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Olivia Munn Photoshopped for a Magazine Cover of the Day

Here’s fake famous Olivia Munn. I hate her and everything she stands for. I find her a scamming cunt who is way too overrated and who doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of any magazine no matter how low quality it is. She just found a market of idiots who think she’s hotter than she is cuz she talks their virgin loser talk and because of them we’ve got this….and it’s because of them that I’m posting this…cuz let’s face it, all take all the traffic I can get, and if ever a half dozen virgin losers obsessed with this twat stick around hoping for more or even to bitch me out about how wrong I am about her, I’ll be doing 6 times better than I am with you…

I heard a funny Olivia Munn story about a virgin loser blogger who got invited to her G4TV show as a guest. He asked her on a date thinking she was all into his kind, like some ballsy fucking socially awkward dude with a crush would do, cuz his ego was inflated and he finally felt cool for being invited somewhere, and bitch gave him a signed autograph for him to jerk off to instead….cuz she doesn’t actually care about virgin loser nerds, she just uses them for her personal gain…

The moral of the story is, don’t think you’re cool cuz you have a website and don’t ask out bitches who think they are cool cuz they are on TV and many men with low standards jerk off to her.

Here she is on the cover of Men’s Health…it takes everything in me to post this nonsense.

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Olivia Munn does GQ in her Panties of the Day

I hate Olivia Munn because I am onto her scam. She’s a bottom feeding piece of shit who happens to have a decent PR company behind her. She landed a cable show that no one expected anyone to really watch, that catered to virgin losers, and threw her in the mix as the “hot” chick who understood virgin losers and virgin loser issues, like videogames, technology, the internet, comic books and a variety of loser virgin things that lead to virgin losers thinking they had a chance with her, and that despite her not being as hot as the Hentai porn they jerk off to, her personality and understanding of them just takes her to another level.

It’s a scam, she was never into that shit, she just knew she was onto something when she found out how virgin losers think, and the loyalty they have to people who bother talking to them.

I know for a fact Olivia Munn was not a geek in high school, but the girl trying to fit in with the hot girls, snobbing out the geeks, before she realized shit will carry her career and land her in magazines the pretty girls she once tried to fit in with never will.

I fucking hate this lying cunt and I don’t find her fun, funny, interesting, cool, or anything other than annoying. I just hope God punishes her for all the manipulation she has done to weak minded people for personal gain.

Fucking cunt.

But on a sidenote, I was featured on her G4 TV show once, unfortunately the only TV coverage I’ve ever had…but I think they were just trying to fool me into liking her….well it didn’t fucking work.

Here are her panties in GQ like she was an actual model, even though she clearly is not…

This is really like some Tila Tequila being popular on Myspace so they gave her a show…only of a lesser quality….

I should stop this post now….fine….I will.

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Olivia Munn is Boring Even When Naked for Peta of the Day

I hate Olivia Munn. She’s just some bottom feeder wanna be celebrity piece of trash who milked the geek crowd and landed a geek show cuz geek’s and based on Star Trek and Star Wars are loyal fans to have…cuz they never let go…and for geeks to get won over is pretty simple, have a vagina….and proven by Oliva Munn, if you are average looking at best, wear bikinis, and relate to them on a geek level it will get you a more legit career….She’s always on her hustle, I don’t trust her and above all she’s not even hot, but geeks like her and since you’re a loser, which is very close to being a geek you’ll probably appreciate seeing her getting naked for PETA….

Here she is walking around…to remind you that she’s not hot….

Here’s the bullshit video…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Olivia Munn in her Bikini of the Day

I fucking hate Olivia Munn and her scam. She’s not fucking hot…stop thinking she is just because she speaks your fucking language you virgin gamer motherfuckers….and here she is in a bikini, showing off her average at best body…but a body you think is substantial cuz she marketed herself to your bullshit, loser, socially awkward demographic. I hate you….

The only thing I like about these pictures is that her bikini looks like something you’d get if your bikini had sex with your lingerie and had illegitimate babies…but seriously put that shit on someone worth lookin’ at in a fucking bikini. Thanks in advance assholes….

