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Gigi Hadid Titties for Vogue of the Day

I guess GIGI HADID feels the need to make another comeback now that she is rumored to be single. Now that her and her One Direction famous as fuck boyfriend have ended their weirdo romance I shouldn’t even know happened.

She kinda disappeared for a while, letting her sister take over as the Hadid that matters, even though her sister is ugly, and was just riding her name…

But I guess she’s back for this slutty, naked, editorial to make some noise and hype herself up, I mean it is for Vogue and when you’re a fake model who has tricked Vogue into thinking you’re a real model, who has tricked everyone into thinking you’re a real model, and thus get you paid, despite being rich and not needing to be paid….you bring it…

The good news is she’s showing off what looks like are big tits, and big tits on skinny girls, useless famewhore rich girls who scammed the system or not, are something worth looking at…

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Various Tits at the MET of the Day

The Met Gala happened.

It’s an obnoxious / exclusive event that happens every year, that I am not invited to, because I am irrelevant, barely exist, I am not fashion or celebrity and even if I was invited, I would avoid…I have social anxiety…even if there’s an open bar there…

I’m more into gutter strip clubs…and backwoods dive bars…you know…

I know you’ve seen all these pictures on all the sites, because that’s what the Met Gala is, a media hype to celebrate Narcissists by giving them an excuse to dress up, to be seen, to be talked about…but I figure I’ll post it to…in this MASSIVE and amazing post….The highlight of the MET was CHLOE SEVINGNY – SHE GOT HER OWN POST – A POST DEDICATE TO HER

So here we go..

Ariana Grande Possibly Pregnant, Poisoning her Kid With the Self Tanner Tits

Ariana Grande Tits and Fake Tan in a Gown at the MET

Bella Hadid Dominatrix Gear – Looking like she’s Khloe Kardashian…not hot to me…but hot to the people she’s been marketed to who can’t resist buying into bullshit…

Bella Hadid Black Latex Gown at MET

Cara Delevingne looking for pussy, on the pussy prowl, or maybe she’s looking for crack..cuz girl looks rugged to me…lesbians..right…

Cara Delevingne See Through Black Lace Dress at the MET 1



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Bella and Gigi Hadid Incest Make Out of the Day

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid Make Out Incest

These Hadid girls will do anything to get noticed or attention.

It is how they were raised and if they weren’t rich, they’d likely be filming lesbian sister porn together, something that exists but that I am not sure is entirely legal, you know two sisters fucking the same dude, masturbating together the way their daddy liked them to….or was it what Paul Marciano liked…who knows..

It’s just a reminder that gutter people, the extreme poor people, who incest as just as fucked up as the extreme rich people, who do all kinds of fucked up things too…both untouchable in their own right, the poor people cuz no one cares about them, the rich because everyone cares about them…

There’s likely as much incest in a backwoods cabin as there is at a Royal palace…I mean before they brought the black girl into the mix…

So this is just premium weirdo behaivor….for the paparazzi…of course…if you’re gonna dyke out make sure there is an audience…any college girl will tell you that…

Here is a bonus that isn’t really a bonus BELLA HADID panty pic..wishing you all a good morning…

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Bella Hadid See Through of the Day

Bella Hadid Tits and Black Thong in See through Dress

In huge and important news you shouldn’t give a fuck about….the Hadid sister who looks like a ravaged tranny witch with bad plastic surgery…who for some reason the fashion industry is using in their marketing like she’s part of the industry and not just some groupie of the industry who has a lot of followers thanks to a PR team her dad and mom (a reality show star) put together to create these girls like some bootleg Jenners…but more premium…because fashion is better than sex tapes…

Yet with all their money, they are still fucking trashy pieces of shit who offer the world nothing but their spoiled brat pics of themselves…that the general public like because the general public are retards…who buy into anything that is seemingly popular…

Who fucking knows…but I am guess Gigi Hadid turned 45….because this is them celebrating Gigi Hadids Birthday

Bella Hadid Tits and Black Thong in See through Dress with Gigi in a Tight Gold Dress Big Cleavage


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Gigi Hadid Tight Pants of the Day

One picture from this series showcases Gigi Hadid left labia majora…and another pic features both of her labia majoras and what could be a little inner lip / clit hoot, because GIRL’S PANTS are so fucking tight….that’s she’s either doing it on purpose…pussy print definition is the new cleavage…all the important people are getting their vaginas banged out by rich dudes…while starving themselves so that they are low body fat percentage…and their vaginas sort of just fall out of their bodies…because nothing is holding them in…and the tight pants are more a medical device than a fashion accessory or stylish trend…they are there to insure no mess of the uterus dragging behind her like a kid dragging his school bag…only way more gross…those NYC streets are dirty…

I mean when you wear leggings this tight, and you have fat pussy lips, it’s probably hard to not have this cameltoe happen…so here it is…happening.


