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Lili Reinhart Working the Mic like it is a Dick of the Day

It was New York Comicon, which you nerds probably livestreamed from your loser homes, and watched on your loser computers, that are jacked up and ready for GAMING, because LARPING is too much effort, when you can just World of Warcraft or Second Life from the comfort of your obesity mobility scooter…

Not that I know anything about nerd culture, even though it is mainstream, and nerd barely exists now that nerds have become billionaires and all hollywood movies are nerd based…..but I do know overrated sluts..

So here’s an overrated Lili Reinhart, Betty from Riverdale, the dumbest yet most popular show on TV, something you didn’t know still happened with all the streaming platforms…

She’s not hot, she’s hard faces, she looks big, but she’s working the mic like she works a dick, not very erotic, but I believe in your photoshop skills to edit this down with some photoshop to be her holding a dick…the way you want it.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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Lili Reinhart Got Them Titties On of the Day

Lili Reinhart Tits Out for LOfficiel Netherlands

Lili Reinhart plays Betty on the Archie inspired TV show that fucking sucks called Riverdale..

It’s one of those things that has just gone viral and that people are excited about, because their lives are pathetic enough to hope for Wednesday to come around the bend sooner than later to catch up on weak writing stupidity.

She’s a fat girl, chubby girl, which I guess is “normal sized girl” nowadays that everyone is fat…and like we’ve learned with all the fat girls we’ve fucked at 3 am after last call…fat girls can often times have fat tits…and when fat girls are squeezed into a corset like we’re at some Burlesque show fat girls with Bangs seem to love….the tits can look semi hot since there’s no gut in the way…

Well…here’s Lili Reinhart…Betty on Archie…now famous..dong her best fat girl titty push up..before she gets too old, too fat, and them fuckers sag sick and disgustingly down to her panty line…


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Various Tits at the MET of the Day

The Met Gala happened.

It’s an obnoxious / exclusive event that happens every year, that I am not invited to, because I am irrelevant, barely exist, I am not fashion or celebrity and even if I was invited, I would avoid…I have social anxiety…even if there’s an open bar there…

I’m more into gutter strip clubs…and backwoods dive bars…you know…

I know you’ve seen all these pictures on all the sites, because that’s what the Met Gala is, a media hype to celebrate Narcissists by giving them an excuse to dress up, to be seen, to be talked about…but I figure I’ll post it to…in this MASSIVE and amazing post….The highlight of the MET was CHLOE SEVINGNY – SHE GOT HER OWN POST – A POST DEDICATE TO HER

So here we go..

Ariana Grande Possibly Pregnant, Poisoning her Kid With the Self Tanner Tits

Ariana Grande Tits and Fake Tan in a Gown at the MET

Bella Hadid Dominatrix Gear – Looking like she’s Khloe Kardashian…not hot to me…but hot to the people she’s been marketed to who can’t resist buying into bullshit…

Bella Hadid Black Latex Gown at MET

Cara Delevingne looking for pussy, on the pussy prowl, or maybe she’s looking for crack..cuz girl looks rugged to me…lesbians..right…

Cara Delevingne See Through Black Lace Dress at the MET 1



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Madelaine Petsch Booty Workout of the Day

Madelaine Petsch is the hot one from Riverdale, the hottest show on TV, that has no hot people on it….it’s terribly written, stupid on all levels, shot shitty….as much depth as you’d expect young people to have….

I like that this Madelaine Petsch, Cherry Blossom from Riverdale, has discovered that she’s got a booty and that she’s going to use that booty for good, or at least for instagram videos that feature her working out that ass, because when you find your angle, you use that angel to leverage the fuck out of that angel, on social media and beyond, because Social Media is what makes these people matter, and as we all know, the only way to matter on Social Media is to through slutty content disguised as not so slutty.

This is her working out….

Here she is in some Mermaid Fetish Gear – See the video HERE

Here is the other Riverdale girl – Slutty Betty

lili reinhart big tits in a black crop top and short skirt

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Lili Reinhart Got Them Titties On of the Day

Lili Reinhart Betty Cooper tits

Lili Reinhart is not the hot one on Riverdale, the hottest show on TV, thanks to strategic distribution by NETFLIX, one episode per week….after it airs on traditional cable, because no one has cable anymore, allowing us to pretend like we do have cable, waiting all week for our favorite show to come in to satisfy all our needs and wants…

I’ve seen the show, it’s a pile of shit, the story is stupid and gets stupider and stupider which I guess makes sense, because the public is stupider and stupider and this speaks to them….obviously…in this era of no one caring about anything but selfies, finally caring about a show, the way the execs that have been controlling us for so long have always wanted….it’s dumb..

I am sure, at least based on the storyline, that they had no idea that the show would get a second season, so they are scrambling for viral moments, and one of those is using Betty as a sexualized creature with her big tits, even though we only care about Cheryl Blossom…

In sexualizing her, and trying to make her a star, she gets to go to events, so long as she busts out the tits, because they are trying to market a show here you know…..a really dumb fucking show…which doesn’t matter…since you’re all dumb.


Here are some pics of her in a magazine…

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Lili Reinhart Erotica of the Day

lili reinhartshowing shoulder and ASS

The sexualization of the average at best looking cast of Riverdale continues, this time, with BETTY, Lili Reinhart, or BECKY as i call her….

The show is a hit, thanks to a simple strategy of being on Network TV on day, Netflix the next, and no one leaves their house anymore, so serialized bullshit storylines that I fucking hate, but that I’ve seen every episode of, thanks to being manipulated by the media…and sucked into nonsense I tune into to see where they take the stupid fucking storyline…

I think the latest episode BECKY did a cam show in a wig because she’s so racy….which is the direction we’d want all main characters of high school aged girls in shows about high school aged girls….because it inspires them to be self starting entrepreneurs…something I think is good to know in this world where they try to brain wash you into working for the MAN…man..

Fuck that.

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Betty and Veronica being Slutty of the Day

Betty and Veronica

Their names are Betty and Veronica and they are on Riverdale, the worst show on TV, brought to you by the geniuses at CW Network, who are smart enough to post it the next day on NETFLIX….so that everyone in the world can get sucked into this garbage, over dramatic, over written, stupidity..

I guess they are in their second or third season by now, and up until recently, they didn’t sexualize the main girls at all, there was no marketing around them, there was no turning them into sex symbols you want to fuck, despite Veronica having no neck and looking like a troll….but they’ve figured they best go back to the basics, what people, not just men respond to, and that’s turn these girls into sexual fetishes….for everyone, make us think they are hot by telling us they are hot…and now…the show will do better and better….because the world is bullshit, totally bullshit…what they tell us and what they do…doesn’t change the fact that we are all human and are drawn to things we think are hot.

Either way, this Entertainment Weekly shoot, totally empowering.

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