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Olivia Munn in a Swimsuit of the Day

Olivia Munn is such a scammer…she’s got this self promotion thing all figured out…she started from the bottom, scammed her way as the hot enough chick in a nerd show, only to become the hot enough chick in the nerd movies, that happen to be billion dollar grossing movies…it’s a WHAT THE FUCK…maybe she follows THE SECRET or maybe the secret is to find the rich nerds who are still the nerds she was marketing herself to…but that made it…because that’s what happens to some nerds do…the ones who don’t sit inside jerking off to Olivia Munn all day, but rather the ones who invent some science or tech shit and end up on the cover of FORBES…because not all nerds live with their moms scared of the world…some are socially awkward in a way that allows them to ZUCKERBERG the shit and control the information of the world…and those are the nerds she fucks with..because that’s how VAPID hollywood sluts work…and here she is…posting bikini selfies for attention because she gets it.

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