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Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt of the Day

Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt

Gigi Hadid is on some self promotion to likely distract the world from what her and her sister used to look like, and really GIGI didn’t look that much different, you know not like her sister Bella, who is basically a totally different person, but she’s still got her face jacked the fuck up, and she’s still using her see through top to distract you from that, and she’s still just a manufactured celebrity created by her family, or her rich dad, like it was her birthday he missed so that he went over the top with it, because if you think about it, when you’re worth 1000s of millions of dollars, paying magazines 100k to get her on the cover, and to make your little baby happy isn’t that big of a deal, it’s actually cheaper than rehab, and will pay back ten fold if the industry believes the lie…because it is a fucking lie…

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Flashback Friday – The Hadids of the Day

It’s Friday, we should all sit an analyze the HADID faces and how they have jacked them up with fillers and injections to make themselves look like porn stars that are positioned as fashion stars, all because they whined to their rich dad and made him buy their fame…that actually worked…

They are the DONALD TRUMP clickbait of modeling and fashion, anyone will work with anyone who pays them to hire them, or put them on covers and buys them followers, in a fake it til you make it…but it got them started, because that’s just how the world works…you can buy anything and the HADIDs are a product of a whiney rich girl wanting legitimacy for her birthday instead of a new Benz…

I find Bella’s face the most fascinating…she’s a different person totally…in a good way, but in a terrifying way and it will be interesting to see how she ages…

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Gigi Hadid Perky Tit Plastic Face of the Day

Gigi Hadid no bra in a tight white dress

Gigi Hadid is made of plastic…and it’s definitely not a very interesting storyline, she’s not even that interesting to look at, but maybe she’d be a good case study for a marketing class at a business school covering social media marketing, along with Chris Crocker and his Leave Britney Alone video, Gangnam Style, pretty much all the Kardashians and Rat Cow…

You know, totally irrelevant people that thanks to timing, positioning, a lot of other random factors not limited to having big tits, the world decided to accept them as their idols or personalities, and the media industry responded by paying them out….it’s all pretty remarkable, I don’t think it took too much for this LA based reality star daughter of rich people, get a stylist, find an angle, be in the right places…but it happened, it worked and now she’s 45 years old…at least according to that face…and attending events because I guess she feels like people are stopping to care about her and are instead all about her sister…and she can’t have that forever…must reclaim position…

That face is mangled as fuck though.

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Gigi Hadid is Bullshit for Vogue Japan of the Day

Gigi Hadid by Luigi Lango for Vogue

Gigi Hadid may be an average at best tall girl with face injections turned model, but at least she’s not a Jenner, despite half her proceeds probably going to the Jenners, since she used them to get wherever it is she got, which I guess is considered a legit model, who gets paid, and who was legit enough to leverage and turn her sister, also average at best looking tall girl, to be a legit model too, but at least they have the height of a model to justify their lives as models in a world where all these undeserving people are models…fat, short, trolls, but with Instagram following…

She’s in Vogue Japan, all done up….lazily shot in a studio….took a few hours…because I guess when you’re a spoiled teen who just wants to do Vogue, then who does Vogue so many times when her scam worked and her career was bought, that now Vogue or modeling is dull, it gets in the way of chill time, but sometimes when Vogue comes knocking you give in to keep the name around….in case you want to go back to it…when you realize your ego needs some massaging…since she’s not doing it for the money, she’s already rich as fuck.

Either way, here are the pics.

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Gigi Hadid for Vogue Korea of the Day

Gigi Hadid took an afternoon off to go to a photo studio, try on outfits, snap off a handful of pics, in what seems really fucking lazy, boring, uninspired, empty, useless, garbage…and it ended up in Vogue Korea, because Korea is trendy, likes America…..except North Korea….but you get what I am saying…they put this girl on the cover of their magazine like she matters, because in her mind she matters, it’s just what happens when you give a spoiled brat confirmation, through jobs, media, a pop star boyfriend, that she’s good, worthy, etc…

I prefer when rich kids don’t get what they want and really fall apart, rather than boring fashion shoots that people celebrate and read like they care what she has to say for her uneducated lazy self..

Like really, what insight could GIGI really offer me or anyone in the world that is of value….she’s a fucking bratty rich kid given a career out of high school…

Sure she can talk about what designers she likes best, or what hotels are the most 5 star, but fuck off with any opinion of anything you worthless bitch…..a statement I think these photos validates…

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Bella Hadid VS Gigi Hadid in Black Leggings of the Day

Here are a couple of pictures of rich trash that are both overrated “it girls” for whatever reason – getting paid by big athletic brands to be caught by the paparazzi leaving their houses in NYC – because it’s good marketing….

Gigi and her cameltoe for Reebok..

Bella and her fake jog that is really a job or part of campaign for Nike…look at how SWEATY and out of breath she looks…REAL fitness…that Nike is pumping millions of dollars into RIGHT here…an athlete…who doesn’t do fitness….idiots.

How are they going to even look at each other at Thanksgiving with this kind of rivalry….

