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Claudia Schiffer Naked on the Cover of Vogue of the Day

Some dudes like to jerk off to pregnant chicks getting slammed. I don’t know if it has to do with them getting off to something that they will probably never experience because girls don’t want to get pregnant by them or have them inside them while pregnant, or maybe it is on some other level that involves a bitch not being able to get pregnant if she’s already pregnant, or maybe it is the fact that there is a living creature inside them, or it could be that they’re fucking pregnant and about to bring life into the world to raise and nurture, but here they are in video getting fucked, which just makes the bitch a total fucking whore, like the most desperate a bitch can possibly get in a “come on, just go to lamaze class and get off the porn / stripper circuit”…I am not one of those dudes…

But I guess seeing Claudia Schiffer naked for fashion while pregnant takes naked pregnancy to the next level, because it’s not the fat black stripper on welfare and meth, but a model who I went through my 20s wanting to fuck like I was David Copperfield pulling his best illusion……

She did the cover of Vogue naked and pregnant the way I may not like it, but you probably do.

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Olivia Munn is Boring Even When Naked for Peta of the Day

I hate Olivia Munn. She’s just some bottom feeder wanna be celebrity piece of trash who milked the geek crowd and landed a geek show cuz geek’s and based on Star Trek and Star Wars are loyal fans to have…cuz they never let go…and for geeks to get won over is pretty simple, have a vagina….and proven by Oliva Munn, if you are average looking at best, wear bikinis, and relate to them on a geek level it will get you a more legit career….She’s always on her hustle, I don’t trust her and above all she’s not even hot, but geeks like her and since you’re a loser, which is very close to being a geek you’ll probably appreciate seeing her getting naked for PETA….

Here she is walking around…to remind you that she’s not hot….

Here’s the bullshit video…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Aubry O’Day Naked in her Millions of Milkshakes AD of the Day

There’s an Arab man who lives in LA who made millions in the UK with a chain of Milkshake shops. He decided to bring his concept to America to make more millions because Americans are fat and love all things that make them fatter…but instead of just opening up his stores…he decided to start a paparazzi company called Hollywood.tv, where he would follow celebrities and be respectable to them so that they would slowly become his friends and when they did become his friends he decided to open the milkshake shop with the stupidest fucking name so that he could get them to do PR for him.

The whole thing is pretty fucking cheesy and obvious and the only celebs really into promoting his bullshit were the low level ones who were willing to work for any attention they could get and a lifetime supply of free milkshakes, a price more exciting to them than money, and that’s why you see pigs like Aubry O’Day naked and endorsing the shit cuz it’s food is the only thing that makes their fat asses cum..

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Naked French iPhone App of the Day

I don’t know how recent this video is, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, so I can only assume it’s been online forever. I know this app is obviosuly just a smart viral video, but I still envy the motherfucker for having that many people willing to get totally naked for the sake of his videos, I try my best to get girls to get naked on camera and they always refuse, so whoever is behind this is either a God, or gay, cuz girls trust gay dudes cuz they think they don’t have ulterior motives, even though they still put you on the internet, but it’s seen as art and not smut or some shit, and based on motherfuckers language I’m going with French, which is a lot like being gay, cuz it tricks bitches into thinking they are sensitive and romantic, despite being just as sleazy as me….

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Naked Walkers of the Day

Some girl with a horrible ass, who I wish gave this idea to her ridiculously hot friend, instead of championing this herself, when she decided to make some kind of statement no one really knows, by going out on a walk with her hairless clothesless….don’t get me wrong, I love exhibitionism, I just hate that its always hippie trash who eat the shit up instead of girls I actually want to see naked…and here are the pics….

Pics via LFI

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Christina Ulloa Naked in Californication of the Day

Here’s another low level, hot in her hometown chick who moved to Hollywood to make it as the next Megan Fox because she was the star of her high school and all the local farmboys wanted to get her pregnant and hold her back….making her miss out on her dreams of being famous, so they took their useless misguided ego to the local bus stop and got on the first bust to LA, only to realize that now the big fish in the small pond is a small fish in a big pond and that for every one of her there are 1000 more talented, better looking vaginas, so in trying to not crawl home with her tail between her legs, she decided to take the gig on a big show, even though it was one line and a whole lot of tits and ass bouncing on some old bald dude….amazing….

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Joanna Krupa’s Naked for Peta of the Day

Joanna would rather get naked than wear fur because wearing fur never got her out of her Polish immigrant home and inot the magazines, but getting naked did. She’s a glorified fake titty whore who paid Dancing with the Stars to include her as a star despite this being the biggest thing she’s ever done in her career and will be the biggest thing she’s ever done in her career. She’s just a fake titty useless bitch but the reality of it all is that I don’t mind seeing her naked…I actually like it…I just want her to know she’s garbage to help her feel better about her decision when she gets into the lap dancing business at the local stripclub….cuz girls with egos are always a pain in the ass as strippers….the garbage girls who think stripping is the ultimate and all they deserve put a lot more effort in…unfortunately those girls are usually the fat ones….or the ones who are too old or smell….the hot ones always think they’re walking the runway as they are flashing their pussy on stage for 5 dollars a fucking song…

This video makes me want a fur carpet to fuck the shit out of Joanna Krupa on….

Watch Joanna’s behind-the-scenes video from
her sexy PETA photo shoot, and find out why
animal rights is so important to her.

