinal and said her sex tape is like watching the animal planet channel and for the record I stand by all I have said about this dumpy attention seeking whore.

Here is Kim Kardashian showing off her fat body in a bikini in some staged lookin’ photos.

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I am – Cindy Crawford in Her Bikini Pictures of the Day


I’ve already posted pictures from this day in Cindy Crawford’s life the other day, but I’ve been really drunk the last few weeks and this type of repetition is a lot better than the shit I pull on a nightly basis, like repeatedly starting fights, repeatedly sexually harassing girls, repeatedly making fun of people, repeatedly introducing myself to the same person 12 times, repeatedly waking up in random places and repeatedly doing the Soulja Boy dance, cuz no one does it quite like me.

I’ve been drinking a lot of vodka lately and since my liver is broken and my digestive system seems broken too, every time I take a shit it smells like fuckin’ vodka and gives me the urge to scoop in and eat the shit to see if it takes off the fuckin’ edge I have from last night.

Speaking of shit. Here’s Cindy Crawford in a bikini, reminding us that everything turns to shit even supermodels we all loved in the 90s become middle-aged soccer moms who have hotter bodies than other middle aged soccer moms, but are still middle-aged soccer moms who will never be 19 years old again and that is one of life’s great tragedies.

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I am – Alessandra Ambrosio Halloween Pictures of the Day


So I gave up on the staying locked down shit, it wasn’t working for me and figured if people actually want to kill me, I should just let them try and see what happens. I’m gangster like the suburban kid who shot himself in the leg to tell all his boys that he was shot in a drug war.

This whole daylight’s saving shit is freaking me the fuck out. I went out for my coffee and it was dark outside. I realize that I live in a freezing cold hell and all that shit, but it’s never this dark at 4 pm. But then I realized that Daylight’s Saving time hit and that it wasn’t the apocalypse or anything Will Smith would be trying to save me from in a movie, which was kinda disappointing.

Since my memory is so shot from drinking, I decided to relive last week in this post by throwin’ up these Alessandra Ambrosio pics like all you college kids were throwing up all over your stupid costumes last week. The funniest thing Halloween is how everyone thinks they are so creative with their costumes and when I go through people’s Halloween pictures, everyone wears the same fucking costumes. I guess there’s only 20 concepts people have to choose from and run with, so you see a lot of repeats, like Halloween is Seinfeld and the Playboy bunny is a popular one, so Alessandra may not be all that creative but at least she’s hot and got legs while doing shit a lot better than the 200 pound girl I saw trying to get away with the same fucking costume a couple of days ago. I guess Halloween is a day for dreamin’.

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I am – Britney Spears Pussy Picture of the Day


In attempt to right a wrong, Britney Spears has decided to divert all attention from her really shitty career shattering performance by unleashing her cunt to the world. Despite all stereotypes that bloggers are either faggots or virgins, reality is that I know what a pussy looks like and I have seen pussy of all ages, all walks of life, all races, all general health levels and I know that this mess of a box may be waxed and bald but isn’t an actual babyhole. It is the ruins left over from her baby factory ass and her over-eating…so what you see is most likely her gunt, and less likely her labia. Either way, you can look at this shit cross-eyed and pretend it’s the real deal, because it’s not like you’re doing much else right now.

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