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Bella Hadid Plays Up the Titties of the Day

Bella Hadid shows off her cleavage in a tight white top at Basketball Game

Bella Hadid and her totally restructured, fat injected face, went to some basketball game in a low cut shirt, and sat courtside because she’s Bella Hadid and very relevant and important this year thanks to her dad buying her career…I guess she realizes if you put your tits out for the players at your courtside seats, the media will document you, and you can possibly land a boyfriend, or at least some black dick rolling through town, while your at it, because why not fuck the already black loving model who isn’t a model but looks like a hip hop video vixen / sex worker, when she’s pretty much begging you to do it…you’re a pro athlete, that’s kinda the point…..

I guess she’s out trying to make a dude jealous, cuz there’s no way she’s this into basketball, and her lack of acting skills makes her shit pretty transparent…

Here’s some of her social media.

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Bella Hadid See Through Shirt VS Kendall Jenner See Through Shirt of the Day

Bella Hadid See Through Black Shirt

Bella Hadid wore a see enough shirt to showcase what are likely breast implants…

I want to use these images as evidence that Bella Hadid is fucking ugly….and thus an overrated spoiled rich kid who has a father who fucks models and wants his kids to be models and is willing to invest in it rather than an Ivey League generation because school is for idiots, make the kids vapid, vain celebrities that the industry stupidly overpays…turn them into a viral video basically…and be sure to keep up their face injections because bitch may eventually melt and look as rough as she is looking…

Bella Hadid is not hot…but people seem to think she is….it’s gotta be the tits..tits do that to people…

In Other news, Kendall Jenner had a see through shirt on, she put on a coat, probably her dad’s coat, to cover up, because her dad doesn’t need his sports jackets now that he’s chopped his dick off in a weird rage….you know since she didn’t want you to see her nipples…and as lame as she may be, at least she’s not Bella Hadid…you see she was a star of a hit show for many years, I don’t choose what becomes a hit show and if you’re on a hit show you deserve to get paid…rather than being the sister of the Hit Show star’s mooch…

Either way, no bras anywhere…

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Sara Sampaio and Bella Hadid Naked for Vogue Italia of the Day

Vogue Italia

Here are some very fucking important pictures of the most famous and talented plastic surgery ridden, built from the ground up with the help of her rich father’s budget to create a babe out of a monster, Bella Hadid, all internet hype, like a terrible viral video, only the human version, just a vapid and garbage cunt…BELLA HADID…with Portugal’s own Sara Sampaio in some food fetish porno pictures you’d think I creative directed, but for fashion because fashion, now more than ever is high brow porno…porno that gets the budgets you know how it is…

Here are those pics for the magazine, that is not LOVE magazine, I am boycotting their nonsense this Holiday Season. Fuck those fools.

The models are:

Joan Smalls, Aube Jolicoeur, Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Natasha Poly, Kennah Lau, Anja Rubik, Lily Aldridge, Mariacarla Boscono, Binx Walton, Anna Ewers, Cat McNeil, Jamie Bochert, Sara Sampaio, Irina Shayk, & Issa Lish


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Bella Hadid Naked of the Day

Bella Hadid Naked

I find it barely interesting that Bella Hadid, and really all the other girls on social media, shamelessly post pictures of themselves, or in this case videos of themselves naked, or topless…to stay relevant, or to get some feedback that makes them feel hot about themselves…

I just find it weird, having known narcissistic people over the years, who love taking the nude selfies, but they were never so vain and vapid that they’d want to post them up to the world…

Bella Hadid, or as I call her the other Hadid, the Bootleg Jenner, the other Bella, because she’s really not interesting or compelling, even under all that plastic surgery…posted not 1, but 2, videos of her topless in the mirror doing a little dance where she thought she looked hot, maybe drunk or medicated, who fucking knows…but it’s weird.

There was an era where girls, even the rich cunts, weren’t putting themselves out there like this, and now that they are all trashy, it makes seeing them naked boring, annoying, shut the fuck up and spend daddy’s money, why you gotta harrass us.

But then we have to remember…she’s naked on her instagram…and that alone outweighs how fucking lame the bitch is…like keep it coming, and we don’t even have to ask. THANKS BRO.