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Arta Dobroshi Has the Worst Body to Ever be on Film of the Day

I doubt anyone knows who this girl is, possibly because she wasn’t born a girl but had to mask her identity when escaping communist Russia and hormones were the only option, or maybe she was some science experiment in some German sex change lab, or maybe because she isn’t from here and was in a movie called “Le Silence De Lorna”, something I doubt any of you have seen or heard of, but if you have you will know that she gets naked in it and it’s a pretty miserable experience. She is built like a fucking tank with titties and has the worst naked body to ever be on film, but then again, I haven’t seen all that many movies, especially not foreign movies, I just know I could never get hard for this bitch under any circumstance and I’m pretty easy going when it comes to fucking bitches….

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Melody Khazae in Some Crossing Over Nude Scenes of the Day

I am pretty sure that this is some straight to DVD bullshit movie, but I’m not going to bother looking it up to find out, because I have the clips of the only scenes of value in the movie because they feature nude chicks and not shitty script and cheesy storylines….

I am the kind of guy who spent the entire year when I was 15 working a videostore and bringing home VHS tapes based on the nudity rating. I didn’t care what the fuck shit was about, all I needed was fast forward and pause and ideally a remote control to get off, and I guess not that much has changed.

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Anais Deroy Naked in Some Movie of the Day

I’m not sure what movie this is, but it looks ridiculously bad, except for the part where this no name, unsigned model from France gets out of the water totally naked. Her breasts are amazing, her body is amazing, making the whole fucking thing amazing, without having to sit thru all the bullshit that is this movie, not to mention her name is Anais and when your name is Anais you have no choice but to do anal and anal is the new vaginal. Teens are loving the shit and don’t even put up a fight like their 25 and older counterparts. Thank you internet and desensitizing of the youth and in turn breeding sluts!

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Tila Tequila is Naked on Ustream and only 1000 People Watch of the Day

Internet Marketer Tila Tequila is desperate as fuck for attention because the world has caught onto the lie that has been fed to them by the media and realized she’s nothing more than a fake titty whore who was in the right place at the right time and has no business being on TV or in Movies or really to have any celebrity. She is just a bitch who played the interenet properly by getting the most myspace friends, since people on myspace approved her friend request cuz she was half naked, and when mainstream media moved onto the internet and didn’t understand the internet, they assumed she was marketable and not just a useless idiot. They thought she was the fucking internet and they made her famous…..but thankfully that came to an end and now bitch is just alone and struggling, delusional about her celebrity and fanbase.

Most importantly she is getting naked live on webcam, doing what attention craving whores do before they forget that their purpose in life is nothing more than a webcam girl pretending to pay her way through college and the funniest thing in all this is that only 1,000 people bothered watching her.

I think more people would watch me naked on cam, just proving how fucking useless and irrelevant this bitch is despite how many “Twitter” followers she “has”….I think live feed of her killing herself is going to be her grand finale….

Here is the video…

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Joanna Krupa Naked for Playboy of the Day

joanna krup playboy

Joanna Krupa has been trying to solidify herself as famous or relevant by taking her clothes off for the last 8 years and the best job that she’s got in all those years is a gig on Dancing with the Stars, something designed for has-beens who had no more hope of making a comeback or having a career but did have a lot of time on their hands and were desperate to find something to keep themselves busy due to the suicidal thoughts they were constantly having and their therapists orders because otherwise they’d be found hanging from the rafters, cuz they sold their soul to the devil so many years ago, thinking their peak was just the beginning and nothing would get lower than that and now they are paying like they were Lindsay Lohan by humilating themselves thru dance.

So instead of being someone who became a nobody holding on for sanity on a show that happened to get famous, she was an actual nobody who figured the show would help get her out having no work, despite her willingness to show off her fake tits, since she did spend her yearly income on them in hopes of making more money as a bottom feeder, you know titties as a tool to get noticed….and now she’s doing December 2009 Playboy, because when people are watching and you are a household name for the first time in your life…you gotta pull all the stops and really saturate the market with you.

The only problem I have with this bitch getting naked for fame like she always had, hopefully with a better outcome now that she’s a household name, is that she’s not flashing her fucking pussy.

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Christian Serratos is Nude for Peta of the Day

Some Twilight actor is naked for Peta, because getting naked for Peta still generates buzz, which is something this bitch needs since no one has ever heard of her but I will say that I don’t really like her hustle, sure getting naked for fame is an ok hustbe, but mainly when that nudity this socially acceptable for a good cause…this is some saving an animal from cruelty nudity and that kind of shit bores mes, when really all I want to see is bitch shoving random objects in her whore pussy for fame nudity…but I guess it’s better than nother….so here’s putting Christian Serratos on the map cuz of her bare ass…

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Paz de la Huerta Naked in Some Movie Called The Limits of Control of the Day

I’ve never heard of this girl but she plays the naked hispanic slut in some new movie called The Limits of Control, and the whole thing is very interracial. I guess being the hispanic slut is the only way for a Spanish chick can get work in the movies and here are her clips because it’s Friday and that’s what Friday’s are for….I mean I guess that’s what everyday is for….but whatever I had nothing else to say about this bitch cuz I have no respect for her for feeding into a stereotype by whoring herself out, it’s the easy route, when she coulda done things in a respectable way, one step back for our hispanic people….

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Heidi Klum in Some Almost Naked Photos of the Day

Heidi Klum is hot, even after all the damage she’s done to herself, like the whole 4 babies thing and the whole marrying and fucking a big black monster looking guy who probably ravages her on every level because German’s are supposed to hate Black People, unless they are Mili Vanilli at their prime, until they are Milli Vanilli a public embarrassment to the country, you know that whole Aryan race thing, but I guess that all goes out the concntration camp window when your german sexual issues take over your decision making, because I’ve seen German porn and Heidi Klum being German means she does some very insane things in bed by default….

Either way, here are some pics from some book a photographer is putting out about his pics of her.

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