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Bella Hadid Hard Nipples of the Day

Bella Hadid Hard Nipples Grey Crop Top

Rat faced Hadid – like her sister GIGI HADID was seen with her hard nipples on…captured by the paparazzi in some sisterly hard nipple rivalry….in what was like planned before hand while both are in different parts of the world because they are attention seekers and understand what it takes to get the paparazzi to take pics…hard nipples…so I guess both were consulted on this by the family’s famewhore committee and both pulled through…unless the no bra – hard nipple thing is just a style issue – which it probably is..since no girls anywhere where bras anymore – bras are oppressive like the patriarchy so go braless the way the patriarchy actually likes you to be.

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Bella Hadid Wet Bathing Suit of the Day

Bella Hadid Wet Pussy Bikini

I don’t find Bella Hadid appealing at all, but people are sucked into her lie and the marketing hype around her, so I guess I’ll participate in what I think was the ugly daughter of a rich family, that wanted so much to be the pretty girl in the family, that she rode her coattails until people felt compelled to give her work, and accepted her look as exotic or ethnic or unique…when really it wasn’t marketable at all unless she was auditionning to be a rat at the local theater production, something I’m sure she’s not doing because she has no talent beyond standing around getting paid to tag brands on her social media feed.

This is styling, smoke and mirrors and it worked and she’s in a bathing suit doing bathing suit things…and what the fuck else do you expect me to say about it.

Here she is in some see through shit
Bella Hadid See Through Black Dress Black Thong

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Bella Hadid Tits of the Day

Bella Hadid Nude Thong Topless Tits

Bella Hadid and her mom and her brother all have Lyme Disease which I assume is sexually transmitted, since all these rich people fuck each other, family or not, in fact if it’s family it’s better, in incestuous keep the wealth in one place, don’t let an outsider take it, especially when you’re Arab, because I know a Turkish guy who had to marry his sister to get her to America and they had a family together…..

That said….she’s topless in a G-String on the beach….dying of Lyme Disease just not fast enough…hopefully getting that ZIKA….because we don’t want her to reproduce…there’s enough shameless cunts in the world…and there’s plenty we don’t even know about…we hardly ned more…

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Bella Hadid Titty Slip of the Day

Bella Hadid TIts Out of her Shirt in NYC

It’s nice to see that garbage people remain garbage people when they get some level of fame and celebrity thanks to their dad buying it for them…

Whether it was him paying magazines to give her a cover to help in the marketing, or a PR team, or the Kris Jenner…this is all fabricated via trolling…the dad is a rich ego and this helps feed his ego…I mean what narcissist wouldn’t want his daughter to be a huge deal in fashion…when really she was destined to nothing.

That said, being a huge deal in fashion is really the equivalent to being nothing..

Sure there’s money, experiences, fame and exposure…that is all pretty fucking superficial and unfulfilling…

There is so much good a person could do with their influence, especially this one, she could do a charity for rats to go with her rat face, or anything that has any level of value..

Instead, she’s just a vapid media manipulator for a lazy media that celebrates this kind of nonsense…

There is zero interesting about her, except the tit, the tit is fine, but she’s not hot, cool, interesting, and her life isn’t something I think anyone should aspire to have…and all these brands throwing money at her just lack vision and are lazy…and confused..

The world could be a great place if people were better…and didn’t care about such fucking DRIVEL…

I mean sure the tit is out for attention, but if you want to exploit yourself for attention give me something to jerk off to…know your fucking role…instagram model..rich kid…disgusting human.

Bella Hadid Running with Her Tit Hanging Out

HEre are her nipples with Kaia Gerber

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Bella Hadid Tits Out of the Day

Bella Hadid Tits Out in London Black Dress

I may find Bella Hadid totally irrelevant and uninteresting, but the fact of the matter is that I am totally irrelevant and uninteresting, proven by writing 42,000 posts over the last 14 years and no one actually reading them…..while this rat face has managed to buy her celebrity – thanks rich daddy – and the world buys into the hype because the world are retards….and I blame the tits….

