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Hailey Baldwin’s Deep Stretch of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.14.32 AM

Sold her soul to the Kardashians…there is no way they built her up, brought her to all their events, helped create her instagram, pawned her off to Beiber when she was 17 like the MADAMS they are thanks to their mom being less of a Madam and more of a straight up pimp ….and that they aren’t TAKING a cut of this cunt they created…

Not that Hailey Baldwin had a soul, she was just a vapid rich girl who thought she was hot, and now thinks she’s a model, because that’s the struggle these idiots go through – instead of getting an education – they show their Ballet flexibility they still have for their fans which are young dudes who jerk off to them – and make them feel more valued than their dad who is too busy being an egotistical cunt of his own to bother…

I don’t find her hot, but she’s not that bad – and really at least she’s not Ireland – the big bulbous baldwin…

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Hailey Baldwin for GUESS Becuase Whores of the Day


I guess GUESS? didn’t want to dig into their pockets for a Kardashian, so they went of the discount version who has been following the Kardashians around like some kind of understudy or student intern, only she’s likely not a student, more a “I have a trust fund and I’m skinny”….vapid bullshit, or is it trolling the world bullshit, because some companies do actually pay her….and what else is she to do with her time, her dad is Stephen Baldwin, she was raised with little mental capacity to actually explore doing things of value, and GUESS? is a really big mall brand you know, they created and killed Anna Nicole Smith, that’s pretty iconic…something Hailey Baldwin is rich and bratty to get close to, but will never actually be…because all these young cunts…they are just empty shells trying to be hot, posing hot…and if you look at any of the GUESS archives you’ll see that this is probably their worst shoot to date…but at last she can put it on her resume / her ego to justify all that money her dad put into her social media following…



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Hailey Baldwin in the “Sexy Issue” of the Day


You’d think it’d be hard being the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, you know because he’s Stephen Baldwin, but as it turns out – the world are fucking fame whores and even the daughter of the local mattress store commercial is getting invited to exclusive places, or is hanging out with exclusive people, like the whore Jenners and Hadids as their friend who was raised in the entertainment world…

People open doors to anyone with a famous last name, except maybe for Ireland..no one cares about her, but that’s probably because her parents are pretty A-List, where Hailey, from Stephen is more of a joke you point and laugh at, but realize she’s strategically chosen her friends to be “it-girls” in their own vapid bubble no one actually cares about, but that people buy into because people are lazy and they are making the most noise, even if that noise isn’t interesting at all…

She’s in Paper magazine, because Paper magazine wants to get plugged on her instagram for follower, not because Paper magazine like or respect her and why would she be respected, she does virtually zero.

The only thing people can say about this is “oh she has brown hair now, big moves, big deals”…garbage.

Here are some videos…

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The Number One Jenner and Hadid Sister Groupie of the Day


Her name is Hailey Baldwin. She is best known as the girl who is in the top 4 invites from the Jenners and the Hadids, who isn’t really invited to these events on her own, but under the pretense that she’ll bring her more famous, successful, all for doing the same thing as Hailey Baldwin, to the event….

She’s banged Bieber and probably a bunch of other people. She’s even booked some campaigns, because she’s “relevant enough”….

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, where the tree is bootleg actor Stephen Baldwin – who may or may not have had a minute of credibility thanks to leveraging his brother’s name, with Born on the Fourth of July, The Usual Suspects…etc…before falling into the D-List, really fucking hard, being on reality TV pitching to Donald Drump….before financing his instagram slut he calls his daughter’s lifestyle of being an instagram slut…despite claiming to be a CHRISTIAN, while nothing about this girl, other than her half Brazilian ass…is very Christian…but I guess…some of you would think the young body is….a religious experience…like me….skinny girls in one piece bathing suits…


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Hailey Baldwin is a Model of the Day


Hailey Baldwin did a shoot for someone or something called Damon Baker. I am going to assume it was a “creative” shoot, not an actual brand shoot, because no one really gives a fuck about Kendall Jenner’s friend who isn’t Gigi Hadid, but who wants nothing more in this blessed world she lives in to be Gigi Hadid…you know going to bed every night hating Gigi Hadid for pulling off the scam the Baldwin wanted to…

These celebrity / LA Based / rich kids aren’t a new thing, they are connected, their parents are egotistical narcissists who are even worse than corporate executive rich parents or real estate tycoon rich parents since celebs are the fucking worst egos who never grow up, always on the verge of self destructing and being into themselves, leading to some very weird kids with lots of money, you’d expect to see hustling instagram and the party scene for famous people to fuck, or brands to play model for…

Hailey Baldwin is cute at best, her dad is Stephen Baldwin, I find her uninteresting, but I find everyone uninteresting…even when showing off her young round ass…

If you don’t like this baldwin, there’s a bigger baldwin, less famous baldwin, with more famous baldwin parents…Ireland…who gets naked for photos now..not because she’s a Tranny Bathroom user…but because of her size…and because she was doing the Hailey Baldwin get in the media hustle before Kendall and Gigi went next level famous, not for being worthy…but for having followers…

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Hailey Baldwin’s Ass in Tights Does a Lunge of the Day

FAKE MODEL Hailey Baldwin is garbage, you know some Stephen Baldwin cum that crawled out of some Stephen Baldwin gold digger pussy 9 months after being deposited inside it….you know in a trying to trap Stephen Baldwin because he wasn’t as much of a fucking loser back then…it made fiscal sense..

