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Hailey Baldwin’s Ass for Fashion of the Day

Hailey Baldwin ass in a fashion shoot

Hailey Baldwin is showing her bullshit ass that people only want to look at because she’s Stephen Baldwin’s slutty daughter, but no one would give a fuck about Stephen Baldwin, even if he was doing the same pose, all slutty for attention, because he’s Stephen Baldwin, rich from Hollywood sure, but forgotten by Hollywood and I guess found by Jesus because it was healthier for his drug addiction and recovery to devote yourself to an invisible higher power…that luckily didn’t get in the way of raising some young slut who sexualizes herself and does all the low level things an instagram whore would do…like mooch off the Kardashian / Jenner / Hadid – taking all the jobs they are too expensive of….

Here…are the rest of her slutty Christian pics.

Here she is leaving SoHo House in a crop top….


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Hailey Baldwin Tits Out with the Other Famewhores at the IHeartRadio Awards of the Day

Hailey Baldwin tits out

Hailey Baldwin and her face injections that she’s trying to make as famous as she can, and that for some reason is actually booking jobs, a reason I call the crew she leeched off of, the Jenners and the Hadids, are too busy getting jobs of their own to host nonsense that doesn’t matter, like this award show for a Radio company, and the booking agents, who likely know her family, figure, give poor Hailey a break…

She’s a good Christian, who understands that Jesus forgives her when her tits are out, sexualizing herself, attempting to succeed at a career of being a vapid idiot the people celebrate and jerk off to, like some kind of idol or icon, who just stands around looking good, rather than actually cultivating a craft or skill…because she doesn’t need to.

I am not a fan.


Like Sarah Hyland and her tits to distract from her weird face:

Sarah Hyland tits out on snapchat

Or Halsey, a Hooker we think…

Or Rita Ora a trashcan

Rita ORa see through shirt

Iggy Azalea and her Weird Body…

Iggy Azalea tits in black dress


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Hailey Baldwin’s Bullshit Christian Ass on the Runway of the Day

Hailey Baldwin's Bullshit Christian Ass on the Runway

Hailey Baldwin is doing the whole instagram model with rich and famous parents who help facilitate her life as a vapid idiot trying to make it in the world as a model, because models live the most fashion and luxurious life, while getting the praise of the world for being hot or like they matter….or like they are revolutionizing the industry….which feels good for the ego when you’re some empty rich kid…when really they are just a fucking lie and they only get cast to walk the Runways, because the brands get free press from the idiots posting it on their overly followed feeds…which perpetuates more idiots getting work doing legit things, robbing the job from people who deserve it, all because they have this perceived value thanks to Instagram…or from the people she hangs with that have done it before her….she’s up next…and it’s weird…

I mean it’s not weird that brands will work with idiots who post their shit to millions of people, I get that, but it is weird because the family, including her, a bunch of Jesus freak Christians, on some “Our God is an Awesome God”…shit…typical ex addict behavior…yet she whores herself on the runway ass out…weird…but not as weird as her dad, Stephen Baldwin, is business partner of the My Pillow Guy, together they produce Jesus freak content….and that alone makes her ass on the runway even more scandalous…but we all know if there was a real god, he’d strike her down for this behavior…you know, for perpetuating all that is anti-god through smut, while inflating her own celebrity…..garbage.


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Hailey Baldwin Church Slut Bikini Cleavage of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Chruch Slut

Hailey Baldwin is some bullshit Christian, her dad is some Jesus freak, their family friends are Jesus freaks, his business partner is the My Pillow Dot Com weirdo Jesus Freak…her friends are weird Pastors with their own Jesus Cult, the wife walks around with her tits out, then baptizes people like Bieber….because it’s all nonsense….and tits get hits, even for the Jesus weirdos…

This girl is a bootleg Kardashian, waiting her turn for the other girls to burn out, and in the meantime posts pics of her pushing out her tits…as JESUS would want it if he wasn’t gay…

Hailey Baldwin White Lace Bra

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Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Fame Whoring of the Day

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin at New York Fashion Week

Remember a time before instagram, back when models were cool, interesting, had some personalty…..and weren’t just fame whore promo models who wanted to be involved in fashion…rich kids Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin who are so fucking bootleg, so low level, but treated so high end and awesome because Kendall is a Kardashian, and Baldwin is a leech trying to suck any scraps of work that Kendall shits out….all standing around thinking they are important….while not important…but the social media thinks they are…and thus they think they are..

It’s all bullshit, but they exist.

Kendall Jenner….sleaze…

Here’s more Hailey Baldwin…..


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Hailey Baldwin’s Bikini Top and Rough Face of the Day

Hailey Baldwin in a bikini

Hailey Baldwin’s in a bikini to for attention as she clickbaits her way to fame, while the other girls she sucks up to and mooches off of, are out making babies that would be better off being abortions, but that are marketing hooks to keep the family getting paid…she knows her time is almost here.

The most interesting thing about this D-List actors daughter, other than her bikini top pics, is that her D-List dad actor is a business partner of the MYPILLOW.COM guy…another ex drug addict turned Christian, who exploits the church for his own personal gain, in selling pillows on informercials….

