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Hailey Bieber’s Scary Face in a Tight Dress of the Day

Hailey Bieber slipped into a tight brown dress for all you anal lovers who can’t handle the color brown because it taps into your reptile or primal brain and makes you cum yourself….

Which I am sure was her intention, because Bieber is the kind of rich kid, spoiled and entitled brat who you know says “Self Help” or “Self Care” bullshit like “Live with Intention”…or “Do Things with Intention”….you know the kind of idiot…

The fake as fuck model, who only got model work because the industry moved from actual models to chicks who hang with the Kardashian/Jenenrs…has a really ROUGH looking face..

I always thought she looked like Bieber…but now she looks like a living and breathing Caricature done down by the Boardwalk, that has come to life to eat our souls, in some premise for a horror movie I should write….because the audience is dumb enough to respond to my dumb writing, I can feel it.

She’s not in her self produced, misleading poses for instagram, because this is some paparazzi capture she can’t fake her way through….so it’s the more REAL deal…

The good news, tight short dress, because the big dopey head has a tight lean body, making her bobble head less of a clown show and more something to jerk off to…


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Hailey Bieber Wet Ass of the Day

If you’ve ever wondered what a ballsack turned into a vagina squeezed into a wet bikini, here it is.

Hailey Beiber is Justin Beiber’s wife, he’s a known faggot therefore it makes perfect sense that she was born with a dick…

She is also Brazilian, or her mom is, which is the hub of tranny porn, and they’ve been on the trans thing for a lot longer than most cultures, AIDS from Brazilian tranny porn shut down the porn industry with an AIDS scare more than once. RIP LARA ROXX….I don’t think she died, it’s not a life sentence, but I am old and like to draw on past experiences…

Hailey Beiber creeps me out, not only because her hard face looks like Justin, but because she was clearly a teen boy jerking off to her TEEN BEAT magazine before becoming the “fake” model she became to LURE that fucker in thanks to being the best behaved groupie…

Tranny or not, she probably isn’t, but it’s fun to pretend she is and not because I jerk off to tranny porn, I’ll still stare at her ass crying for attention like the days it was her only HOLE….because Tranny or not, she was a Christian and Christians do anal before marriage to remain pure before their Christ..


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Hailey Bieber Gets Slutty with Chem Trails of the Day

Hailey Bieber, the creepy Justin Bieber fan who I assume executed a targeted attack on him in order to convince him to marry her. I’ve heard rumors he took her virginity, better than I signed poster I guess and over the years kept in touch, but who fucking cares about the Stephen Baldwin offspring’s rich bratty seduction tactics to entrap her favorite pop star…

Well, like most billionaire wives and I guess INFLUENCERS she does a whole direct to consumer line of bullshit products that I am sure sell like crazy and basically print money because the general population are retards….

RETARDS potentially made more RETARDED because of the targeted attack that you can SEE in these slutty pics of Bieber pushing her bullshit direct to consumer brand, in the form of CHEM TRAILS…

They’ll tell you that the SPRAY PLANES don’t EXIST and that they AREN’T Spraying you like bugs, but if you LOOK up you may just see a blocked sun and a bunch of ANGRY zombies walking around aimlessly….

Maybe it’s all a conspiracy, but as far as I’m concerned Bieber posted this to LET you all know what’s happening, or at least to MOCK you about what is happening, since none of these things actually IMPACT the rich….but rather the low levels like us…

Here’s the rest of her using sex appeal to sell shit, even if she’s got a masculine looking face, she’s still hot….and it doesn’t make you gay for thinking it.

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Hailey Bieber Pantyhose of the Day

I’ve always thought there was something hot about Hailey Bieber, mainly her body that comes from her Brazilian mother that Stephen Baldwin human trafficked and made his own when he was rich enough to seduce women with his money, because as Stephen Baldwin without money, he probably wasn’t too good at the pull, unless he name dropping Alec’s name at the brothels he visited….

I realize that Hailey Bieber looks a little too much like Justin, GENETIC ATTRACTION is real you incest loving freaks…..or maybe they are the same person, she’s a little on the masculine side of instagram model, I think they call them traps, but with my facial recognition blindness the potential dick she has don’t bother me that much….since I’m not the one puting it in my ass….

Maybe it’s her fake Christianity that I dig, you know playing up being in love with God while being married to Satan’s little helper in the music industry, the one-eye covering industry flesh light, Justin Bieber…..because a good little Christian who has been a groupie for the Kardashians prior to finding her place as celebrity wife…..is dying to be a false idol herself while pushing other non-Christian agendas from face paralyzing stroke inducing vaccines and other shit like being a celebrated whore on the internet…NOT WHAT JESUS WANTS…..at least not the real Jesus because this Jesus is into it…


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Hailey Bieber’s Christian Lingerie Outfit of the Day


Hanging with the devil himself…….

Safe to say, Hailey Bieber has sold her soul to the devil, for all that personal gain that came with marrying Bieber, but since her born again dad who raised her Christian was just some Narcissist with an addiction who found god to get him through being the most laughable of the Baldwin brothers, even worse than Billy, the one with the fast hair, she may not have been Christian at all..

HOWEVER, last I checked, her dad was business partners with Mike Lindell, the MyPillowGuy who I think is awesome, but who America hates, and I wonder if Hailey still calls him UNCLE MIKE, or if her move to LA, where she’s playing the pussy a pop star freak married, after potentially popping her cherry when she was underage, but that’s up for debate, I don’t know that much about the duo, besides them being DEMONIC FUCKS.