It does confuse me that she’s allowed to be naked on social media, but I am not allowed to post nudity on social media…is this just an example of life being unfair…

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Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and other on Vacation of the Day

The most important, useless, but well paid, rich kids people pay attention to, and we’re looking forward to them eventually falling off..Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and others…

They went to Bahamas for an exciting thanksgiving….but unfortunately they didn’t get eaten by any pigs…

I would rather see them violently mauled by these animals, not because I’m a sick gore loving psychopath…I just think it would be better for humanity…

I don’t know…seeing cunts like this posing like photoshoots on their vacations for fun is a level of VAPID that would depress me if I had any hope for society…

Garbage humans….but worth so much money because of their parents, and their bullshit relevance…

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Bella Hadid Weirdo Underwear Flash of the Day

The public underwear on social media is a very weird concept to me – because I come from an era where I didn’t get to see girl’s underwear unless it was by accident when they were wearing a skirt and the wind blew at them the right way, or if I negotiated a good deal and they ended up thinking it was a good idea to flash me, because ultimately it is always a good idea to flash me, but more importantly, girls actually like doing the flashing, otherwise, they wouldn’t do it…

It’s just that now with social media, people can sext the world, in one instagram story, that is positioned as “look at my body in underwear”….or “look how hot I look”…in a way that she can only get off looking at herself knowing a million people are watching herself…as she packages it as being part of the Victoria’s Secret informercial, who will cast anyone with a following, and anyone who can theoretically sell product…

It’s just a weird era where unsolicted panty flashing isn’t considered sex offense, even with the hard nipples, but if I was to show a bitch my dick she’d freak out and try to get me arrested…

It’s also a weird era where girls like Bella Hadid can get famous and successful despite being garbage plastic surgery ridden tacky rich kids who purchased their career thanks to DADDY.

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Flashback Friday – The Hadids of the Day

It’s Friday, we should all sit an analyze the HADID faces and how they have jacked them up with fillers and injections to make themselves look like porn stars that are positioned as fashion stars, all because they whined to their rich dad and made him buy their fame…that actually worked…

They are the DONALD TRUMP clickbait of modeling and fashion, anyone will work with anyone who pays them to hire them, or put them on covers and buys them followers, in a fake it til you make it…but it got them started, because that’s just how the world works…you can buy anything and the HADIDs are a product of a whiney rich girl wanting legitimacy for her birthday instead of a new Benz…

I find Bella’s face the most fascinating…she’s a different person totally…in a good way, but in a terrifying way and it will be interesting to see how she ages…

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Bella Hadid Recycling a Nipple Pic and Out in Leggings of the Day

Bella Hadid Recycling a Nipple Pic and Out in Leggings

Bella Hadid posted her nipple on a private plane picture a long time ago….and it was just so fucking exciting for her that she needed to recycle content and post it again because the idea of taking a live photo when she’s not up to anything – to really document her life like social media is supposed to do – would be insane – when you can just put up another pic from the private jet titties set that got her some hype…reminding us that all this nonsense is so fucking contrived, fabricated, a lie…and falling into it and encouraging these idiots to continue by throwing money or commented how hot they are is just crazy…but people do it…all fucking day…allowing rich kids like this to exist…

I don’t find Bella Hadid hot, interesting, cool, doing cool shit, an idol or inspiration…she’s just a lot of unexplained hype…but this is what she’s up to if you’re into it…which you are thanks to her tits.

Here she is out in leggings…

Bella Hadid Leggings

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Bella Hadid Nipple on Social Media of the DAy

Bella Hadid Nipple on Social Media

I have reported this picture of mangled, jacked up face Bella Hadid the world famous model rich kid who posts her tits on social media becuase it’s the trend, it’s the style, it’s what feminists and empowered women who want the world to see their rockin’ tits do, not for attention or success, but because they are women, shameless women, vapid and egotistical women, narcissistic rich women, who like all eyes on them, and who probably don’t even realize the scam they’ve pulled off, but think they deserve it all…because they are important…

Now, I don’t hate that these bitches post up their tit pics, I like it, but I also had our step_Girls account deleted after years of doing it, because of not showing tit, and that hypocrisy has been my entire life doing this, some sites post tits and get called porn, other post tits and get million dollar deals…born to lose or some shit…while losing..

So I like to see if there is such thing as favortism, while knowing there is such thing as favortism, while being on the non-favorite side of the fence it kind of sucks, while for peoeple like Bella Hadid everyone allows the nipples because they just want her and the other famous sluts using the IG platform for free to keep share prices up…facebook you elitist, non inclusive devil you…

If I was to post this exact pic, that I pulled from her IG, to my IG, I’d be deleted…


It doesn’t…the world is unfair….

Here are some other pics..