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Olivia Munn Does Complex of the Day

I don’t like anything about Olivia Munn. There are hotter girls sitting on my stoop in the summer than this bitch, but the girls on my stoop just aren’t as good at marketing themselves to an audience of people who are easy to win over. Seriously, being the poster girl of G4 TV to technology-obsessed geeks really doesn’t take much….as they are loyal and just like any girl who speaks their language….and as she slowly sneaks her way into the masturbation of dudes who aren’t gamer virgins, like the hip hop crowd, I’ll be there to watch and wonder why…cuz sometimes life’s mysteries, like Olivia Munn being seen as hot, makes life more interesting than if there was an actual hot girl on the cover of this mag.

I do love Complex because they did a feature on me a long time ago….but Olivia Munn needs replacing despite how loyal these gamer virgins are…seriously…one gamer loser I know still talks about Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy like shit hasn’t been off the air for a decade….

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Oliva Munn Exploits Virgin, Gamer, Geek Losers of the Day

I don’t like Olivia Munn at all. I don’t think she’s hot. In fact, I know she’s not hot, but for some reason she’s got a small fanbase and that reason is her serious aggressive hustle. Bitch tries so fucking hard to get noticed, constantly trying to get featured in magazines and shit and it all started one day when she realized that virgin loser gamer geeks who can’t get pussy are pretty fucking loyal to Star Wars and other Geek shit, that means they’ll be loyal to a girl they think they can relate to. So she moved in on a fucking internet generation of people who can’t get laid and became the half naked, fun, cool in the eyes of virgin losers character and the whole thing is exploitative….

Today she posted this picture with this statement on twitter:

Shooting Comicon skit this week… Why the hell does my costume have to be so tiny?!!

Shit is like moving in on North America and telling the natives to take this bottle of whiskey and gasoline to huff in exchange for their land. Or like Europeans showing up on a beach in Africa and asking all the tribes people to get on a fucking boat at gunpoint to become workers in fields and shit. It’s like recruiting Asian immigrants and their dynamite skills to blow the fuck up when building the railroad…It’s like paying Mexicans 2 dollars a day to clean up after your bratty fucking kids…

Virgin loser Geeks who are into comics, anime, computer games and other boring shit can’t control themselves when they see this shit and I think it needs to be stopped. They are going to give them a sensory overload and their brains are going to blow the fuck up, especially since they all they they have a chance with her if they don’t already think they are dating her because being accessible to losers is the only way an ugly chick can be confused for a hot chick….This will make them run out and rape the girl with Downs Syndrome down the street or someshit…

So I am starting an End Oliva Munn campaign that I will probably forget about in a few hours because I tend to never think of this twat. Targeting virgin loser guys to be your fans, is like me targeting homeless teen runaways and offering them soup. It’s too fucking easy.

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Olivia Munn Does Maxim of the Day


I don’t know what is more impressive, that Maxim Magazine still exists even though the internet has everything you need, or that Olivia Munn hasn’t been replaced with a younger hotter girl, but I know what happened and why people care about her and that thing is called “VIRGINS”. She tapped into the most loyal market around, the Geeks. She put on a performance and created a persona all the geeks would think make her the ultimate chick and because they are geeks their obsessive compulsion and neurocies force them to have a crush on her forever, or until they become really rich and get the opportunity to meet her, thinking she’ll totally fall for them, because all these years the Geek’s been playing this moment over and over in his head and thinks they are soulmates as Geeks tend to do. It is actually the reason they used their Geek powers to make enough money to get in with her and impress her, because everyone knows you need more money than the chick you are trying to score,only to be forced to realize that she’s all fucking bullshit and that you’ve been played to advance her career son.

As for Maxim, I think this spread proves they are going for the table scraps. It all went down hill after they did an article on me 2 years ago, so in a lot of ways I like to think I brought down that men’s empire single fucking handedly and that it is only a matter of time before the whole thing fucking collapses….


