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Rihanna Promotes her Lingerie of the Day

Big girl Rihanna, the girl with the weirdest origin story that I just can’t really wrap my head around, since every version of it, is a version of human trafficking, maybe it’s legal, maybe it’s by rich people, but the starlet was apparently brought from Barbados to America and created into a star, when really not having the look, the talent or the following to justify that.

There are probably girls in the islands with 1000s of followers, who can sing, better and look hotter than Rihanna today, in this internet era, unable to make magic happen, but in a pre-social media time, some dude just scooped her up and said “let’s bring you to NYC and sign you to Jay Z’s label”….we deserve answers….

Anyway, in her being famous, she’s launched a billion dollar direct to consumer brand, as these people do, it’s a way to game the internet, sell them celebrity endorsed crap like it’s a late night infomercial, only pretend it’s all high end quality and not trash….people of the internet have credit cards, they will buy anything they are told, they are hive minds….

She did get back into music this year, I heard her song on the radio in a store and could tell it was her, but obviously wasn’t impressed knowing it’s just more programming, robotic, formulaic bullshit that resonates with the retard brain and goes viral and gets popular due to resonating with the retard brain. The music industry is a big industry, obviously they can control minds using sonic warfare.

Part of her selling her billion dollar brand, since she’s more than just bad played out over hyped music people love, is that she gets into some of her gear, big girl tits out, and I figure it’s worth looking at, sine it’s a famous chick with a questionable origin story worth billions being whorish….FUN.

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Rihanna’s Bare Ass in Lingerie Shoot for her Billion Dollar Brand of the Day

When your direct to consumer brand pops off because the internet are pay pigs who buy anything they are told to like mindless retard sheep….you show your thick, bare, new mom ass in the marketing materials, to generate more hype, because never enough billions of dollars for a greedy fucking pg.

Plus she’s done far worse for money, career and the billion dollars, you mean just showing her ass is the phase she’s at, not inserting dead babies in her ass for rich guys who jerk off to that kind of thing. A win.

Anyway, they released her bootleg Victoria’s Secret fashion show for her brand that I have a feeling is owned by Victoria’s Secret at least on a Low Key level because they owned all the lingerie factories in China and Rihanna was basically Human trafficked into America at 14 to become a pop star, funded by rich guys who did all the paper work to get her in legally and to create the popstar from nothing, all because her low income parents signed off on it…WEIRD ORIGIN STORY….

But yeah, now the barely talented but still a superstar is running her own Victoria’s Secret level brand because when you put your mind to it, you can be anything, that’s the storyline they probably tell you, but they like to leave out, the “when you sell your soul” part.

So if you’re interested in seeing low quality, badly lit, barely interesting, potentially satanic lingerie fashion shows using nasty ass women, set to shitty music, looking like an amateur horror movie you make for youtube in hopes Spielberg finds you…..with fat dudes in lingerie twerking and Johnny Depp celebrating the ceremonial trial that allowed him to rejoin society…..amputees and whining about bullshit….ALL trashy and low frequency….bringing down a society….and I blame social media…you can head over to Amazon….

The system is rigged motherfuckers…it is all brainwashing….pandering to just a bunch of mindless motherfuckers and reshaping society to be a pile of pure shit….

Here’s a glimpse of the vibe with Anitta, the Brazilian with a fake ass in a thong performing, so imagine this scene for an hour with various levels of retards and maybe 1 or 2 models…..

Cara Delevigne Brought her Boxy Body there too….

Now give the whore another billion dollars….

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Rihanna in Maternity Lingerie of the Day

Well, by the looks of it, they’ve created lingerie for pregnant bitches, because pregnant bitches have pussy too…at least for the next few months…assuming it is their first pregnancy. …

No longer a READY TO DROP porn fetish that you’d have to buy drunk and a magazine stand, hoping no one you know is near by to see that you’re so fucking lonely, the idea of jerking off to pregnant ladies gives you that piece of life we are supposed to experience, creating a family and jerking off to our pregnant wife’s asshole, thanks to her pussy being out of commission…there’s a BABY in it sicko…

I always thought the fucking of a pregnant bitch was an interesting concept, not for the WORST THREESOME EVER…or a “I FEEL YOUR BABY KICKING MY DICK HEAD”….BUT BECAUSE it meant you can cum in the bitch with no consequence….

