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Olivia Munn Titty Tribute of the Day

Olivia Munn’s titties may not make it to the “In Memoriam” segment at the Oscars, so we gotta do that ourselves now they they’ve been slaughtered due to cancer.

People are offended that I was making a joke out of Olivia Munn’s cancer because cancer is not something to joke about.

I get it, people have loved ones they’ve watched die of cancer and they don’t wish that on their worst enemy, even if they probably should.

My theory is that if you can’t laugh at cancer, what can you laugh at.

If I have cancer and I probably do, or if people I know have cancer and they probably do, I would hope they can laugh about it, or make fun of it, because otherwise what is the point!

So maybe you love Munn’s tits, maybe you love Munn, maybe you don’t think it is funny that she no longer has nipples and the idea of having a nipple orgasm is one of fantasy….

Maybe you hate that I called her an attention seeker trying to monetize the cancer through social media attention seeking.

Maybe you like women who try to ruin the careers of men I. Power because they didn’t get what they want.

Maybe you hate cancer and the idea of it killing tits, which I can relate to….

But stop being such a sensitive bitch….

Laughing is the best medicine…we’re all gonna die, some sooner than others and that may be a good thing…so might as well enjoy the demise.

I hope you find whores needing you to service their boobs like Olivia Munn’s cancer doctor…but with your mouth not with amputation…because women deserve to have those nipple-orgasms that Olivia Munn can no longer have….before the cancer comes and gets them. Don’t blame me, blame climate change.

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Olivia Munn Cut Her Cancer Titties Off of the Day

As it turns out, this bitch will do anything for attention.

Whether it’s hopping on the #MeToo bandwagon and targeting power players in the industry she likely humored, led-on and even invited and creeped on for work….only to turn on them.

Whether it’s hiring an MMA trainer in the city her COMIC BOOK BLOCKBUSTER movie she once scammed herself onto….hoping her efforts would get her cast in the sequel due to media pressure.

Whether it’s being a TV host for nerds who manipulated the minds of the nerds in efforts to go mainstream…..

Now it’s a Titty Cancer diagnosis…despite having spent all of last week at the Oscars….being industry and exclusive, since even Cancer patients deserve a good time, it’s some MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION for an opportunistic schemer bullshit….

She is posting this for ATTENTION, that’s the ONLY reason anyone who isn’t raising money for their treatment would post this SHAMELESS ATTENTION seeking content. The video is the best in the whole series of SPOONY tears. That video seems like an audition for a Soap Opera, keep that shit to yourself, you don’t need to perform for the cameraman you fake fuck twat…

Cancer may not be fun, but it can be milked for all it is worth and it’s so shocking how many people have been getting cancer these days, it’s almost like there’s something in the water, the sky or the medications they took….

So despite disliking Olivia Munn and all she represents, thinking she’s hardly as hot as she thinks she does, titty cancer sucks because it’s an attack on the titty and I love titty…even if the host body is pile of dog shit.

Without her tits, will people still care?

Now some CANCER DIAGNOSIS porn for the people who don’t like commitment, so they target the palliative care ward….or the people who are insecure that they target sick women too weak to cheat on them and so sick they need them to take care of them….

UPDATE: I am also surprised that Olivia Munn has tit CANCER not CUNT CANCER since she’s such a giant cunt!

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Olivia Munn Is in a Swimsuit of the Day

Olivia Munn was a fake barely a celebrity I liked to hate on. Mainly because she lived a life in nerd-face and I didn’t appreciate it. I don’t really think it is my duty to defend the nerds of the world out there, but I do feel for some of you because you lack the social skills needed to really understand how the streets work. So when I see an Olivia Munn type hosting nerd shows, talking nerd talk, integrating herself in the nerd community, I know she’s just using the poor nerds for her personal gain. That she doesn’t care about the nerds and that breaks my heart because I support the nerds of the world.

In this society, you can’t wear black make-up and dress like your former president, that’s seen as racist, but you can be a hot chick using the nerd to win the school presidency, or to get the nerd to do other sinister things knowing he can’t say no.

So to me, Olivia Munn is pure evil. To some other people she’s probably evil for other reasons, like calling them out for MeToo when clearly she was the whore begging for it or maybe she was involved in some homewrecking….

The point is, her psychotic tactics have done her some good, she’s old, she’s rich and she’s in a swimsuit with tits, clearly manipulating unsuspecting and wishful thinking nerds works.

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Olivia Munn Hard Nipples of the Day

Olivia Munn

I think Olivia Munn is the scam of fucking scams…and I guess good for her, because she’s managed to get rich and famous on the backs of nerds who are socially awkward, confused, but terribly fucking loyal to their “crushes”…..probably part of loneliness and fantasy…I wouldn’t know…I’ve never had a celebrity crush, I’ve always thought they were collectively dog shit…and I am right…

You know why she’s a scam, because you know she’s a scam too….but she was some fame chasing whore who moved to LA, or was from LA and wanted that celebrity because she felt hot enough and ready….