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Bella Hadid Slutty in Monaco of the Day

Bella Hadid Slutty in Monaco

You can say whatever you want about Bella Hadid, but I am sure she doesn’t give a fuck and nothing will get her down – because she’s Bella Hadid…a rich kid and an ego thanks to being a rich kid – who before becoming a public figure – while being an ugly troll of a girl didn’t mind when people bullied her because she knew to herself that her piss was worth more than their families..

Point of the story is that, she’s managed to create this bullshit celebrity thanks to the social media, her sister, and eager LA based parents…and the people believe her to be this special thing..and this one is loving every second…loves being included…and is in Monaco, just happy to be there..while getting paid…winning the life…if this is winning life…because seems like a waste of a human and pretty fucking lazy to me.

Hard Nippled Again

Bella Hadid Hard Nipples Grey Shirt in Monaco

How about a video:

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Bella Hadid Hard Nipples of the Day

Bella Hadid Hard Nipples White Shirt

Bella Hadid had her big titties in a tank top an no bra, because of course she did.

This is the style, this is the trend, and when your dad paid for you to get a set of tits, when he was re-vamping your look, so that when he paid for your career and first magazine covers, like he did with GIGI, the world would see you as a babe with an exotic look, rather than a weird faced monster who was never hot, but at least she’s skinny with tits.

I can’t fall into the lie that is Bella Hadid, I find it so stupid that brands are doing what they are doing, using her and other sluts, but realize that the real issue are the fans, so many fans, who all do what these people tell them to do, because for some reason they think these people have clout or whatever, because they are rich…and then they buy…and brands love Direct Response marketing, just ask the founders of Avon, Amway and every other network marketing company.

Fascinating right, looking at tits and talking about business models that make the man at the top of the pyramid a lot of money, while everyone on each tier get their piece of the action..which is actually the fairest kind of business to me..

WHat isn’t fair, is that this is a big deal celebrity chick, in a world with so many hotter chicks out there…but they aren’t the forgettable, uninspiring Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid Hard Nipples White Shirt

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Kendall Jenner Upskirt and Nipples of the Day

Kendall Jenner Nipples in a See Through Black Dress in Cannes

Kendall Jenner is in Cannes with her useless friends….because they are important and annoying people…who get invited to all these exclusive and important events because they are the top tier pussy in both their homes and the world…thanks to social media marketing and quick to the game tactics that mastered social media and have made these idiots famous…along with a sister’s sex tape, a TV show coupled with America being fucking dumb and buying into everything they see on TV..just ask that Slap Chop dude…

Like a fame whore, being instructed to get noticed that she is, she brought out the tits to be seen by all…because tits are people too, and we can’t oppress the nipple like some kind of shameful thing…she is woman like her dad…here her roar or some shit..

Or just stare at the tits….

There’s more….in this massive kendall jenner attention seeking from CANNES post…..including:

Black Swimsuit Pussy Print

Kendall Jenner Pussy Print in a Black One Piece Swimsuit

More White Dress Black Nipple

Kendall Jenner Dark Nipples in a See Through White Dress

Upskirt with Bella Hadid

Kendall Jenner Pussy Flash in a Short Pink Dress in Cannes with Bella Hadid 2

Some Bella Hadid Cameltoe and Hard Nipples

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Cameltoe Braless in Cannes 16


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Bella Hadid Leather Pants of the Day

Bella Hadid Tight Black LEggings and Black Leather Crop Top

Bella Hadid doesn’t look like Bella Hadid of last year. She doesn’t looke like Bella Hadid of 3 years ago. She’s had so much work done that she’s finally looking like she’s made the transition fully…on some Bruce Jenner shit…a family friend and mentor to her I guess…

I do not find her hot, but I do think that her vagina is probably hot, despite possibly not having a vagina, at least based on that hard face, because she’s got them leather pants on….and if you know me or the site you’ll know tight pants made of fabric that doesn’t breathe is everything to me…just walk a few miles in that and turn on the heated car seat…dial things up…and sit..swelter…sit in the sun for a while…and just soak through your socks..destroy those designer shoes…the way unbreathable pants were designed to do to vaginas…choke them out….stank em out…magical…

But not as magical as whatever scam the Hadid family pulled to turn their ugly duckling of a daughter into a “top” model….instagrammer…who fucking knows what she is…other than weird looking…that’s one thing I’m pretty sure on….