Anyway, in good Christian fashion, she wore a sheer dress to an event, it was a fancy event, a paparazzi event, she probably felt so important, like the first lady, or royalty, despite being trash who does nothing but instagram whore like a Jenner/Kardashian…but more bootleg….at least before she married young rich Bieber….

Point being, I find her hot for a man face with too much work done…..

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

Here she is topless for her brand, because that’s how Jesus sells toxic products to unsuspecting followers with no spirit guide or souls….FOR PROFIT…..

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Hailey Bieber Lingerie for Jesus of the Day

Hailey Bieber is the very important daughter of the very important Steve Baldwin because she has an instagram account and that’s all you need to become a top model, who gets naked for money, or half naked with her tits pushed up like some kind of sex worker, but far fancier and not a sex worker because she’s married to the very important Bieber…

The two idiots pretend to be young Christians, doing god’s work half naked with her tits pushed up because the whole trying to get famous riding the Kardashian coattails because you think you are hot and important is obviously god’s work and when that did’t really workout for her, chase clout via her vagina with an actual celebrity but make him marry you so that it is real and within the paramerters of what is appropriate for god, as you both continue to be worshipped by loser fans like false idols..half naked with her tits pushed up

Who fucking cares, we get to jerk off to Bieber’s wife is in her lingerie, which probably gets Bieber excited, so you jerking off to this, leads to him jerking off to you jerking off to this, likely making me feel like Usher would approve…

I am thinking is “isn’t she supposed to be a Christian”, but maybe half naked with her tits pushed up is to be Christian.


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Hailey Bieber Sucks of the Day

Here’s Hailey Beiber in a very Christian pose, because she’s a modest Christian as you may or may not know…

I’m of the school of thought that she pulled the CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL hustle, which is make them think she’s wholesome so they commit to you at a level in which you won’t feel like a slut when you let them cum in your ass before marriage…..to preserve that virginity for the highest bidder…

Whether Hailey manipulated Justin into marrying her after giving him ANAL when she was a teen or not, doesn’t matter, we write our own versions of history here.

I guess she is in a one piece, so she can’t be THAT WHORISH, even though the one piece rides up the cunt in a way that could probably lead to orgasms….

I also guess she’s in a taking the shit at the pool pose, we call it the Amber Heard….with the right food intolerances or diet you can make it happen anywhere….

She’s got that STROKED OUT life working out alright for her, doesn’t she.

Most people I know who exploit their strokes are in wheel chairs drooling on themselves while being carted around by their family, friends and hired nurses who likely also change their diapers making me think they are probably lying and that this is what a STROKE is supposed to look like!


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Hailey Bieber Ass of the Day

Hailey Bieber reposted this booty picture on an inflatable she may or may not hump because there is a movement of lonely and sad people who only get off by fucking inflatable pool toys…..and she may be one of them…I mean she claims to have been a girl of Christ who probably was a virgin before she got married, you know, it’s the cocktease strategy to make a dude think that she is wholesome and worth giving half their assets to to get up in it…

I guess she’s proud of the booty, maybe her Brazilian roots that make her look like one of them Brazlian transgenders, unless she got her ass from the Baldwin side, I guess Alec is a giant asshole, so there you go..

This was a repost from COMPLEX magazine, who as you may or may not are relevant and part of the culture, but as you may not know, were the first corporate media company to put me on….they added me to some LEADERS OF THE NOW….future genius in Celebrity gossip to look out for…the NEW Perez back in 2007….

They were wrong….but this Bieber ass looks alright.


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Hailey Bieber Bikinis of the Day

Here’s a couple pictures of stroked out celebrity daughter who became celebrity life because she likes being a celebrity by association, it’s all she knows, rocking a bikini wherever the fuck she is, and it’s always nice to see a stroke survivor living their best life as they wait for the big on to take them out, because when you’re 25, being scared of strokes is totally fucking normal….CLIMATE CHANGE….or RACISM or some shit….right.

Assuming she even had a stroke and it wasn’t just a campaign for some pharma product all the vaccinated clotted up 20 years olds will need to take daily to staycation alive.

You never know, since the internet is a fucking lie.

Point of the story, at least she’s hot.

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Hailey Bieber Wet Bikini of the Day

A lot of people don’t find Hailey Beiber hot, they think she’s a hard jawed, masculine looking money grubber, wallet fucker, Beiber Groupie who climbed the ranks of NUMBER 1 FAN because she actually secured him into marrying him, one of those Amber Heard situations where rich people can still be manipulative cunts to suck dudes into their trap via their cunts….but I guess you could argue that Bieber is a piece of shit bratty rich kid with too big of an ego who figured it’s better to recruit a groupie into his WIFE role, rather than marry a celeb like Selena Gomez, who has her own ego, business, celebrity, arguably as big as Biebers….the power dynamic just won’t work…..so if you get a groupie in, one who had his poster on her pre-teen bedroom wall….you can have a happier life….so I guess Bieber may have groomed her, there are roomers he popped her cherry but who cares.

She’s in a bikini, being rich, wt and her body looks good, so the hard Bieber Doppelganger face doesn’t really bother me, but maybe I find harder, masculine faces hot….does that make me gay, I mean having a blog’s pretty fucking gay….how could I not be gay…right….I should run with being gay, then people won’t ever cancel me, but rather invite me to all their parties being part of their community gives you the ability to be as sassy, vulgar as you want….something to think about.


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