I know with inclusivity and all that woke shit, you can’t DISCRIMINATE against a pregnant bitch, at least not when it comes to her sexuality, or being sex positive…you can’t say “shouldn’t you be at home eating well as you grow the baby”….you don’t ALWAYS need to be a sex object, even if the whole being pregnant means you’re a sex object…YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF WHAT SEX DOES THEREFORE YOU ARE A SEX OBJECT….

I don’t know why it’s wrong to think pregnancy is gross, not sexual, the opposite of sexual even when created by sex.

I am not convinced RIHANNA is even pregnant, she was sort of no where to be seen before being pregnant, now all of a sudden she’s everywhere with her belly out…it’s like she’s trying hard, trying to trick us into believing she’s pregnant, or maybe it hormonally kicked her into pushing this on us….because she’s just so happy the CUM stuck to the UTERUS…

I just don’t trust things that are pushed on me aggressively, especially when it is wearing lingerie…


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Rihanna Lingerie of the Day

You may or may not know this about Rihanna, but she’s a billionaire LINGERIE tycoon, which I would argue was probably not that hard to pull off being Rihanna and all, but I guess no other popstar has launched their own lingerie brand that’s had as much success, at least not that I know about, and all it took was finding the flaws in the mall brand Victoria’s Secret and their marketing, and making it for the the instagram crowd….easy, direct to consumer, no RETAIL STORES needed cash grab…

Not bad for someone from the ISLANDS….who managed to leave the islands as a poor teen to make it in America…a pretty SUSPICIOUS storyline that we’ll never really know the real story of…but since they’ve scrubbed the video of her signing in her HIGH SCHOOL proving she had no actual talent…you’ll just assume she was a prodigy I guess…a prodigy who is now a empire…

The point of the story is part of her deal with her brand partners is that she does lingerie shoots each month, and I’ll guess this is that shoot, where she’s looking alright to me…I mean an already rich as shit pop star, doing instagram quality lingerie shoots, is pretty fucking brilliant, even if it’s just part of a bigger cash grab that she doesn’t need…who cares…more money the better if it gets girl half naked on the internet…


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Rihanna Latex Bodysuit of the Day

Rihanna the Billionaire is schooling the kids who follow her….ALL IN THE NAME OF SELLING PANTIES on a large scale with a direct to CONSUMER brand that makes their products in CHINESE SWEATSHOPS…likely by the same people who make Victoria’s Secret Underwear, cuz we’re all buying the same trash, different branding, trying to be relevant…and it works out well for these celebs…and I guess for us…

Victoria’s Secret did get boring, plus they are involved with some bad people, so why not support a fresh and inclusive marketed as minority owned brand, even if that minority, who is also involved with some bad people, is already worth 100s of millions and her minority isn’t really anything to do with struggles to get a brand off the ground…she’s FUCKING RIHANNA…

I am all for her success, and her pushing lingerie, because she could have just as easily launched a business that doesn’t strip her down….

Now if you’re wondering what she’s schoolin the kids with, you know since she’s a huge star to people of all ages – UNDER THE UMBRELLA….her caption reads: I Ain’t Fuckin No One Who Don’t Deserve It”….where NO ONE is replaced with another “N word” and it’s not “Nazareth”…if YOU know what I mean…

Either way, here’s some solid AVON lady shit, even though AVON ladies of the past would probably be a hot experience, self starting house wives paying a visit midday to sell me make-up after having sex with them….the 50s were a better time…probably why China’s working on turning China into that morally sound national identity…


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Rihanna Titties of the Day

Rihanna is at the top of her game, I guess she’s fully morphed into her final form, which is a thicker and bustier money maker….most recently called a billionaire thanks to her lingerie brand that is currently available to watch in fashion show on Amazon…but she’s been rich as shit for decades at this point…

This is her promoting her lingerie, tits out, because that’s how these things work…celebrity signs onto direct to consumer brand, like this was QVC, celebrity recruits other celebs to help promote it, celeb also promotes it herself….mindless fans BUY it all up….


Rihanna’s always been interesting to me, I’ve found her hot at times, but for the most part, her talent and looks hardly justify her origin story.