Hailey Baldwin is the spoiled, trust fund, rich kid they pawned off on the Jenners when they would send her to the LA home, possibly paid the Kardashians to babysit her with promises of giving them 20 percent of anything she makes if they help create her…

Why? Because she had nothing else to offer, it was a good way to keep her out of trouble, and when you’re a vapid rich kid who is raised watching models on social media, it’s only natural to want to be a model and have a following, it’s vanity…talentless vanity…and entitlement…

It’s the birthday gift that keeps giving “Daddy buy me 1,000,000 instagram followers”….while daddy is too busy rehashing his career to notice…he says “use the credit card dear”….assuming they even talk…these rich people are so fucked…

But I’m into her in squat formation…wearing tight…it’s better than her in person…which I’ve seen and didn’t even notice..because these latch on rich kids are unremarkable…they just have marketing behind them…


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Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Compare Asses of the Day


Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are together…showing off their non-existent asses that even their leggings don’t push up and support like they are designed to do, because these bitches just starve themselves in efforts of being mistaken for REAL models…when they are not real models, but they are rich and in the rich kid scene and have fucked Bieber…

They are garbage, overrated, over celebrated, for no reason other than that they have a good team behind them.

I am convinced that Hailey tries to maintain this relationship with Kendall, trying to be her groupie and friend, possibly paying Kendall 10 percent of her earnings to be invited places and on jobs, while Kendall acts like a PREMIUM Kardashian….who works in the real companies, magazines and brands, like a real model, because magazines and brands are idiots trying to get in on the hype, like they were Bieber’s dick, but I guess different…and less annoying.

It’s a scam, they are a scam, they aren’t even hot…and they are milking this hard, and I hate that it’s working.

The world is so fucking lazy.



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Bieber’s Pussy is Getting Aggressive of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.00.04 PM

Hailey Baldwin has been fucking Justin Bieber since before she was 18. ‘

I was at her 18th birthday party in some expensive house in LA, as I do, you know me and the Jenners having a pillow fight…ok I wasn’t there…but the party was put on by Bieber in a “I’m not going to jail for fucking this underage bitch, we got away with the scandal, that wouldn’t be a scandal, because she’s rich and her dad famous, despite being a weird Christian, wouldn’t press charges, because hollywood dads are the self involved weirdos who often do drugs with their kids because they are so damaged…

Well, I guess she laid down the law and decided it was time to put the pressure on him so he started posting pics of her to get more followers, and dude listened, because when you’re fucking a bitch amongst a bunch of bitches, you give her what she wants…as she whines for it…to shut her up…even if she’s uneventful, boring, and probably not a girl he still fucks consistently, but who is trying to extort him….and it’s working…because men are weak…

I guess when she’s not extorting Bieber, she’s posting pics of her in a tight black dress.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.00.26 PM

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Hailey Baldwin for Love Magazine Advent of the Day

I don’t really know when the turning point for these famous kids were, you know where they went from being socialites who just do drugs and fuck a lot, to actually getting paid to be at events, to endorse products, while being considered “models”….it’s pretty fucking bootleg and I hate any brand or company that uses them to leverage their own campaigns because they have followings…because it is low hanging fruit, bottom feeding, lame…and perpetuating this nonsense..

I have been seen Hailey Baldwin in person…I didn’t even fucking notice her, and when told who she was I didn’t even remember who she was, yes I was drunk, but I didn’t give a fuck and either would you, because there are actual hot models and hot girls in the world, some bratty entitled rich kid who knows her angles in her selfies and who hangs out with Beiber and Kardashians is hardly something to support…

Here she is kissing the camera in Love Magazines’ anti-Christmas advent calendar the features every fame whore around…half naked…

FUck these idiots..

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Hailey Baldwin Works a Selfie Posing Like a Cunt of the Day


One of the most obnoxious things a bitch can do…and it doesn’t only apply to fake models who have famous dads or who are part of an evil brand created by their mom and cokehead Ryan Seacrest…is the posing for a fucking selfie…while actually being serious…

It’s this social media driven world we live in, where everyone is a content producer, and are shamelessly setting up iphone photoshoots anywhere and everywhere they go…using the iphone photoshoot as some kind of platform, or practicing ground to show off their skills at the duck face / zoolander/ modelface…and the whole thing, at least in another era, is embarrassing..