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Olivia Munn in Her Underwear on Greek of the Day

It turns out that Olivia Munn isn’t just an annoying host of some shitty TV show designed for virgin losers who feel they can relate to her and that she understands their inner workings and their interests, when in reality she’s like every other cunt, who only pretends to care because she gets paid, and because she knows who her audience is, but I guess she’s also an aspiring actress, and here she is on some show called Greek where she had the challenging task of standing around in her underwear, showin’ off her decent-at-best ass, someone get this whore an Emmy.

And here’s the clip of her small tits in a bra from showcasing her depth as an actress….again…get this whore an Emmy….

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Olivia Munn Did Playboy of the Day

Who the fuck is Olivia Munn again? Oh right she’s that annoying pawn that G4 TV used to be the cool and crazy techy girl who is well versed in nerd interests and activity and news in order to trick the target market into thinking that hot chicks actually care about the same shit they care about.

Well I guess she did Playboy and this is the cover…I have a feeling she didn’t get naked….That would make her nerds hate her….

Here’s her stupid reveal party for her nerds….

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Olivia Munn Gets Sexy to Promote Her Website of the Day

I have a new found respect for this Olivia Munn girl. At first I was against her because of the audience she caters to, you know…you. But then I realized she probably wanted to be on TV, this network or show was coming up, she had an agent who got her the audition, she read up on video games or whatever they talk about, aced the shit, knowing that geeks are a loyal crownd once they fall for a girl on TV, and now she’s giving that huge audience little teasers of how she’s not only down and accepting of their geek ways and interests, but she’s also got sex appeal and they can jerk off to her, unless they are those really weird geeks who aren’t into jerking off, in which case then can draw up the plans to their Star Trek themed marriage or whatever it is that geeks do.

Here are some promo pics to her new site. She knows how to market herself even if it is to a lame crowd….

You may also like her site because I am sure it’s more relevant a stop than my site.
So Check it out….

Here is some other shoot where she looks dead….but some people may like that especially since it’s probably the only way she’d ever sleep with them.

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Olivia Munn and Her Panties of the Day

Guys find Olivia Munn hot. I find her annoying. Sure, I’d fuck her, but I’d fuck anything. Sure, she’s good looking enough to get her on TV, even if it is on a network only virgins and nerds watch. Sure, she’s the kind of girl who would be alright to hang out with, you know joking around, pulling pranks, not worried about making a fool of herself, kinda like a stand up comedian and kinda like a dude, but I’ve always liked my girls to be ladylike, if they weren’t the kind of girl passed out in the gutter looking for their next fix. You know, someone who is maternal and ladylike and worries about whether or not their dress fits proper or if they are getting fat. Who watches girl TV shows and who likes kittens and other girlie shit and who is someone I can’t imagine even takes a shit. I find nothing attractive about a girl who talks about shitting, who farts when watching sports, or who makes a mockery of being a chick. God gave you a vagina, so you don’t have to go break boundaries by changing tires, or doing action sports, just fucking learn how to cook like a good fucking girl.

That said, seeing her with her panties in her face remind me of one of her stupid novelty acts, so unless she’s pulling these fucking things off her clammy fucking cunt, or inserting them inside her, like those weird porns, she should save the panty sniffing to the perverts like me creeping at the laundromats.

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Olivia Munn Does Halloween For Complex of the Day

Halloween is coming and that means that so are the everyday girls who feel it’s time to show off their wild side that they really want to show off on the daily basis, but have been raised to think it is inappropriate, except on Halloween, because you’re just dressing up and not actually showing a secret slut side of you. It is like a day pass into whoredom, and that means a lot of the girls you’ve seen walking around in sweat pants, or sweaters, or jeans, who look really fucking boring and prude, will be out getting drunk in lingerie or slutty costumes and that’s what makes shit the hottest night of the year.