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Gigi and Bella Hadid Nipples for Fashion of the Day

Gigi Hadid nipples in a see through dress on the runway in Milan

Seeing GIGI and BELLA HADID tits for some fashion week fashion show bullshit for a brand I assume they suck up to, want to be a part of, or whatever is hilarious to me…

It’s obviously like watching any rich kid who has paid to participate in something along with the professionals to feel as though they actually have it going on and are said professional…You know when a rich kid hires a pro athlete as a personal trainer, or a rich kid pays a company to let them work for them in the marketing or the design department, even if they have no business being there since it’s not their dad’s business, I am struggling to find examples of rich kids paying to have jobs, but I guess there’s a rich kid who wants to act, getting cast in movies her dad throws money at…where the is rich kids, with a model sugar baby money loving mom, and a pervert creeper dad who sexually assaults models, dialed into that scene, both on reality shows, deciding that they can exploit their kids like they’ve exploited themselves, and make them models, with some PR marketing help and paying off the right people…

This is two girls with jacked up faces, trying to be Jenners, thanks to a family of egos…both look 40, both showing tit, both ugly hairy things who got a good stylist and managed to exist in this retard world of “promote anything popular” even if it sucks dick figuratively and literally..

With that, they’ve brought out their tits..both of them…same day…trying to generate some buzz clearly.

Gigi’s nipples made an encore appearance here:

Here are her sister’s tits


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Gigi and Bella Hadid Naked Incest Porno of the Day

Gigi and Bella Hadid naked Incest showing tits

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are recreating poses I assume their weirdo rich as fuck modelfucking dad probably used to make them do for his rich friends like the owner of GUES who helped launch GIGI’s career.

I think they look a little too comfortable being cunt to cunt, anus to anus, like it’s a family place for them, that started in taking baths together as kids…

I also think rich people are fucking twisted sexual deviants who would exploit their own children for their own egos and gain, even sexually because they forget there are rules and don’t know how to be a decent human….

But most importantly, I know that VOGUE is trying to produce some low level KARDASHIAN level, clickbait smut to “break the internet”…”GET THE SISTER NAKED”…

I will admit that both are unimpressive to me, but like most threesomes, combined are better than individually….

I also know that anyone who has ever dated anyone with a sister, or anyone with a sister, has wanted to see them either naked together, or at least fuck the other one, to compare vaginas…

We can’t compare vaginas here, but we can see two overrated trashy girls with a lot of money just trying to get noticed cuz it’s fun and cute and whatever, it makes daddy proud…it’s VOGUE you know!

Take it in.

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Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid in Panties of the Day

Gigi Hadid and Kate for Weitzman

Old legend, who I’ve liked for a long time, and still like Kate Moss, cashed in on yet another campaign with social media star, who likes to think of herself as a new Legend, named GIGI HADID, who is now at a point in her fake purchased modeling career where that she can select the jobs she does instead of doing everything…which has been nice, because it means we are exposed to less of her retard face nonsense everyone buys into and sucks up to..

Well, they are in their panties….

The highlight of this campaign is the picture that Kate Moss decided to post from it, she did tag the ever important GIGI HADID, because I guess she doesn’t want to offend the new / new….even though she knows as much as we know the the new/new is trash, garbage, rich kids who bought their fame and celebrity via instagram…and dont actually matter….but she does the fuck off in a passive aggressive way…by putting up pics with the light blocking her out…which may not be intentional, but it is hilarious…

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Gigi Hadid in Leggings for Christmas of the Day

Gigi Hadid in a white crop top and santa hat

Tis the Season to see some Arab chick dressed like Santa Claus, to remind us all that Christmas is dead, it is nothing to do with your JESUS you love so much and everything to do with commercialization, getting people to buy buy buy and consume consume consume to let the world think they are participating in some Relgious shit, while giving brands and companies a solid Q4 thanks to people feeling guilty not giving their loved ones they want…

The interesting thing about these Gigi Hadid is that she doesn’t even look like Gigi Hadid, the new face, has done some interesting things for her, thanks to her dad buying her a career that she’s allowed to spill over into her sister’s career – in their trying to make the HADID family a powerhouse name…based on lies…


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Gigi Hadid’s Hairy Armpits for Xmas of the Day

Gigi Hadid has Hairy Armpits

Along with being a face injected, weird looking, tall girl with way too much hype around her – because her father loves fucking models and wanted a model of his own – and she grew up seeing her dad chase models – and like most daddy issues wanted to give her dad what he wanted, you know to get the attention he gave women, to be the only thing in his eye…typical girl bullshit…but at least she was tall and could pull off the scam.