I want to know the REAL origin story…how did a teen from Barbados end up in the USA with all the right paperwork….was she sold, was she exported, imported…I DON’T KNOW but the idea some talent scout just saw her and knew seems VERY suspicious…

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Barbados….I have….and I’ll say that being a high school kid there, to becoming Jay Z’s earner by the time she was 17 or 18….it’s not to say Barbados is a shanty town, there’s tons of money there, there are tons of flights in and out of there, there’s infrastructure….I just find it weird at best…insane at worst…that some teen was found there, packaged and turned into RIHANNA here….all while not being that great at song or dance, this not like they found. prodigy…they created one….and why not one from the USA…where there’s amble talent…I’d want answers…but I dont’ give a fuck, I just blindly look at her tits.


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Rihanna’s Got her Nipples Out of the Day

I saw Rihanna was out there trending on twitter for not having her ID at a night club and the bouncer needed everyone to show their ID…in a Reese Witherspoon entitled celebrity moment of “Don’t you know who I am”….because when you’re rich and famous, the rules don’t apply to you, the world works for you…which should make you wonder what kinds of things celebs have got away with over the decades of celebrity….

I also saw that her nipples were showing through her dress, which to me, is a more important story….just not a more important story than how a 14 year old in Barbados got all the paperwork done to get a work visa in the USA for a pop career the local girls aren’t able to pull off…even those hotter and more talented than our girl RIRI…SUSPICIOUS….

To see more of her nips, cuz they are rich and famous, DO YOU KNOW WHO I am tits…. CLICK HERE

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Rihanna in a Bra of the Day

Rihanna Bra Panties

Since I believe that everything in the world is rigged and that we’re just the worker bee or in my case the barely-worker bee to satisfy the needs for the extremely rich who basically own everything, which for whatever reason, people like to think is a conspiracy, which would make sense if it wasn’t true…

So when people say “how could it be rigged”…or how could we be slaves to the system…because we are….I just say “you’ll see”….if you were paying attention, you will see…and there’s not much we can do since we’re on the wrong side of the conversation which is fine….our lives are meaningless anyway, so let the greedy be greedy power hungry fucks…while I just chill overhear poor as shit….

This isn’t about me, this is about Rihanna, who I think is evidence that the system is rigged, only because she was brought over at 14 or 15 years old despite being poor as shit, when I was 20, I tried getting a work visa to live in the USA and I couldn’t get in, so to see a 15 year old who really had no talent come in to be the biggest star of all time….now a billionaire selling panties she wears…

I want to know the story, no one will ever tell us the story, they’ve even deleted old videos of her singing terribly in high school from the internet, but it did go viral years ago before they did, yet now it no longer exists….

So I don’t know WHERE she came from, why she came here, or how she got so big….literally, those new tits are massive..


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Rihanna Tits Out for Vogue of the Day

Rihanna Tits Out for Vogue

Lingerie Lunch Lady Rihanna, the dot com billionaire, thanks to having the ability to direct to consumer sell lingerie through social media….merging Agent Provocateur the sugar baby favorite and Victoria’s Secret the basic mall brand favorite…and stealing all their fucking business cuz Rihanna knows panties, or at least how to pull them off, cuz girl got famous despite being born in Barbados…in some labor farm or work camp they source cultivate talent from….if you know what I mean….because how else would she get discovered…she wasn’t that good, she just appeared out of nowhere, but why her, why not some American girl…bringing her from Barbados seems like so much effort..paper work….legal issues…yet here she is doing America better than all Americans…it’s fascinating, someone out there should google the origin story..

I don’t know what this is for, but she’s reading Playboy for the artcles whilst looking pretty hot….I have liked Rihanna her entire confusing run…


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Rihanna in a See Through Shirt of the Day

Rihanna is rich as shit from her pop music career, brand deals, real estate ventures, but most famously or most recently…for her lingerie brand with the direct to consumer JustFab people that made Kim K richer with a shoe brand and Kate Hudson richer with an activewear brand even though she’s Kate Hudson and a drunk, not a fitness guru…but this is about Rihanna….

Her Savage By Fenty shit is giving big underwear brands like Victoria’s Secret a run for their money, they’ve probably already tried to buy the brand, or sell the brand in their stores, but the brand makes all this money off social media, direct to consumer, why bother…just keep on printing fucking money…

But despite all that money from lingerie, the big girl from Barbados who made it to America under very suspicious Epstein-like circumstances, doesn’t bother wearing a bra, even though she makes bras, because that’s the whole point of having tits….so here are those tits.


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