Gigi will throw the Turkey at Bella, calling her a coat tail rider, while neither of them really care because they don’t eat, they just like cigarettes and diet cokes…or is one into pepsi while the other drinks coke…leading to more family feuds…while her dad finger bangs some model on the table…as three others wait their turn…magic wallet fingers…and the mom continues to teach the girls how to whore themselves..but showing them hot to pose in their underwear for their social media….like she did the other day…

The stress these kids go through…so rough….at least you know they think it is…but it’s all for good…not evil..you know…if you consider rich kids who do nothing with their lives or for the world “good”…when really that vapid, garbage materialistic behavior is really just evil…..

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Bella Hadid in a Bra….and Gigi Hadid Not in a Bra Important of the Day

Bella Hadid – the dick riding coattail riding sister who loves riding but probably pretends she’s got so much to offer, that she’s so different and unique, thanks to styling, surgery, and a marketing team…in a bootleg Kardashian, keep it in the family, troll the world with their stupid marketable naked…figured she’d so how different she is from the one who paved the way for her….by wearing a bra…while GIGI didn’t….WILD because Gigi Hadid Braless and Important…

ANd anyone in Malibu will tell you that Gigi Hadid was created….and not even that well…but prior to her fame, she was a troll, tall, but a troll and that reminds us all of how flimsy a world we live in, where Attention Deficit Disorder people everywhere just take what they are told, run with it, and put no thought into it, but figure it’s easier to go along with because “let me take a selfie, do coke, party, stare at the wall”….and all that other good things…if they say they are hot enough, people will believe it…

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Gigi Hadid – Nipples of the Day

Gigi Hadid has nipples, hard nipples, bra-less nipples…and who really gives a fuck, I was just outseide of my house and saw countless girls with white t-shirts, no bra, hard nippled and it’s hot out..

You see this is the style, and although these women collectively want to desensitize men to tits, what they are doing as a group, because women are dumb like this and don’t plan their protests logically, is that they are just discounting their own tits, losing their tits amongst other girls…their peers…because tits will always have importance to men…but when we have 9000 tits to choose from, who cares about the vapid, famous for being a rich kid, phony model from instagram tits…they don’t matter…DISCOUNT THIS SHIT…distract from this shit…fuck GIGI Hadid..and her One Direction homo she rode in on…

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Gigi Hadid – New Face – Who This of the Day

Let’s take a moment to ponder the important questions in life…like whether Gigi Hadid is still Gigi Hadid after a bout with Body Dysmorphia has left her with a doughy, mangled, mutant face…or if Gigi Hadid’s face really matters…in the grand scheme of the collapsing world…because I am going with no….

All these broken rich girls just fall the fuck apart and get carried away when their scam works for them…but ultimately…are still just scamming…and the truth will always prevail…

Oh wait, that’s Khloe Kardashian. Got it.

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Gigi Hadid is a Real Model Going to Space of the Day

I find Gigi Hadid and overrated, muppet faced, now more than ever thanks to the face injections she’s had to attempt to be a naturally hot and current look, that just makes her look like a tranny, or 45 year old divorcee done up for her daughter’s prom….all medicated…

She is zero on the scale of compelling or interesting, but she did go to SPACE for Harper’s Bazaar…

It is safe to say that it’s too bad they didn’t have issues, a little mission control problem, maybe an alien attack…it’s always the good astronauts who die too soon, while this bitch is just mocking them, being playful and useless…because that is what she is…useless..like garbage…rich garbage the people like for some reason…I call PR and scams…

The worst. Unfortunately nerds love everything space…

Here’s the Video…

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Look How Many Gigi Hadid Needs to Look Worth Fucking of the Day

Gigi Hadid is a rich kid who is now a model…and in this photoshoot she did with Mert the overrated photographer according to me, but not to the fashion world who buy into his shit, she opens up about what she wanted to be a model:

My biggest interest was paying attention to the way a model could enhance a photo, rather than just being a part of it. That’s why I wanted to be a model.

She left out the part of “I’m a vapid cunt and like being validated and celebrated for being hot, because my mom was a model, my dad fucks models, and we make good money for doing nothing, not that I need money…I did it for the go”….

I thought it was interesting all the people it took to make this happen, and really there’s more people involved in the process….and this is as good as it gets..

You have – the magazine it’s from, the photographer, the stylist with the clothes, the hair dude, the make-up person….their assistants…lighting people….retouchers….that’s like 6 to 12 people to make this image happen….everyone getting paid their day rates…to make this image happen..pretty depressing…

But not as great as this feedback on the shoot from the “geniuses’ getting paid at hand….

What was your concept for this shoot?

Mert: We just wanted to be ourselves. This is what we do when we go out—we look in the camera and make silly faces.

Gigi: We wore matched ripped jeans and shirts. Comfortable in our sexiness.
Mert: And barefoot!

Comfortable in their sexiness…totally…you dumb cunt.

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Gigi Hadid Long Overrated Legs for a Brand of the Day

Another scammer in the grand scheme of this social media runs the world – world that we live in – is Gigi Hadid – who thanks to the Kardashians and her family money and ability to spark the general interest in her with marketing budgets – has become what I am sure she considers an “it girl”…it’s probably something she masturabtes to while she counts all the money the idiot brands throw at her – because she’s not already rich enough – and she doesn’t already live a good fucking life thanks to her parents – and instead of hiring a hotter version of her who is middle class or poor – they just continue to feed this one, this ego, this “personal brand”…and it’s all so fucking stupid….