She’s also half arab, and along with the face injected face and the dyed hair, she’s actually a hairy little creature….who is part of some holiday campaign doing some ninja bullshit, kickboxing if you will, because nothing says Christmas like a terrorist training camp…all tactical and ready to go after the Jewish people they hate, but not before they charge them a lot of money to model for them – that she can send back to fund her terrorist camps…

WILD. Edgy. Garbage.

Speaking of Xmas Sluts – Be Sure to Check My Holiday Gift Guide

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Gigi Hadid’s Legs in Vogue Germany of the Day

Gigi Hadid - Vogue Germany

Gigi Hadid was the gateway drug for her ugly sister to prosper..all because money can buy fame, success and I guess more money…even when you aren’t deserving of it…but are just the coatriding wave-jacker…

Allowing Gigi Hadid to think, as she fills her sad rich girl pussy with UK Popstar cheese dick, that she was legit, the real deal, and her jacked up face from injections that make her look 45, were just a style choice, a trend, and not needed for her legitimate model success…

You know, like she’s not just an instagram whore, and that she would have run the fashion industry regardless of instagram, had instagram not been the whole reason her and her sister and their friends get work…people like their followers..

People like Vogue, who have the power to erase this little groupie, poser, fake, try hard models…and focus on the real models, found in small towns, cuz they are tall and work the diner…instead of just rich kids wanting their dirty hands in something…and thanks to being spoiled…getting it.

Their dad buys them magazine covers…then they happened…and that alone is representative of how the world works…

What the fuck is GIGI short for anyway? Fucking pretentious sounding trash really.

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CR Fashion Book 2018 Calendar Starring Some Models of the Day

CR Fashion Book 2018

CR Fashion Book is some pretentious bullshit put out by some ex editor or creative director of Vogue, which in and of itself is a fucking scam, because the fashion industry is a scam, but the general public think it’s important, high brow, interesting, exciting, exclusive, something to be a part of, something to save money to buy, unless you’re arab or asian and you just have access to funds to buy the 10,000 dollar purse worth 10 dollars….

But rich people need purpose, something to strive for, something to be a part of, and that is why fashion industry sucks in the rich kids to keep the rich going…

It’s pretty awful place filled with entitled uninteresting people…but they do put out photoshoots…and here is their Calendar, not saved for trashy Glamous models, anyone can have a Calendar even fashion people…\

Featuring idiots like GIGI hadid, an asian, a black, an arab, Hannah Ferguson and some other trash…here are the high brow important images that dont matter.

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Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt of the Day

Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt

Gigi Hadid is on some self promotion to likely distract the world from what her and her sister used to look like, and really GIGI didn’t look that much different, you know not like her sister Bella, who is basically a totally different person, but she’s still got her face jacked the fuck up, and she’s still using her see through top to distract you from that, and she’s still just a manufactured celebrity created by her family, or her rich dad, like it was her birthday he missed so that he went over the top with it, because if you think about it, when you’re worth 1000s of millions of dollars, paying magazines 100k to get her on the cover, and to make your little baby happy isn’t that big of a deal, it’s actually cheaper than rehab, and will pay back ten fold if the industry believes the lie…because it is a fucking lie…

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Flashback Friday – The Hadids of the Day

It’s Friday, we should all sit an analyze the HADID faces and how they have jacked them up with fillers and injections to make themselves look like porn stars that are positioned as fashion stars, all because they whined to their rich dad and made him buy their fame…that actually worked…

They are the DONALD TRUMP clickbait of modeling and fashion, anyone will work with anyone who pays them to hire them, or put them on covers and buys them followers, in a fake it til you make it…but it got them started, because that’s just how the world works…you can buy anything and the HADIDs are a product of a whiney rich girl wanting legitimacy for her birthday instead of a new Benz…

I find Bella’s face the most fascinating…she’s a different person totally…in a good way, but in a terrifying way and it will be interesting to see how she ages…

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Gigi Hadid Perky Tit Plastic Face of the Day

Gigi Hadid no bra in a tight white dress

Gigi Hadid is made of plastic…and it’s definitely not a very interesting storyline, she’s not even that interesting to look at, but maybe she’d be a good case study for a marketing class at a business school covering social media marketing, along with Chris Crocker and his Leave Britney Alone video, Gangnam Style, pretty much all the Kardashians and Rat Cow…

You know, totally irrelevant people that thanks to timing, positioning, a lot of other random factors not limited to having big tits, the world decided to accept them as their idols or personalities, and the media industry responded by paying them out….it’s all pretty remarkable, I don’t think it took too much for this LA based reality star daughter of rich people, get a stylist, find an angle, be in the right places…but it happened, it worked and now she’s 45 years old…at least according to that face…and attending events because I guess she feels like people are stopping to care about her and are instead all about her sister…and she can’t have that forever…must reclaim position…

That face is mangled as fuck though.

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