She ended up landing a hosting gig on a NERD SHOW called G4TV that helped a few other idiots get popular amongst the loyal nerds, but I didn’t buy into her giving a fuck about nerd shit, not that I even know what nerd shit is, which is probably why it was so obvious to me….

She didn’t care about comic books, videogames, even the internet…the only thing she googled was herself, I am sure….

Then she ended up as an actor in a comic book blockbuster, I never saw it but I am sure she sucked, because she was never invited back, but tried incessantly to convince people she was, hoping to use the media or FAKE news to pressure the people who make the movies…

Then she hopped on METOO, throwing Brett Ratner under the bus for making inappropriate jokes which were socially acceptable at the time….

Now she’s hopped on the Asian thing, cuz she’s Asian…which is convenient because if you call her out, you’re RACIST…

Anyway, she’s showing some tit, probably not real tit, but that’s expected with such a fake bitch.


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Olivia Munn Tits in a Bikini of the Day

I am pretty consistent on my hate for Olivia Munn and her fake tits. She’s just a fucking try hard phoney posturing for attention and using her tits well into her 50s, she must be 50, right?, to get attention….

It’s a fine strategy, but when you have hatred in your soul for a bitch, nothing she can do can get you hard, even if you’re not an impotent fuck like me.

So when she first surfaced as some TV host on a fourth tier digital network back when that was a thing, you know before the internet, where her show “ATTACK OF THE SHOW” that bred nothing buy garbage people..basically exploited nerds and nerd culture, we call it CULTURE VULTURE, not that I know nerds…but I know Olivia Munn was the chick who manipulated the nerds to do her homework because she felt she was too hot to do the actual work, and everything she’s done, or tries to do, is in efforts to massage her bullshit ego….

She should have been left to hosting, maybe the Maria Menounos replacement or an OnlyFans girl by now…yet for some reason she’s an “actor”…it’s pretty lame, but hollywood is lame and at least she’s got tits, even if they don’t redeem her for her bullshit lies…


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Olivia Munn Underboob of the Day

Olivia Munn Underboob

Here’s some Olivia Munn talking about her middle aged shits that you’d probably want dripping off your chest, you sick nerd fucks…but she’s also out here holding her titties, that despite her pushing her Asian agenda, because she has an asian mom, are pretty damn big, but maybe it’s just racist to think that asians have small tits, or maybe she’s a lie…not about being asian…but about her tits being real…not that you care…I mean to think any of these “celebrities” even those as low level as Olivia Munn have any real substance or authenticity is funny…not to mention the only reason Olivia Munn is working as an “actor” is through a series of scams including taking advantage of nerds by speaking their speak when she couldn’t get acting works and instead hosted some cable show on a network that went broke…

She’s also been a series of publicity stunts and lies to try to push the little taste of celebrity she’s had, even the guy who cast her in that blockbuster Comic Book movie she’s done didn’t cast her again, because she sucks…but at least she hops on trending actisim, calling out Brett Ratner, instead of just embracing that if she wants to work, she should suck dick, but maybe the Asian thing will work for her, now that Hollywood is diverse, I bet she has meetings with her team about showing her asian mom off more often to push the asian thing, even though all her BOTOX has her looking like a Kardashian…but there is some tit….

But yeah, middle aged women talking about their gut heath, when I still like to pretend women don’t shit…is a good way to ruin a titty underboob pic…and the real question is whether her mom is Japanese or not, you know second career doing SCAT porn, it worked for Maitland Ward.


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Olivia Munn is Racist of the Day

Olivia Munn is some bullshit clout chaser, who is old as shit, so she’s been chasing clout since before social media existed, I mean maybe even since before the internet existed, like I said, old as shit..

She’s also a fucking scam of a celebrity, barely a celebrity is what I like to think of her ass, because she was a host on a nerd TV show when she couldn’t get legit work to feed her fucking ego, because you know she thinks she’s amazing…it’s obvious…..and in doing the nerd show, she worked her way into the minds and spank banks of nerds everywhere…they are easy to manipulate, mindless nerds, who see the tits….hear the tits talk nerd shit…and believe the tits….it’s the story of nerds getting attention from hot girls in class who need their homework done…but not bad enough to actually fuck the nerds..