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Bella Hadid VS Kendall Jenner Nipples for Fashion Week of the Day

Kendall Jenner tits out for fashion week

The only thing that Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner do that is semi interesting is show off their tits…

The only reason that is interesting is because in their famewhoring and trying to be relevant – or seemingly authentic fashion / art icons and not just rich kid followers scamming the people making decisions with their followers – they maintained their “EDGY” by showing tit…and for some reason, like girls syncing their periods, everyone followed..

Leading me to wonder if every girl has a brain of their own, or do they just copy what they think the cool girls are doing, or do girls always want to flash their tits, but don’t because of social norms, but the second another girl does it and it is appreciated, approved, celebrated….they finally get to do it too…

I don’t care that tits are everywhere – I love tits…

I just don’t know how one person’s actions can created a trend with the lemmings….and if it’s that easy…why don’t I have a sex cult I always wanted..

I also have no interest in this fashion week bullshit, it’s all nonsense, dull, not important, and not even interesting or edgy or cool, just like a giant flea market using garbage models to hustle their shit…

I can’t imagine anyone getting remotely excited over this fashion week shit, unless they were getting paid, or some groupie of fashion poser idiot gay dude with no clue….


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Bella Hadid is Filming Love Magazine Advent Calendar of the Day

Bella Hadid posted an asshole picture to her social media….because she’s a shameless whore who loves and craves and needs attention..partially due to being an ugly faced rich kid no one cared about to being the rich kid everyone cares about…and we aren’t sure why…but maybe it has something to do with her putting her asshole out on the internet…coupled with her sister’s fame, her reality star mom’s fame, her dad’s fucking models fame, her Jenner friend fame….and I guess her fame…but I will never admit they are relevant…or even hot…they are a Lie…all a FUCKING lie…and her face is weird…so stick to the asshole..like all the rich guys trying to not knock you up – face injection girl…

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Bella Hadid Nipples for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Bella Hadid is showing her nipples in Vogue because of course she is…

She’s got this scam all figured out and is living her princess birthday party dream – which for her is being a legit “model”…..that when magazines like Vogue who are clearly struggling for readership and relevance say “show us your fake titty nipple”…you do it…because it is what your rich parents lined up for you..

The whole thing stupid…but nipples make it ok.

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Bella Hadid for Vogue Bullshit of the Day

Bella Hadid is a bullshit model but I guess when the industry embraces you, you’re not that bullshit at all, and you’re all of a sudden legit, it’s the voice of the masses, you know social norms…that take a girl from being some rich kid with a PR company that people would have just discounted or reduced to being just a rich kid, to making her a model who is celebrated an in all the magazines…because people just want a taste or feel of what’s “in style”….or “followed” or “trending…and the whole thing is fucking weird…but it happened, it exists…it’s life…it’s America…where a ugly basic Palestinian with rich parents can be rebuilt and styled and branded to exist…it’s almost fascinating, but has been happening forever…rich get richer shit..

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Bella Hadid Lingerie Vogue China of the Day

The funny thing with rich girls is that if you are their absentee father who is out fucking the nanny and other aspiring models because you’re rich as fuck in LA…your only way to keep them happy and feeling appreciated is to shower them with gifts…

So Gigi wanted to be more like her friend Kendall Jenner, so the dad called on his friends…because modeling and instagram followers is the new “Pony and Range Rover” birthday gift….and face injections…..

And with any bratty rich kid, comes a jealous sibling who threatens drug use, stripping, or whatever, even though they all do drugs, unless she get the same gift her sister got, which in this case is not a Pony or a Range Rover but a modeling career…

You all know this, she’s got some tits….for china….international.

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Bella Hadid Hard Nipples of the Day

Bella Hadid has hard nipples as she walks down the streets for the paparazzi that she obviously called on herself – because she is part of the movement of shameless rich cunt who just wants fame and an audience of her own – to sell product or to push product to – for a lot of money – because they are rich – and like money – while other people clearly like giving them money…in this new era of model – that is less about the poor immigrant cultivated by the modeling agency and exploited and more about the instagram personality everyone wants to be featured by – even if she’s not hot, traditional looking, or a model..

I just don’t understand why anyone is paying these idiots to do anything, they have money, don’t need money, and would do it for free just to be part of something bigger than just being a trust fund baby…

This one looks weirder and weirder everyday – but has great tits and hard nipples – which along with an IG Following – makes people like Victoria’s Secret excited to use to leverage and to try to get as much publicity as they can from her…


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