Here’s Kendall Jenner

Bella Hadid Tight Black LEggings and Black Leather Crop Top

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Various Tits at the MET of the Day

The Met Gala happened.

It’s an obnoxious / exclusive event that happens every year, that I am not invited to, because I am irrelevant, barely exist, I am not fashion or celebrity and even if I was invited, I would avoid…I have social anxiety…even if there’s an open bar there…

I’m more into gutter strip clubs…and backwoods dive bars…you know…

I know you’ve seen all these pictures on all the sites, because that’s what the Met Gala is, a media hype to celebrate Narcissists by giving them an excuse to dress up, to be seen, to be talked about…but I figure I’ll post it to…in this MASSIVE and amazing post….The highlight of the MET was CHLOE SEVINGNY – SHE GOT HER OWN POST – A POST DEDICATE TO HER

So here we go..

Ariana Grande Possibly Pregnant, Poisoning her Kid With the Self Tanner Tits

Ariana Grande Tits and Fake Tan in a Gown at the MET

Bella Hadid Dominatrix Gear – Looking like she’s Khloe Kardashian…not hot to me…but hot to the people she’s been marketed to who can’t resist buying into bullshit…

Bella Hadid Black Latex Gown at MET

Cara Delevingne looking for pussy, on the pussy prowl, or maybe she’s looking for crack..cuz girl looks rugged to me…lesbians..right…

Cara Delevingne See Through Black Lace Dress at the MET 1



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Bella Hadid’s Thong of the Day

Bella Hadid Bra and Thong Bikini

Bella Hadid is a “top” model, paid huge by all the brands, yet not even being hot…

She is a fucking scam just a strategic use of stylist, plastic surgery, rich parents who know how to do marketing, a sister who had a little more hope paving the way for the ugly duckling sister thanks to being whored out the neighbor and family friend / pervert Paul Marciano….I mean and their whole mom being on a reality show cuz she’s trash and a sugar baby model who raised the kids to be as garbage as her…it’s just a natural progression…following the family lead…

She has proved everyone wrong, thanks to marketing…and here she is now…in a bikini, hustling her ass, posing like a gutter hip hop girl, cuz she is gutter…whether celebrated by fashion industry or not…she’s gutter…whether rich or not…she’s gutter….but thanks to idiots on social media…she exists…and she’s existing…in a bikini for the paparazzi she likely hired….


Here she is in a titty photoshoot…from 2017 to show you how much she’s changed over the year thanks to face injections…

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Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin Dyke it Down in Bikinis of the Day

Bella Hadid Gets her Fuck on With Hailey Baldwin Straddling her In Bikinis in Miami

Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin understand the power of clickbait, they both exist because of it, so of course they are together continuing it.

They are both the bottom wrung of the ladder that was the Jenners and Gigi Hadid, who let these two idiots tag along, and who as they both found the whole clickbait for attention boring, and their face injected faces turned 50 years old, realizing they are rich as fuck and don’t need to run around to event after event for attention, something that I guess is what happens to these cunts before they breakdown and commit suicide….

These two moved in and scooped up all the available jobs, because they know they are still “relelvant” for now…the “it crowd” for now…despite not being compelling or exciting..or even that hot…especially not Bella Hadid…

The weirdest thing in this bikini clickbait, is that Hailey Baldwin is a self proclaimed Jesus loving Christian, yet she’s doing all the tactics a low level satan worshipping heathen would do….you know digging deep as she can to walk that fine line of sex worker and legitimate star.