ANYWAY…that launched her into one or two acting jobs because of the nerd fanbase, which she’s milked as hard as she can, and still milks….and tries to manipulate the media to get eyes on her by faking being in other shows or movies, to plant stories….or by saying things like Brett Ratner MeTooed her, which I don’t fucking buy, cuz I am sure she was gaping and ready for any MeToo….if anything her version of MeToo…is one of “I sucked his dick for work too”…rather than “I was violated too”…but you can’t play that angle in the current climate…

All this this to say, I’ll still look at her tits…but now we’ve discovered she’s racist, despite being “asian” and trying to play that angle as hard as she can….she’s recently been praised for helping find someone who attacked her friend…and is MILKING it…because not all celebs and rich people do nice things without making a show about it….but Olivia Munn needs all the attention she can.

So in keeping that story alive she’s just said and published “TYPICAL ASIAN MOM”….which sounds liek a MASS generalization to me…which by default is the definition of racism…you know clump them all together….whether she’s got an asian mom or not….saying “TYPiCAL ASIAN MOMS”…like she knows enough ASIAN moms to decide that…SHOULD get her cancelled.

So if you do anything this weekend, cancel Olivia Munn..the funny thing is that she doesn’t think she’s Asian, she’s instead the face of Anti-Asian Racism…anything for a hook, angle or attention.

Here’s her See Through For Attention


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Olivia Munn’s Overrated Midget Legs in Leggings of the Day

I saw this picture of Olivia Munn, who I’ve been pretty consistent on calling a scam since before she was an “actress”…it was pretty obvious back when she was a TV HOST on a nerd TV show where she spoke NERD speak and I knew the nerds had no fucking chance…

You can’t expect a nerd to be able to decipher a fake fuck taking advantage of their naivety, or their hopefulness that she was legit into their nerd things, when really she just wanted nerd followers to help her get cast in nerd movies, that needed a way to market to the nerds….

She’s pretty fucking evil….that was before her trying to take out Brett Ratner for MeToo shit…and before she flew to Montreal to train with the XMEN trainer so that the media would report her being in XMEN….so that the billionaire behind XMEN…SIMON something…would fold and cast her…DEEP DESPERATION…he didn’t end up casting her…

So when I see her short legs, midget legs, it’s just something else to hate about the old bitch…who is cocky enough to think her midget legs are cute enough to be in leggings without heels on, because she’s clearly not even bothering trying knowing she’s got all the NERDS by the BALLS.

In the event you’re on Twitter, and you’re seeing the Trey Songs sex tape trending that I won’t be posting here, but that I will LINK TO as everyone is reposting it, despite us living in a MeToo world where that would be seen as revenge porn, or mean, or bullying, or “don’t post the dick sucking videos”…or terrorism….but I guess they only react negatively to reposting sex tapes if the girl kills herself in it…but yeah….Olivia’s legs may be shorter than his dick…


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Olivia Munn See Through of the Day

I guess Olivia Munn has hit hard times, these things happen to people with inflated egos who saw a bit of success and wanted to keep up with the other celebs while pretending to be a celeb, despite barely getting any work as a celeb, meaning she did so badly as an actress that she had to do some cry for #metoo to get people to notice her, which just makes her out to be some cunt liability who throws people who actually did hire her to work under the bus..

You see, there are 1000s of other girls who are hotter, younger, better than Olivia Munn is…so she should have probably not taking her ability to transition from a host on some nerd show, to an actress in a few movies, so seriously…she should have realized she’s just a host in actor clothing if you know what I mean…

Clothing, she’s currently selling to her nerd fans to sniff, or dress their sex doll in, so that they can cum on one degree of separation from Olivia Munn…you know like those girls who sell their panties online to make a living, which was supposed to be my first online venture, until I got the TRUMP treatment of BANNED everywhere…

I am sure her selling her clothing to weird nerd fans who have followed her since she was that host on nerd TV is a way more lucrative concept since she really is just nerd fetish fodder and always will be….just old nerd fetish fodder as the jobs she’d probably want to land are not designed for 40+ year olds..

All this to say, I guess Munn needs to start sucking more dick, harder and better cuz her scam’s about to burn the fuck out…and she’s already coming across real desperate.


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Olivia Munn Grinding Up on Shit in her Bikini of the Day

Olivia Munn is a serious fucking scam, but you can’t hate people for their scams, if anything we should all be scamming since the scammers are the ones who get ahead and there’s really no victim in this one’s scamming, she’s just polarized being a low level host into being some low level actress who gets paid…and at least she looks good, which is what it’s all about….I guess it is her Asian American roots that make her look better than the white chicks who are rotten at 40…. however, you can hate her for being a cunt who exploited nerds by being in nerd face, pretending to care about nerd shit, only to use them to get into nerd movies, never giving back to nerds in the form of free nudes…

However, she’s in a bikini grinding up on some wall like she was a girl on reddit fucking a pillow…as girls do…I mean pussy pressed against basically anything whether they achieve orgasm or not is worth looking at…even when the pussy is 40….

The real mystery is that since she’s half asian, does she have a white girl pussy, or one of those sideways chinese ones….we’ll never know…at least not until she launches an ONLY FANS.

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