And everytime I see her I think “My PILLOW DOT COM”….

That’s how branding, marketing, and product placement works…and really that’s the level of product, you know the NOT QUITE ON QVC, level of MYPILLOW.COM that Hailey should be marketing, but somehow people think she’s important or more important than she is and give her actual jobs promoting things….

Weird….but rich kids when not ugly get ahead.

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Hailey Baldwin Taco Eater of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Taco Eater

Here’s Hailey Baldwin demonstrating how she is remotely relevant / more relevant than her cousin Ireland, despite having way more pathetic parents in terms of level of popularity or relevance, which is probably why she pushed so hard to get noticed, you know to escape the stigma of being Stephen Baldwin’s kid, because anyone who writes they’re name Stephen instead of Steven is a cunt. YOU HEAR THAT STEPHEN…I SAID IT…

Obviously, she substantially hotter than Ireland baldwin, but as so many famous chicks have proven, hotness doesn’t matter…

What does matter is how good you are at TACO EATING…you know sucking the shit right out of the HADID AND JENNER asses like it was GUACAMOLE…to have them keep you around and promote you in the peripheral..

Magic really…that when dealing with cunts – everything always comes down to Taco Eating.

Heres her dog faced cousin Ireland in her underwear

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Hailey Baldwin Tits of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Big tit pops out

I have facial recognition blindness, so I have no idea if this is bottom feeder Hailey Baldwin, wearing a wig in a push up bra, but she did post it on her social media, any my pervision – seems to see nipple, because she doesn’t have quite enough tit to get the cleavage she’s going for – and that may be a 1/4 nipple – which I guess may not be a nipple at all..

I mean she’s a Christian girl raised in a Christian family by her ex womanizing drug addicted father who’s love for Christ seems like a bit of a farce, despite his passion for it, like her modling career….yes I know Stephen Baldwin well enough to say this, I saw him on of the apprentice once and it was enough…

I also know that Hailey Baldwin will end up succeeding, she’s positioned to succeed and people are too lazy to not let her succeed….but at least she’s got titty pics on her feed, the right approach to take if you ask me and really anyone looking at what this bootleg Kardashian is good for.

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Hailey Baldwin Side Boob of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Side Boob Cleavage and Short Skirt

The most interesting thing about Hailey Baldwin is that her dad is in business with the PILLOW MAN.

If you have TV, you know who the PILLOW MAN is.

Some ex crackhead, turned PILLOW billionaire all through informercials.

They own some Jesus media company, because like many ex drug addicts, they’ve down Jesus.

That’s the most interesting thing about Hailey Baldwin.

The second most interesting thing about Hailey Baldwin – is that she’s Ireland Baldwin’s cousin who stole Ireland Baldwin’s dream…

Hailey Baldwin Side Boob

The least interesting thing about Hailey Baldwin is that she’s some bootleg Kardashain / Jenner / Hadid, attaching herself to as many of the things they do, to seem like she is as relevant as them, and when they fall off because rich girls are lazy, Hailey Baldwin will be positioned to catch the jobs. It’s boring bottom feeding on a high level…and I prefer girls who pave their own way being whores….

But I guess she has to be cautious about her whoring – thanks…to her dad and PILLOW man being Jesus freaks..who exploit and misinterpet Jesus for their own narcisstic needs.

All this to say, who gives a fuck about Hailey Baldwin…

Hailey Baldwin Showing side boob and leg

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Hailey Baldwin Better a Dancer in the Dark for Marie Claire of the Day

Hailey Baldwin in Lace Pants and A Bra

Hailey Baldwin is on the rise, finally, she’s been working hard at it, leveraging from every angle, because I guess she thinks she’s hot and deserves celebrity as a model, or maybe she just knows her friends are ugly and got celebrity as models, so it’s not unlikely that it will happen for her, even if it takes her a little longer to get there..she’ll get there…thanks to not actually having to work because I guess Stephen Baldwin has money from the handful of shitty movies he’s been in…


My theory on this is that each of these little rich kids that don’t deserve to be models, and who never worked a day in their life, other than taking handouts, get tired of the hype once they get the hype and fade away to only work on project that are close to their attention seeking hearts – or that pay a ton of money..

So Kendall Dropped, Kylie Dropped, GIGI Dropped…and soon Bella will drop…when bored…making room for this one…and it’s starting..she’s getting magazine covers..

Sure Marie Claire Italy isn’t Vogue, but it’ll get there…the clickbait is real…she’s doing it..

In these photos you can see her dancer body, in dancer poses, because I guess she trained as a dancer growing up…that’s where all her discipline comes…that and the Jesus here weirdo recovering addict who found god father shoved down her throat like it was one of her sexual conquests, like Bieber.

Here is her uneven lip enjection that should be a meme but I’m not influential..