The fact that people want to look, like and interact with an image of some self involved, vain cunt, posing for their iphone….makes no sense to me…but then I realize..every fucking girl does it…and this is part of the fall of society…until you realize the same fame hungry, whores who pose for their Iphone like it’s Vogue, are the ones who get naked for photoshoots, in hoping it gets them into Vogue…

So Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Stephen, possibly broken and craving attention…for her iphone…is ridiculous, but what is more ridiculous is that people encourage, brands hire her to do it professionally, all while she should be mocked for it…weird…

Work it girl…nows your shot to look hot on Kylie’s Kardashian page…leading to way more follows for you…clever…but still a cunt…


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Hailey Baldwin Legs of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.16.43 AM

Skinny, possibly from having sex with Bieber and getting some kind of AIDS from his Brazilian tranny sex that dude’s out of control….Hailey Baldwin,….daughter of Stephen Baldwin…on some aggressive media campaign….that I participated in HERE

She’s part of the celebrity rich kid, even if her dad’s not really a celebrity but was at one point in time before losing his fucking mind and turning to reality tv and Jesus….

So she understands the system, how it works, that she needs to be skinny, so starve yourself like the good old model days…

She also hangs out with some of the worst fucking people, from the Jenners to whoever the fuck else she’s leveraging…

But at 18…she looks good enough for me to stare, but I have nothing else going on…and anything at 18…is good enough for me to stare at..even fat lesbians holding hands…like I stared at yesterday only to be rudely told to stop because 18 year old lesbians are as uptight as all lesbians…and 18 year old fat girls are as loud as most fat girls…because I guess being fat isn’t something that makes girls bow their head and walk around with same anymore…bummer….

for a good time snap: haileybisboring

A video posted by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.49.18 PM

Here she is in leggings:



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Hailey Baldwin’s Ass From the Front of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is the 19 year old daughter of weird, Christian now that he’s no longer an addict, Stephen Baldwin and some brazilian he married in the 90s….and I guess his fame whoring from suing Kevin Costner, to fighting adult stores in his home town, to tattooing Hannah Montana on him to get on Miley’s TV show that he never booked…to doing reality show after reality show…since filing for bankruptcy…

From Barney Rubble to poverty, to famewhoring daughter, who has been making the rounds, and I don’t mean with her vagina, or ass you can see from the front thanks to short shorts and the hormones in the food, but because she hangs with Kardashians and Jenners and Biebers…and her cousin Ireland and probably Taylor Swift since Taylor Swift owns everyone…even Bieber pussy due to the solidarity she has with Selena Gomez….in some weird fucking cult I don’t understand…

But who cares about that when you can see her ass from the front…in shorts…at 19 and lovely..


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Hailey Baldwin Does Dubsmash in Real Life of the Day

Young people are fucking annoying, especailyl when they are raised by Stephen Baldwin….who has no business being rich and famous, but who pulled a scam off in the 80s….

Or even worse when they fuck Justin Bieber…who his fans are really into…check out the comments…tons of LOLZ….

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.36.27 PM

I’m more into her in a bikini, cuz these aspiring fake, instagram models, cuz their parents are vapid famous assholes and this world is all they know, aren’t that interesting as people…but their bikini pics are nice and youthful, and besides their trust funds, all their good for…


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Hailey Baldwin’s 18 Year Old Ass of the Day

Hailey Baldwin proves that if you merge a Baldwin with a Brazilian model….

You don’t have to end up with some potato headed Irish looking overrated monster…

But instead a recently turned 18, rich kid in that lame Jenner rich kid scene…who has been rumored to be fucking Bieber since she was under 18…because Bieber is a sex offender…assuming he’s not a faggot…because he seems like a faggot…but the fact that he’s rumored to be getting up in this small round young ass in short shorts that know exactly what they are doing…may prove otherwise…

This girl may just be some instagram famous with a famous last name…and father…but her body is nice and ridiculous…


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Hailey Baldwin’s Bikini Cameltoe of the Day


Hailey Baldwin is the bootleg Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who runs in the same circles as those spoiled LA twats, thanks to being a Baldwin…all eager to be a model or some other nonsense…but who unltimately doens’t matter, because none of this matters…probably something she’s used to as her Baldwin father was Stephen Baldwin, one of the bootleg Baldwins…preparing her for this…

The nice thing about this isn’t her young, tight, banged by Bieber body. But rather the fact she’s in a while bikini, because I am someone who many years ago experienced a white bikini first hand…

It was a pool party I was invited to when I was probably 20 at a rich friend’s house and his younger sister, who was 18 and pretty fucking fit, was there…in a white bikini…as I floated drunk on a floaty in the sun, I looked up to her looking back at me was her full fucking vagina…because she had been in the pool and had no idea that her white bikini was totally see through and I carried that memory through life…and masturbation for a long time…realizing that it wasn’t so much my friend’s sister I loved…but rather the white bikini…

So here’s Hailey in a white bikini ..and here’s her cameltoe…looking cute…


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