There are so many hot chicks in the world, why we need a vapid rich cunt who buys her career yet still commands huge money even though she should be doing it for free as that’s the caliber model she ACTUALLY is – if you were to see her on the street and not factor in her following, family, friends and past clients…

But instead of finding those girls or being creative in their marketing, brands are like “throw money at the cunt with all the money, she must be good enough or she must convert, let’s do it”….

It makes no sense to me, it’s laziness, but it happened and at least she’s lost some weight and has some skinny model legs..because those are my weakness and skinny model legs will always make a vapid garbage human being more appealing.

OH she did another campaign for a brand that is too lazy to cast real talent…

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Tommy Hilfiger Made a Gigi Barbie of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.57.46 AM

The 90s is on an aggressive comeback and the brands that were big in the 90s are fucking pumped about it – because they can lazily pull up old artwork, repurpose it, put it on some trendy, influencer, it girl, rich girl like GIGI Hadid…and collaborate with Barbie makers Mattel…to create a doll in her image…totally ridiculous sure, the kids will fucking love this and buy it all up at the mall, and Gigi will cash the fuck in as she deserves, you know being the rich girl who had everything handed to her, but that she thinks required work, because that’s how delusional cunts work…

THAT SAID…I’d like one of you to buy me one, to stick up my ass, where Gigi Hadid belongs…despite my Hemorrhoids and my hate of butt play, I think this one is worth the pain to make a point…that no one, myself included, understands…

I just know this is as obnoxious as you’d expect from the modern era’s Paris Hilton, with less personality and sex appeal…her own Barbie, just what a girl who lived the Barbie life needs….

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Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid are Cunts of the Day

604,000 people watched a video of Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift listening to Taylor Swift music….

So Taylor Swift listens to her own songs and thinks “shit I’m awesome, I’m going to make a lot of money”…

Most people don’t even like listening to their own voices, most actors don’t even watch their own movies, yet Taylor Swift is like – Look at me in a car getting down to my own shit – like a bitch who masturbates in the fucking mirror….or who takes selfies of themselves while you fuck them….

Which reminds me of a girl I once had in my rental car masturbating, she knows who she is….she was masturbating to pics of herself – what the fuck..

So the video is called “First Time Hearing My Bullshit Scam Song on the Radio with My BFF who together we Leech off each other Hadid”….and I get great satisfaction knowing I know a girl who fucked the One Direction dude while dating this hadid Cunt…who I’m not even going to go in on – waste of time…

If they are gonna jerk each other off, or really jerk Taylor Swift off for the feature in the youtube video – at least squirt in each other’s whore faces.

Here’s Taylor Swift, the tyrant and she is performing…I can’t imagine how fucking annoying she would be to be around….I can’t wait for her to develop a serious drug addiction and die.


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Gigi and Bella Hadid are Bullshit Arab Activist But Have Cleavage and Do Incest for Vogue of the Day


Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid aren’t hot to me, but they are hot to the rest of the world who book them as the “it girl” sisters…because America likes rich kids with a dad who fucks Sugarbabies and a mom who is so vapid and superficial she gets on shows about being Vapid and superficial…while consistently marrying rich guys…it’s just garbage, LA county trash…that people forget is trash because they’ve scammed the world…

I look at GIGI and BELLA Hadid..and think…damn they are overrated, they are dopey retard looking and should be working as interns at an entertainment company while doing their degree in some bullshit they won’t need because they’ll just marry a rich dude they have access too..

Yet instead they are social media influencer models, and they don’t do anything interesting or impressive…

That was until today, when they decided to protest the TRUMP travel ban that I guess targets Muslims since it is in Muslim countries and that Facebook claim is the same ban Obama had during his presidency while bombing those countries – which could be seen as worse…but I am not into that, I am not going to act like I know or care…Muslims were killed a three hour drive from where I live in a Mosque and I don’t like that kind of hate, or bullshit..it’s like hate everyone, kill yourselves, hate the governement, but when you get to killing, you’re a real fucking asshole…

Not that this protest GIGI and BELLA are attaching themselves to because they like attention, it’s a PR stunt, and they get to connect to the Muslim americans because their dad is Arab…

It’s a good PR move, that allows them to think they have some substance or value…

But the truth is they should just sign over their model money they don’t need or deserve, if they really cared for more than just a PR photo opp…it would have more results than this…

Not to mention GIGI looks 40 and Bella looks ugly…because they are…that’s how being overrated work…Garbage…activists making it about their narcissistic selves…

That said, she’s in Vogue UK with her Brother, who I’ve seen them pimping out, narcissists like to keep it in the family, same genetics, but they also like to fuck their family, because they see themselves in their siblings…which explains why little Hadid is inappropriately touching her, he probably jerks off to her, and she’s trying to get her entire family to pull off the same scam she did…and it will work because society are fucking morons…

Here’s her cleavage….that’s that all that really matters..

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