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Hailey Baldwin Pink Bikini of the Day

Hailey Baldwin ass in a pink bikini in Miami Beach

Hailey Baldwin’s got the pink hair on for her New Years celebration in Mimai…where she wore a bikini that I tried at least once to zoom in on to see whether I could see any discoloration of her anus…and I couldn’t…but I wanted to…thanks to her being the 21 year old aspiring model who may just finally make it..now that her friends have all made it…from Kylie the Face Stapled with meat products making babies, to Kendall who has withdrawn from her weird voyeur / exhibitionist app people follow her on, the Hadids, who are both way too famous for what they deserve to be…leaving this one…the last in line..hands out ready for her hand out…something we can assume she’s accustomed to being the daughter of a celebrity, but then you gotta think about Stephen Baldwin for a second and wonder if he was really that rich and famous enough to be a real provider to make this girl the brat that her friends are…or that even her cousin with way more famous parents are…

I don’t know her upbringing, I can assume any 21 year old with 11 million followers on social media is a level of vapid, manipulative, overpaid, superficial, garbage cunt…but I also know that she’s not so bad in her bikini…in what I call “at least she’s not that sea monster Ireland”….

And really, as a 48 year old man, I shouldn’t be ripping into some egotistical, half naked, clickbait girl trying to make it as a useless addition to society, just what we need another girl posing in front of a camera, but I am…


Here’s Ireland Baldwin in her Underwear of the Day to balance out the family success with their failures…

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Ireland Baldwin – Nude Shoot of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is magical in what I would assume is the least magical way to be magical…but she’s topless which is nice…

She’s the broken down daughter of the famous Baldwin and Kim Bassinger, that’s huge, and so is Ireland, coming in at 6 feet 190 pounds…

She first came to fame when her dad was shit talking her calling her a pig on a voicemail…and now she’s become a pig in life…

She was quick to Instagram, pre Hadid fame, and people were digging her cali surf vibes before she because a lesbian goth cutter in rehab..very weird…

But now she’s busted out the tits, and tits, are never weird…even if their intention is a bit off…they are still tit and we like tit….young, rich, famous, monster tit.

I think I’m in love.

Here’s her cousin, who stole her potential existence as a model, by leveraging her name, without having the breakdowns and freak outs and the whole thing…is massively weird….but not as weird as Hailey Baldwin’s face injected face…

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Hailey Baldwin’s Lingerie Slutty Workout Asshole Video of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is really selling the dream…or living the dream…or scrambling to become a dream…as hard as she fucking can because she’s tired of being the third runner up amongst her friends those Hadids and the Jenners, because she likely thinks she’s hotter, her family definitely not as rich, but in theory more famous…you know Stephen was Barnie Rubble in the Flinstones live action…as well as a contestant on The Apprentice…

She’s scrambling hard, doing fitness in her lingerie for “fashion” in a concept the low level perverts like me and you have been seeing for fucking ever, her full ass getting racy, because it’s an honor to be a part of the movement that is LOVE magazine, despite being a weirdo Christian thnaks to her drug addict father..

Point being, she’s figured out do all media, go slutty it gets clicks or go home, like when she was fucking Bieber when she was 16…moving into the Jenner / Hadid circle…

I’m not a fan, I think she’s got a hard tranny face like her cousin, but she’s young, skinny, fit, and trying real fucking hard…putting in real fucking work, really putting work in, here she is in Wonderland Magazine, and apparently she’s hosting a TV show people likely don’t watch, you know her CLICKBAIT GAME strong…

She knows…it’s time to make a name for herself using her dad and uncles name and money and celebrity to help her…

I can’t complain…despite wanting to boycott love magazine…squats in sheer panties..great clickbait to me.

Here she is in her other shoot for Wonderland Magazine…slutty enough.

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Hailey Baldwin In a Tub for Wonderland of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Wonderland

When I look at Hailey Baldwin and her jacked up from injection – borderline tranny – hard face….I think to myself, what a cheesy fucking, attention seeking, pile of rich kid shit she is….I also question her drug addict turned Jesus loving father’s jesus loving, because how could a god loving preaching asshole produce the phsyical embodiment of everything that goes against his church…I mean likely because he’s just as full of shit she is..

When I see her in a bathtub, I think, too bad she didn’t slip, hit her head and drown, because the fact is little kids look up to her – barely – but they do – thanks to her being in th HADID JENNER TRICK THE WORLD club, because the world is dumb and easy to trick…

She is not that hot, she is definitely not cool, inspiring, intelligent or interesting…and instead just perpetuates the same shit all these other vapid idiots perpetuate…and that is just fucking garbage…because she is fucking garbage…but alright to look at…I mean not bad for a baldwin….

Here are more pics of her at some fashion event…

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Hailey Baldwin Being Attacked By her Dad of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is getting mauled by her weird Christian father who was once famous, possibly still famous, but defintely narcissistic, the kind of guy who jerks off to pics of his daughter, cuz she came from his sperm…you know rich, weird, delusional…an ex addict turned GOD addict..unstable..

The kind of guy who gifts his daughter a framed pic of herself…you know to celebrate how hot he thinks she is, they are..the world is…

I guess she’d have to be put to work as a model and needs all the encoragement she can get…because she’s not that hot..skinny, alright looking but with that jacked up face…not right…

Rich and delusional crazy people trying to stay relevant through offspring..what the fuck…

Garbage really…

Here she is fake modelling…

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