And you know, when a girl gets out there dressed all slutty, she usually ends up getting all turned on and that means with a little booze, she will put out because of all the sexual attention she’s been getting all night that she’s not used to, making Halloween a night you may actually get laid, and if you can’t or haven’t got laid on Halloweens of yesteryear, then you’ll probably appreciate Olivia Munn in Complex trying on a couple of costumes, because it’s safe to say, you’ll be at home that night watching G4TV and she’ll be your date, after giving out candy to the neighborhood kids because your mom’s more fun than you and out at a work party and you had little else to do, and if you’re lucky, Munn will be wearing one of these costumes or something a little more slutty, so that you don’t fully miss out on life, like you have been the last 20 years and that way you can at least jerk off to someone in costume, since you’re not out jerking off on someone in costume and from my study, it’s less creepy than jerking off to the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

The truth is that I have never dressed up in the past, because I always found it tedious and lame, but the last 2 years I noticed that guys who dress up get a lot more attention from girls, because girls love dressing up and love talking to guys who dress up and it’s pretty much the easiest coversation starter, and unfortunately for us, conversation is the first step to fingerbanging a girl on the dancefloor, unless of course the girl is passed out drunk in her lingerie costume on the couch at whatever party you’re at, being as quiet as possible is probably your best bet. I’m just lookin’ out for you. Oh, and the costume of the year if you want pussy is to dress like Sam Ronson….

To see the rest of the pictures…..

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Olivia Munn Dances With Dead Fish of the Day

I don’t really know who this chick is because I don’t have TV and if I did I wouldn’t watch the virgin channel, but it’s video of the host of Attack of the Show Olivia Munn dancing around with dead fish. Sure it’s not all that seductive seeing as she’s wearing clothes and not inserting those creatures of the sea in her cunt, but it’s a good enough way to start the day and it’s a nice change of pace from the Japanese rotting fish vomit porn I usually try to wake up to, because it’s nice and wholesome and safe for TV and not contraband in most countries…..

Either way, if you’re a virgin loser, which you are, you probably are already married to this chick in your fantasies and this video will probably piss you off because she’s blatantly cheating on you..even if the fish is dead…and slutting it up for the cameras without your approval..for all of us to see and that’s the kind of shit that should make you mad enough to get on a bus and ride down to the west coast to break into her house, strip down, crawl into her bed and wait to surprise her when she gets home, by shouting “Honey, I’m home” while stroking your erection before locking her in the basement and performing a ritual wedding you invented against her will before getting arrested and sent away…..Watch the stupid video.

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Olivia Munn Keeps the Dream Alive of the Day

The thing you gotta love about Olivia Munn, other than the fact that she’s the relatively hot girl who caters to geeks across the nation on her shitty G4TV bullshit designed for virgins, is that she takes her target market seriously enough to show up to events with dudes who look equally ugly as the guys who jerk off to her compulsively at home. It’s not really their fault, they are collectors and the obsessive nature of collecting usually spills over into all aspects of their life. The benefit of her doing this is that it still gives hope to the losers watching her daily at home that they have a chance. Nothing would turn them off of her more than if she showed up with a gym-bo in Ed Hardy who the only Superman he knows is himself as he flexes in front of the mirror and not the one her audience knows everything about because they’ve read every single Superman comic ever written 33 times because that’s the year Superman was created, but you already know that, don’t you virgin.

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Olivia Munn Talks About Taking Off Her Panties and Fuckin’ of the Day

I am being lazy today. It happens. I am not inspired from anything going on and I only woke up at noon. That’s the luxury of being an unemployed piece of shit who drinks too fucking much and stays up until all hours of the night trying to find love.

This video came my way from Complex magazine, the same people who featured me as one of the Men of 2008, which hasn’t done much for me but has given me credibilty in the shit that I write so that people send me hate mail, I have that stamp approval to win all arguments and until the person I am battling is man of the year too, I just can’t take them seriously.

Speaking of battling, here’s some video of Olivia Munn beat boxing like she was a brother in the 80s who couldn’t afford a boombox but needed to provide a beat for her rapping friends only she’s doing it 20 years too late. I fuckin’ hate beat boxing with a passion and find it completely unnecessary and on the same level of talent as a 5 year old who can burp the alphabet or my wife who can make fart sounds with her bare sticky back when she suctions it up against the wall.

Either way, she’s talking about panties and fucking and smelly pussy and that’s every virgin loser who likes comics, videogames and masturbating’s dream.

Go to Complex.com to Find Other Hot Videos

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