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Hailey Bieber’s Thong Bikini Shoot of the Day

Hailey Bieber greased herself up for some on-beach photoshoot with one of her tanned homies….

It’s a night time shoot, so creative, in some tropical destination but that didn’t stop the Christian Trad Wife to Justin Bieber from stripping down in a skimpy bathing suit and top that looks like you can see her nipples.

At first glance, you’d think it was two chicks being silly and drunk on vacation doing their best photoshoot impression for their social media, but these are professionals or at least are considered professionals at the top of their game now that they’ve been social media selfie producers for as long as they have and THIS is part of a bigger direct to consumer brand campaign for Bieber’s lucrative beauty brand because she’s influential.

So this is what marketing looks like, which is nice, cuz she looks hot and you can jerk off to it….especially knowing she’s a Christian Trad Wife….makes her nipples selling product all the hotter.

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