I am not surprised she’s got a TV show host job, brand deals, that her last name she’s been riding is known and accepted as royalty by America…

I just don’t understand why people care or buy into it…but if this is a preview of the sex tape that will be released in a decade when they are forgotten…I’m into it…even then…mid 30s…looking 50…recovering addicts scissoring..

While for now it’s just “let’s be playful, let’s be pan sexual, let’s be current and free in our scamming”…

And what it comes down to is that their scamming fucking works…

Here’s a bunch of their Miami trip..STAGED PICS….DON’T BELIEVE THEM….STAGED

Bella Hadid Big Tits Hard Nipples in Nude Bikini in Miami Showing her Pussy

Bella Hadid Big Tits Hard Nipples in Nude Bikini in Miami

Here they are Boxing in Bras

Here is Hailey in a see through dress


BONUS – HERE IS ThE GOOD LITTLE CHRISTIAN opening beer with her mouth for Fallon because she’s a fucking liar and understands clickbait..

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Bella and Gigi Hadid Incest Make Out of the Day

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid Make Out Incest

These Hadid girls will do anything to get noticed or attention.

It is how they were raised and if they weren’t rich, they’d likely be filming lesbian sister porn together, something that exists but that I am not sure is entirely legal, you know two sisters fucking the same dude, masturbating together the way their daddy liked them to….or was it what Paul Marciano liked…who knows..

It’s just a reminder that gutter people, the extreme poor people, who incest as just as fucked up as the extreme rich people, who do all kinds of fucked up things too…both untouchable in their own right, the poor people cuz no one cares about them, the rich because everyone cares about them…

There’s likely as much incest in a backwoods cabin as there is at a Royal palace…I mean before they brought the black girl into the mix…

So this is just premium weirdo behaivor….for the paparazzi…of course…if you’re gonna dyke out make sure there is an audience…any college girl will tell you that…

Here is a bonus that isn’t really a bonus BELLA HADID panty pic..wishing you all a good morning…

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Bella Hadid See Through of the Day

Bella Hadid Tits and Black Thong in See through Dress

In huge and important news you shouldn’t give a fuck about….the Hadid sister who looks like a ravaged tranny witch with bad plastic surgery…who for some reason the fashion industry is using in their marketing like she’s part of the industry and not just some groupie of the industry who has a lot of followers thanks to a PR team her dad and mom (a reality show star) put together to create these girls like some bootleg Jenners…but more premium…because fashion is better than sex tapes…

Yet with all their money, they are still fucking trashy pieces of shit who offer the world nothing but their spoiled brat pics of themselves…that the general public like because the general public are retards…who buy into anything that is seemingly popular…

Who fucking knows…but I am guess Gigi Hadid turned 45….because this is them celebrating Gigi Hadids Birthday

Bella Hadid Tits and Black Thong in See through Dress with Gigi in a Tight Gold Dress Big Cleavage


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Bella Hadid Knows that Tits get Hits of the Day

Bella Hadid Nipples Covered in a blue bikini

Bella Hadid is a “top” model, paid huge by all the brands, yet not even being hot…just a strategic use of stylist, plastic surgery, rich parents who know how to do marketing, a sister who had a little more hope paving the way for the ugly duckling sister that has proved everyone wrong, thanks to marketing…and here she is now…celebrating with a titty flash pic that is like she’s on Girls Gone Wild, the caliber of show she was meant for, but instead seen as edgy and fashionable, thanks to the lie that social media creates…

She censored her nipples, because she can be a silly college looking girl on Spring Break in concept for her self-documenting art…but she can’t just pull the nipples out that’d be shameless…while this is just making social commendary or whatever…who cares.

More bikini? Okay…

Bella Hadid TIts in a Tight Bikini and Thong

Here she is with her alleged rapey dad who loves low level models who need to get their rent paid…because it allows him to fuck them…


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